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+ Beyond the sea

HIPPOLYTE LEIBOVICI, 2023, BE, DCP, ov fr st ang, 26

Maman, a drag queen in her sixties, is preparing to take the stage of the cabaret she created for the last time. The intervention of her son Thomas, whom she has not seen for a long time, will disrupt her goodbyes.


PAUL VINCENT DE LESTRADE, 2023, BE-FR, DCP, ov fr st nl, 19

During a training session, 16-year-old Maxime sees the police arrive to question his coach, who has been accused of sexual abuse by one of the club’s children. These accusations are going to crack the shell of silence he had been trying to build.

+ L’autre

Florent Thys, 2023, BE, DCP, ov fr st nl & ang, 20

Deep in doubt, Mathias receives a strange visit from an Other, and with it the opportunity to interweave present and future around the difficult questions of self-construction.


JASPER DE MAESENEER, 2023, BE, DCP, ov nl st fr, 16

Longing for acceptance, a neurodivergent boy taunts the boundaries of his best friend: his brother.


CHARLOTTE BEVILACQUA, 2022, BE, DCP, ov fr st nl & ang, 20

A team of students challenge themselves to film scenes of intimacy. Despite a healthy and benevolent set up with an intimacy coordinator, problems arise very quickly and challenge the mechanisms of the set.

In the presence of some of the film crews

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Films + discussion


CLÁUDIA VAREJÃO, 2022, PT, DCP, ov pt st fr & ang, 111

Ana was born on an island. She is a middle child. The three siblings live with their mother and grandmother. As she grew up, Ana realized that girls and boys were given different tasks. Luís, Ana’s best friend, loves dresses as much as pants. Ana admires him. Her friend Cloé arrives from Canada, bringing with her the glowing days of youth. With Cloé, Ana embarks on a journey that will take her beyond the horizon. The line between “Wolf” and “Dog” will reveal to Ana the right sea for her to sail.

In the presence of Natalia Isotta


MIGUEL IBÁÑEZ MONROY, 2023, ES, DCP, ov es st fr & ang, 13

2 ex-lovers meet by chance in their former flat. The tension is broken by a phone call that will change everything.

13.11 > 21:30
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