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Scandinavian Sins

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Language of Love

Ur kärlekens språk

Torgny Wickman, 1969, SE, DCP, ov st fr & ang, 92

Earnest Swedish experts discuss human intimacy, in between vignettes of couples having (or not having) sex, close-ups of penises, split-screen cunnilingus and animated anatomical diagrams. This educational "white coater" once outraged moralists, but broadminded modern audiences are more likely to find it hilarious.

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Thriller : A Cruel Picture

Thriller - En Grym Film

Bo Arne Vibenius, 1973, SE, DCP, ov st ang, 104

The lovely Anne Grete Nissen plays a teenager who, worried she might be frigid, consults a gynaecologist. He feels her up and she fellates him - all part of the treatment - after which she embarks on a sexy hitch-hiking tour of Europe. A rare treat for International Women’s Day: an erotic film from a female director!

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Exponerad, Diary of a Rape, The Depraved

Gustaf Wiklund, 1971, SE, DCP, ov st ang, 92

Blackmailed by an older man who took nudie pics of her, then slapped by her boyfriend, Lena runs away from home. Christina Lindberg anchors the film with her strong, sympathetic presence as Lena’s lurid sexual fantasies (bondage, rape, death) are juxtaposed, "Belle de Jour" style, with humdrum reality - and "Tarzan"!

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Scandinavian Sins : International Conference

Original Sin? The curious case of Nordic (s)exploitation films

The "Scandinavian Sin" programme will be expanded and contextualised by three lectures, introduced and moderated by Prof. Russ Hunter (Northumbria University, UK) and followed by a panel discussion.

In "Pushing the Boundaries: How “Swedish Sin” became legal", Prof. Tommy Gustafsson (Linnaeus University, Sweden) offers an entertaining and thought-provoking historical overview of how porn/sex films became legal in Sweden and how unscrupulous producers of erotic films pushed the limits even further until everything became legal in 1971.

Prof. Pietari Kaapa’s (Warwick University, UK) "Sex sells: transgressiveness" as a commercial strategy will cover early examples of Nordsploitation from Mattson/Bergman to "Rymdinvasion I Lappland" and to "Thriller- En grym" film, reflecting on changing approaches to exploitation and transgression from the 1970s onwards.

After the decriminalization of audio-visual porn in Denmark (1969) and Sweden (1971) they became key hubs of porn production. Prof. Susanna Paasonen’s (University of Turku, Finland) "Wannabe sinners?" argues that things were different in Norway and Finland, where films aiming to cash in on nudity failed to gain much international visibility, and where production of pornographic films was illegal well into the late 1990s.

The conference will be followed a panel discussion with actress Christina Lindberg, Rickard Gramfors (Klubb Super 8, Cultpix), Prof. Tommy Gustafsson and Prof. Susanna Paasonen, chaired by Prof. Pietari Kaapa, exploring issues of censorship, gender, changing morals, transgression and cancel culture, as well as looking at how things stand today in comparison with the so-called years of liberation and emancipation in which this Nordic (s)expoitation boom took place.

09.03 > 13:00

A night of Nordic naughtiness from the heyday of Scandinavian smut, in two parts. Including peep show loops in the bar and onscreen acrobatics in the Nova theatre, we recreate the atmosphere of a 1970s night out in the red light streets of Stockholm and Copenhagen.

+ Show Jack Stevenson

+ The Daughter : I, a Woman Part III [3 slags kaerlighed]

Mac Ahlberg, 1970, DK, 35mm, ov st ang, 83

Birthe walks in on her mother having sex and is so freaked out she goes to bed with a black lesbian go-go dancer before falling in love with the dancer’s brother. Incestuous desire and a nightclub full of racist hippies getting beaten up by neo-fascist rockers are the icing on the cake of this interracial romance.

+ The Erotic Film Society Presents [Size isn’t everything - Porn on 8mm]

The night of Nordic naughtiness continues, celebrating the contribution that 8mm home movies made to the celluloid sexual revolution with some of the rarest, raunchiest reels to emerge from Sweden and Denmark during the swinging 1960s and 1970s. Between films, Dr. Oliver Carter (Birmingham City University) will recount tales of pioneering pornographers while JJ Marsh provides a Scandinavian mixtape to accompany the onscreen antics.

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Sex and Fury

Furyō anego den: Inoshika o-Chō | 不良姐御伝 猪の鹿お蝶

Norifumi Suzuki, 1973, JP, DCP, ov st ang, 88

Reiko Ike deserves a medal for her naked swordfighting as a gambler searching for her father’s killers in this stylish "pinky violence" classic set in Meiji-era Tokyo. Other highlights include switchblade-wielding nuns and death by cunnilingus. And who’s this, playing a sexy, pistol-packing English spy? Christina Lindberg!

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The House of Beasts

Injû no yado | 淫獣の宿

Shôgôrô Nishimura, 1973, JP, DCP, ov sv st ang, 87

Three men rob a gunsmith before hiding out with an eccentric family and their horny maid in a big old house, where everyone has lots of sex, both consenting and non-consenting. A rare example of Nikkatsu’s "Suêden Poruno" - erotic films shot by Japanese crews in Sweden, with Swedish actors and dialogue.

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Teuvo Tulia, 1973, FI, DCP, ov st ang, 104

The daughter of a Sami reindeer castrator (plot point!) saves a Nazi pilot who crashes in Lapland. After the war he takes her to Helsinki, where she has sex to music from Swan Lake and gets whipped in decadent cabarets. Sexploitation at its maddest, enhanced by eyeball-melting decor and jaw-dropping party scenes.

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