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Le Corps du délit

Leolo, 2023, FR, DCP, ov fr st ang, 81

"Corpus delicti": object that materially proves the existence of a criminal offense, a crime. Filmmaker Léolo reverses the perspective and asks in this docufiction what society does with the bodies of those who break the rules and resist power. The film successively gives a voice to the mutilated victims of police brutality and to a young fictional gay activist, carried by both his love and his devotion, but crushed by the legal system and prison. The film asks essential and necessary questions about the difficult intersection of art and politics, expression and action, justice and violence.

In presence of "Léolo" Victor-Pujebet, Mathieu Morel & Aurelien Deniel

11.11 > 14:00
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Get Animated

+ 27

FLÓRA ANNA BUDA, 2023, FR-HU, DCP, ov hu st fr & ang, 11

Alice, 27, still lives with her parents and has neither a private nor a love life. After falling into a coma, she knows it’s time to leave the nest. Palme d’Or for short film Cannes 2023.


LEANN ERICKSON, 2022, US, DCP, ov ang st fr, 14

From a fascination with a TV fitness star (’Jack’ from the title) to a chaotic lesbian coming out, this is a slice of life that will (maybe) make you love sports... Or of Jack Lalanne?

+ Pete

Bret Parker, 2022, US, DCP, ov ang st fr, 6

Happiness is to be found when you are able to live your gender.


LILI TÓTH, 2023, HU, DCP, ov ang st fr, 9

The notorious assassin is haunted by the murder victims and memories of when he himself was a victim of abuse.

+ Pipes


To his surprise, plumber Bob ends up in a fetish gayclub, when he sets off to replace a broken pipe.


TOM C J BROWN, 2022, FR-GB-US, DCP, ov ang st fr & ang, 20

Christopher embarks on a transatlantic voyage as a passenger on a cargo ship. His hope of discovering what draws so many men to the sea takes him on a journey into solitude, fantasy and obsession.


Steven Fraser, 2023, GB-GB, DCP, ov ang st fr, 11

Prosopagnosia treats the amorous and erotic trials of a young gay man who does not recognize faces.

+ Caresses magiques

LORI MALÉPART-TRAVERSY, 2022, CA, DCP, ov fr st ang, 19

Rejoice! This is a sweet and spicy invitation to celebrate your own body through a privileged encounter and solo pleasure.


TOM PREZMAN, TZOR EDERY, 2023, FR, DCP, ov fr & ar st fr & ang, 15

In 1942, on a train, a former drag queen remembers a night from her past in one of Paris’ first queer bars, held by its mysterious Jewish-Algerian owner, Maurice.


INGRID HEIDERSCHEIDT, 2023, BE-FR, DCP, ov fr st ang, 5

A hymn for women to reclaim the streets.

in the presence of some of the film crews

11.11 > 16:30
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Sports, a hotbed of queerphobia. From fields to locker rooms, stadiums to swimming pools, traditional sports glorify disciplined, powerful bodies, the triumph of rules over chaos, of the strong over the weak, of the fast over the slow, of hard bodies over laziness.
Yet there are lesbian rugby clubs, gay water polo teams and queer gym groups.
How can sports facilities where some people have experienced the worst homophobia be transformed into community moments of fun and emancipation? Join the discussion during a gueulante about this topic.

Talk in french

11.11 > 17:00

Sacha Polak, 2023, GB-NL, DCP, ov ang st fr & nl, 103

When 23-year-old Franky hears the words “I love you” from her boyfriend after sex, her response is merely: “Whatever, I’ll see you later.” As a child, she was seriously injured by a fire and this has left its mark on more than just her body. For 15 years, she has been trying to bring those responsible to justice. Franky is now working as a nurse in the very hospital where, back then, her life was saved. She is a welcome sight in every room and finds the right words for every patient, including the impetuous Florence. The two fall in love, and Franky runs away from her domineering family in London’s working-class Dagenham to find instead a safe haven with Florence and her patchwork family. But the past will not let her rest, and it is not long before cracks begin to appear in her relationship with Florence.
Silver Haze is the second collaboration between director Sacha Polak and non-professional actor Vicky Knight. The story is based on improvisations and recollections of true events from Vicky Knight’s life. The sensual camera captures images that are immediate and raw but also gently poetic.

11.11 > 19:00
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Toni Karat, 2022, DE, DCP, ov ang & de st fr & ang, 90

We often talk of narcissism in negative terms, due to social media and the prevalence of the spectacle over material reality. But what if there’s more to the story? What if a keen engagement with one’s own image is vital to the survival of sub-cultural or marginal identities? Returning us to the classic myth of Narcissus, who saw himself and fell in love, director Toni Karat presents a different angle on what it means to create and love one’s image as a queer person. Featuring many of the famous faces from Berlin’s radical porn and sex-positive scene, this is a subtle and thoughtful film that interrogates who gets to be visible, who gets to be beautiful and who gets to control their own image.

11.11 > 21:30
10€ / 7€ / 4€

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