prog: 2697

Special Screenings

For their annual Shortscreen programme, Offscreen and website present a selection of recent short films that meet the Offscreen criteria: original, uncommon, bizarre, and surprising.

+ Ardent Other

Alice Brygo, 2023, FR, 16

A stunned crowd faces a fire. The threat has no name, a diffuse anguish spreads. Fear needs to be conjured; fire must be turned into a sign.

+ The Lovers

Carolina Sandvik, 2023, SE, 12

A man and a woman are having a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Suddenly the man’s face starts to change. Soon the couple is forced to deal with escalating bodily transformations in this relationship horror and unromantic comedy.

+ From Beyond

Fredrik S. Hana, 2023, NO, 14

A kaleidoscopic vision portraying mankind’s first meeting with alien life, told through faux archival footage combined with practical FX, miniatures, and old-school in-camera trickery.

+ Le crépuscule

Laura Vandewynckel, 2023, BE, 14

On a vibrant square, the crowd absorbs the sun to the fullest. A flux of newspapers gently spreads seeds of unrest amongst the bathers. Unrest turns to fear when a sudden eclipse cloaks the square in total darkness. The people become desperate for light.

+ Drijf

Levi Stoops, 2023, BE, 15

Jeremy and Aurora are lost at sea, floating on a log in the vast openness of the ocean. As they fail to understand each other’s desires and boundaries, the fight for survival and for their relationship becomes a bloody mess.

13.03 > 19:00  
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Belgian band Dario Mars comes to Offscreen with a brand new composition combining psychedelic music and genre cinema. The group, formed in 2015, takes us on a sensory trip through the world of Belgian filmmaking duo Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani, known for Amer, The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears and Let the Corpses Tan (the first two premiered at Offscreen). With the filmmakers’ enthusiastic consent and in their presence, Renaud Mayeur and his band put on a show of hitherto unseen footage from their trilogy, set to dark, hypnotic electronic music.

15.03 > 22:00
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Adopting feathers and leaves as its theme, Cineketje, in collaboration with Filemon, presents a collection of six short films in different styles, from a variety of eras. Small film fans (aged four and over) will be treated to stories about a chick chasing a golden leaf, a baby sparrow who wishes he could whistle like his parents, a strange bird who lives underwater, and Amerindian children who watch as leaves change into birds. For young and old alike! After the screening, children can participate in a workshop in the spirit of the theme.

17.03 > 13:00
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Matinee screening

The Primevals

David Allen, 2023, US, DCP, ov ang st fr, 90

While tracking down a belligerent yeti in the Himalayas, a party of scientists and hunters tumble down a crevasse into a verdant valley inhabited by shaggy hominids. But wait! Could this be the wreckage of a spaceship? And who or what has been tampering with yeti brains? Fifty years in development, and 25 years after the death of its director, this affectionate homage to the stop-motion artistry of yore and the heyday of Ray Harryhausen finally comes to the big screen. You are hereby invited to partake of old-school matinee thrills, featuring a full complement of scary lizard people - and ice-cream!

17.03 > 14:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Burr Jerger, 1973, BE, 35mm, ov ang , 90

Each year, Offscreen digs through the alternative Belgian film archives to unearth features that fall outside the official cinematic canon.

+ General Massacre

Burr Jerger, 1971, BE, 35mm, ov ang , 88

In collaboration with Flemish director Herman Wuyts (Princess), US native Burr Jerger, who settled in Belgium, writes, directs and stars in this anti-militarist tract that caused quite a stir. It’s an unhinged personal project about a paranoid American general awaiting trial for his Vietnam war crimes in a Brasschaat villa, where he kills time with war games and sadistic incestuous fantasies. Illustrated by documentary war footage, riddled with racist and fascist dialogue and the actual gunning down of farm animals, this is not a film for sensitive souls, but it is a strident indictment of military violence that even today remains topical and controversial.

21.03 > 21:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

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