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In this new episode of the original animated series "Mimi & Lisa", the neighbours enjoy the collective autumn cleaning while the 2 girls discover a mysterious garden...This is followed by two more exciting stories involving secret places and tough grannies!

+ Suzie in the Garden

Lucie Sunková, 2022, CZ, DCP, ov fr st ang, 13

+ The Most Boring Granny in the Whole World

Damaris Zielke, 2022, DE, DCP, ov fr st ang, 7

+ Mimi & Lisa – The Garden

Katarina Kerekesova, 2022, SK, DCP, ov fr st ang, 26

01.11 > 10:30
6€ / 4€


Fire Charmers

Fossick Project, 2020, IT, 45

Stunning shadow play with endangered species such as the “Thai fishing cat”, the “Italian ululone", a yellow-bellied toad and a robot! A musical journey and invitation to reflect on man’s relationship with the earth underneath.

01.11 > 13:30 + 02.11 > 10:30
6€ / 4€

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02.11 > 12:30
Free participation

Claudia Huaiquimilla, 2021, CL, DCP, ov es st fr nl & ang, 85

Ángel and his younger brother Franco have been incarcerated in a juvenile detention centre for a year. Despite the difficulties, they have a close group of friends with whom they dream of freedom. Everything changes when a rebellious new prisoner arrives…

+ North Pole

Marija Apcevska, 2021, MK, DCP, ov mk st ang, 15

01.11 > 16:00
6€ / 4€

Engeli Broberg, 2021, SE, DCP, ov sv st fr nl & ang, 71

This documentary follows 5 years of Gabi’s remarkable life; we witness the struggles of this growing teenager, as she confronts the stereotypes about boys and girls. A groundbreaking portrait of early adolescence and an ode to staying true to yourself!

02.11 > 13:30
6€ / 4€

Roberto Bueso, 2022, ES, DCP, ov es st fr nl & ang, 109

Marina, an unorthodox nun, is sent to a boys’ boarding school that threatens to close. The children put her to the test, but gradually a close bond develops between them. A feel good film full of humour and charm!

02.11 > 15:30
6€ / 4€

Karla von Bengston, 2017, DK, DCP, ov nl , 75

The ten years old Agatha loves being alone and is passionate about crime investigations. She has set up her detective agency in the basement of the building she just moved into. Her first investigation leads to a case that’s more complicated than expected...

03.11 > 13:30
6€ / 4€

Short films

Shorts & Docs

Short and powerful. These short films, selected for the ECFA Documentary Award and the ECFA Short Film Award, give you a broad view of the world in a few minutes!

+ When the Swallows Fly Away

Sébastien Pins, 2021, BE, DCP, ov fr st ang, 19

+ Pink, Black and Blue

Claudia Lopez Lucia, 2021, FR, DCP, ov fr st ang, 22

+ Free as a Bird

Annelies Kruk, 2022, NL, DCP, ov nl st ang, 15

+ Beyond Our Stars

Sara van Oostrum, 2022, BE, DCP, ov nl st ang, 15

03.11 > 15:30
6€ / 4€

Marc-Henri Wajnberg, 2022, BE, DCP, sw st fr nl & ang, 85

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03.11 > 19:30



Thierry Demaizière & Alban Teurlai, 2022, FR, DCP, ov fr st nl & ang, 114

A prestigious school, in the heart of Paris, aims to integrate students from working-class backgrounds through dance and hip-hop. A compelling documentary in which explosive dance movements alternate with moments of reflection and inner transformations.

04.11 > 13:30
6€ / 4€

Catalina Razzini, 2021, BO, ov es st fr nl & ang, 84

The 10-year-old Lucia lives with her family near the Bolivian lake “Titicaca”. One day her father leaves for the capital in search of work. From then on, Lucia fantasises about his return. An insight into the folkloric traditions and hard life in the countryside.

+ An Invisible Apprentice

Emilia Herbst, 2022, AR, DCP, ov es , 12

04.11 > 16:00
6€ / 4€

Short films

Open Teen Screen

Here, you can admire the work of young creators! The films made during the festival are shown on the big screen, but other creations are also on display. And the creators come to present their own work!

04.11 > 19:00

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