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09.11.23 Opening

Film + discussion

El Houb

SHARIFF NASR, 2022, NL, DCP, ov nl & ang & ar st fr & nl, 102

Moroccan-Dutch Karim returns to his family home and opens up to his parents about being into men. Their reaction inspires a journey of discovery through Karim’s isolation as he attempts to break an ingrained culture of silence.

in the presence of the director on 9.11

09.11 > 19:00
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Zihan Geng, 2023, CN, DCP, ov zh st fr & ang, 92

Xian will always remember the loneliest and bluest of summers when she was 15. After her mother has to go abroad for work, Xian is thrown into the care of her father, a free-spirited photographer, who she has barely seen since her parents divorce. He’s struggling financially and is fooling around with his assistant who has an 18-year-old daughter, Mingmei. Soon, Mingmei appears like a ray of shining light to Xian. During this restless summer, the conflict between the innocence and the impulses of youth will leave an indelible mark on Liu...

09.11 > 21:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

If you know you know – Thursday nights at Pink Screens have gradually evolved into a crucial party for our loyal festival goers. Once again, we will be dancing against oppression within the walls of Nova cinema on 9th and 16th November from 11.30 PM onwards!

This year, we have come up with an eclectic selection of DJs, by maintaining the traditional mix between pioneering Pink Screens DJs and new discoveries from the queer scene. Careful, it’s gonna be hot!

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09.11 > 23:30

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