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DANIEL GONÇALVES, 2023, BR, DCP, ov pt st fr & ang, 87

Acsexybility is a documentary that tells stories about the sexuality of people with disabilities. Through the characters and their stories, the film aims to deconstruct the stereotype of the disabled person as fragile and devoid of sexuality.

12.11 > 14:00
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From 1996 to 2002, Fabrice Neaud’s autobiographical project Journal (4 parts), which describes his daily life without pretensions, without taboos and in a very accurate way, refined and realistically drawn. This year he published the sequel and this fall he released Les guerres immobiles, the first part of a new tetralogy entitled Le dernier Sergent. On November 12 at 3 p.m. he will be a guest at the NOVA cinema for an informal conversation with Tom de Pekin about their creative practice. Followed by a signing session with the 2 artists.

12.11 > 15:00

VLAD PETRI, 2023, HR-IR-QA-RO, DCP, ov fa & ro st fr & ang, 68

In the 1970s, an Iranian student named Zahra meets a fellow student called Maria at university in Bucharest. They are both pursuing a degree in medicine and develop a deep friendship and admiration for each other. When the revolution against the Shah breaks out in 1979, Zahra goes back to Iran, moved by the hope of political transformation, although disappointments are quick to follow. Zahra never ends up returning to Romania. Over the next decades, Zahra and Maria exchange letters about protests, the general upheaval in both countries, the oppression of women and how it affects them; Romania is not to remain untouched by revolution either. Separated by the revolutions, their correspondence depicts two women struggling to conform to societal stereotypes and grappling with their profound feelings for each other, which seem to stretch beyond simple friendship. In his film, Vlad Petri draws entirely on incredible, stunningly edited archival footage from Iran and Romania to tell the story of these two women in such a way that the lines between documentary and fiction blur. In such testing times, doesn’t such a bond almost seem too good to be true?

+ Alice et les soleils

THÉO DEGEN & CHARLOTTE MULLER, 2022, BE-CH, DCP, ov fr st ang, 25

Summer, Alice was bored to death. In a field of sunflowers, she met Zack. Now that summer is over, the faded sunflowers tell us the story of that invisible love.

12.11 > 16:30
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Where we belong

This year, the Where we belong collective looked at our LesBiennes communities: making them, breaking them, nurturing them, passing them on... They set out to discover texts that explore these spaces, these people, these hidden and unsuspected corners that shelter all our unique individualities and make us breathe together. They’ve celebrated, shared silences, healed wounds, grown plants and shared words that feel good. Come and join them for an hour of public reading!

12.11 > 17:00

Films + discussion



LOUIS REBETEZ, 2021, CH, DCP, ov fr & pl st fr & ang, 24

Jean & Michel go on a journey in the Clos du Doubs in search of a rare bird. During their wanderings, the couple crosses seasons at full speed, a certain amount of rivers and above all, ups and downs.


JÉRÔME REYBAUD, 2022, FR, DCP, fr st ang, 41

Eighteen-year-old Victor loses his parents in a car crash, three months before graduation. He’s taken in by his godfather Michel, a mysterious man who lives in the annex of a castle with his daughter Caroline, a young woman in her twenties.


PAWEL THOMAS LARUE, 2023, FR, DCP, ov fr st ang, 39

Oscar, who has just come out as a trans boy, is spending a few days’ holiday at the family home on the Brittany coast. There he meets Malo, a local hunk. It’s the story of a stormy encounter, when you throw yourself into the water despite the headwinds.

12.11 > 19:00
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GABRIEL MARTINS, 2022, BR, DCP, ov pt st fr & ang, 115

Members of the Martins family live quietly on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. After Bolsonaro’s election, they feel the pressure of the new political reality. Meanwhile, Deivinho reluctantly follows the ambitions of his soccer-mad dad, as the kid secretly yearns to go to Mars. His older sister, Eunice, falls in love with a young woman and wonders if it’s time to leave home. Intersecting stories that reveal to us in a sensitive way the difficulties faced by black Brazilian families in the suburbs and also the strength they draw from it.

12.11 > 21:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

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