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Domien Huyghe, 2022, BE, DCP, ov nl st fr, 98

The life of young Lena, a talented sailor and skater, is turned upside down when her
father dies at sea. Lena is convinced this is the work of a mysterious sea creature and sets out
to find proof!

Meet and greet: Domien Huyghe (regisseur) + Saar Rogiers (actrice)

26.10 > 10:00
7€ / 4€ / 10€


Les pires

Lise Akoka & Romane Gueret, 2023, FR, DCP, ov st nl, 99

In a suburb of the northern French town of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, a film will be shot. 4
teenagers from the same neighbourhood are chosen to star in the film. Everyone from their
neighbourhood is surprised: why are the ‘worst’ chosen for this?

26.10 > 13:00
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Always wanted to know how to work with child actors? How do you cast and supervise children
for your film project? How do you make your set as child-friendly as possible? All these
questions are addressed during this two-part session. Casting directors will provide insight into
casting, training and supervising young actors on set. Young actors themselves will also be
present to share their experiences on set.

15:30 > 16:45
Meeting n°1 - Pro
- Romane Gueret: children’s coach and director ‘Les Pires’
- Sebastien Morales: casting director
- Catherine Israël: casting director
- Caroline Faust : children-coach Dalva
- Virginie Leduc for the association Réseau Prévention Harcèlement

17:00 > 18:15

Meeting n°2 - Young actors
- Saar Rogiers: actress "Zeevonk"
- Zelda Samson: actress "Dalva"
- Pablo Schils: actor "Toki and Lokita"
- Maya Vanderbeque: actress "Un Monde"
- Nlandu Lubansu "Le Paradis"
- Bonus Vanhoorickx - Luca Cox "Planet B"

26.10 > 15:30


Planet B

Pieter Van Eecke, 2023, BE, DCP, ov ang st fr & nl, 76

How can you grow up on a planet that is destroying itself? For four years, the director
followed the beautiful and mischievous friendship between Bo and Luca, two teenagers who
are as enthusiastic in their ecological activism as they are in the search of their own identities!

26.10 > 19:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Short films

Desperate planet

A series of captivating animated films, from all corners of the world and tailored for
toddlers, about the ups and downs of our planet. An encouragement to start living a greener life
one step at a time!

Bryn Chainey
UK, 2022, 9’48”

Natalia Chernysheva
2023, FR, 4’20”

Irene Iborra
ES, 2022, 10’

Tatiana Skorlupkina
ES, 2022, 11’

David Castro González
ES, 2022, 4’

27.10 > 10:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Atelier Lizzy (Liesbeth Duvekot)

You invent your own scenario, craft the characters/decors and edit everything yourself. We
will work with all kinds of materials such as plasticine and your own drawings. At the end of the
workshop, we watch our stop-motion film!

27.10 > 14:00

Chiara Malta & Sébastien Laudenbach, 2023, FR, DCP, ov, 75

Paulette realizes she has unfairly punished her daughter Linda and will do anything to make
amends! She decides to prepare her favorite dish, even though she cannot cook and there is a
general strike at that time... Hilarious story with a unique animation style!

27.10 > 13:30
7€ / 4€ / 10€

Jadwiga Kudrzycka,Krystyna Dobrowolska &Tadeusz Wilkosz., 2023, PL, DCP, fr , 40

Colargol, the hero from the famous television series of the 1970s, is back! Colargol is a
young bear who wants to sing, but doesn’t know how. In the forest, he goes in search of animals
that can help him.

27.10 > 16:00
7€ / 4€

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