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Isabel Peppard & Josie Hess, 2019, AU, ov ang st fr, 71

At the age of 40, Morgana Muses was a rather conventional "housewife", struggling in a stifling environment. Now that she is in her fifties, she has become an important director and actress within the "alternative and feminist porn" scene, one with a particularly destabilising sense of humour. This nuanced and stimulating film with meticulous staging convinces us that it is possible to reinvent oneself and question one’s destiny. Beware, ageism and many other stereotypes will suffer a blow... And it feels amazing!

+ Labia of Love

Morgana Muses, 2018, AU, ov, 5

A short experimental film about loving your labia.

+ Ladies of the Tramp

Morgana Muses, 2019, ov ang , 12

A beautiful afternoon between friends with good food, great sex and trampolines!

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Get Animated

+ You Are Overreacting

Karina Paciorkowska, 2018, PL, ov st fr & ang, 4

Crossing the line: in a world where sexist advertisements are everywhere, where misogynist declarations conquer the media, where rape culture is simply dismissed, and where we are faced with physical and digital harassment... that world is crossing the line of a deeply rooted patriarchy.

+ Vaginas

Andreia Dobrota, 2020, NL, ov, 1

A visual hymn to the diversity of the vagina, to all kinds of vaginas.

+ Sangro

Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H Castro & Guto Br, 2019, BR, ov st fr & ang, 7

An outstanding animation film, "Sangro" is a powerful narrative about HIV depicted in an extraordinary sequence of images. This is my body, my being, my existence, my life and our history: not just one of your screenings!

+ Artemis

Bárbara Cerro, 2019, AR, 1

A group of women on the moon have fun in the sunlight. Expect some Volley-ball matches with Neil Armstrong’s helmet, and some masturbation.

+ Big (Foot) Love

Alessia Cecchet & Joshua Dean Tuthill, 2020, US-IT, 2

Bigfoot is being hunted, but his hunter wants so much more than just a prey...

+ Balance

Timothée Crabbé, 2019, BE, 7

Alec and Theo are partners, both on stage and in life. They have found the perfect balance between lifting and flying, between leading and following... but this balance is fragile.

In presence of the director.

+ Dix Pix

Dorian Wood, 2019, GB, ov st fr, 4

Gay meeting apps, a flourishing Garden of Eden for « Dick Pics » ("low-framed" cis or trans friendly photos). Yep, so what now? Show me your **** and I will tell you who you are?

+ Coffee and Love

Schnater, 2020, 2

Sadomasocat is a mouselover and has just found true love on the internet... A parody of webdating and its surprises.

+ Kapaemahu

Dean Hamer, Hinaleiomana Wong-Kalu & Joe Wilson, 2020, US, ov st fr & ang, 8

The hidden history of four monumental stones on Waikiki Beach, and the legendary transgender healing spirits within them.

+ Amours libres

Emily Worms, 2020, BE|BELGIQUE, 5

Two friends tell us their way of loving freely - it’s a tale of polyamory and politics.

+ Ciałość

Weronika Szyma, 2020, PL, 6

A young woman plunges into passionate and free self-exploration though her own reflection in the mirror.

+ Sällskapet – intervjuer ifrån alltings mittpunkt. del 6: "feminism, trans & det där n-ordet också"

Malin Erixon, 2020, SE, ov st fr & ang, 10

An animated satire on feminism based on interviews of people from the epicenter of norms and privileges.

+ Cockpera

Kata Gugic, 2020, HR, 5

Aesop’s fable The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle has inspired this opera.

+ All those Sensations in my Belly

Marko Dješka, 2021, HR-PT, hr st fr & ang, 13

Throughout her transition, Maria finds it difficult to have a sincere and intimate relationship with a man.

+ The Queen’s Heart

Samuel Player, 2021, GB, ang st fr, 4

A glance at LGBTQ+ history through the mirrors of a Drag Queen - a story of love, loss and chosen family.

+ Dans la nature

Marcel Barelli, 2021, CH, ov fr st ang, 5

In nature, a couple is composed of a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple can also be a female with another female - or two males. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn’t just a human thing.

+ Elles

2021, FR, ov st ang, 4

They hurtle towards each other, crashing this way and that... they bear the stigmas of the match but they always circle back to dive right in again.

+ A todos los pibes que amé

Franco Ariel Malizia, 2021, AR, st fr & ang, 4

Every person who passes through our life leaves a mark, but no mark is as permanent as the ones left by the people we once loved.

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Porn Porn Porn


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+ Motta

Nish Gera, 2020, GB-NL, ov pt st fr & ang, 15

Bound in flowers, a tattooed hand strokes a face. Ropes unwind on the floor. Tremors of pain, tremors of pleasure. What is the limit?

+ Beat 97

Washington Calegari, 2020, BR, ov st fr & ang, 12

Álvaro is alone in an anxiety-provoking lockdown. The apps on his smartphone provide him with everything... Even with handsome fantasies.

+ Beautiful Stranger

Benjamin Belloir, 2021, FR, ov fr & ang st fr & ang, 26

Romain has just been dumped, so he ventures onto a dating website. Despite his misgivings, he gets lucky.

+ Hands and Wings

Sungbin Byun, 2019, KR, ov st fr & ang, 15

Mi-Sook helps her son, Woo-Sung, with masturbation because he has a disability that makes him unable to masturbate by himself. One day, Woo-Sung rejects his mom’s help.

+ It Is Not the Brazilian Homosexuals Who Are Perverse but the Situation in Which They Live.

Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes & Eduardo Mamede, 2021, DE, ov st fr & ang, 12

Two queer Brazilians go skinny dipping in a lake, where they talk about love, sex, neocolonialism and migration, on a pandemic summer afternoon in Berlin.

+ La ráfaga

Edgar Garcia, 2020, PR, ov st fr & ang, 30

A lonely middle-aged man is obsessed with a young athlete who pursues his attention. Two fragile human beings with seemingly nothing in common find and support each other in a ruined Puerto Rico.

+ Dirty

Matthew Puccini, 2019, US, ov st fr, 11

It’s Marco’s first time, and he has everything ready, but a little incident occurs... Considerate Graham tries to convince him that it really doesn’t matter.

Luàna Bajrami, 2021, FR, st fr & ang, 82

The film describes the complex summer of three Kosovar teenage girls who dream of getting out of their hole, if possible by avoiding the paths laid out for them by the omnipresent patriarchy. There are many scenes in the sun with smoking, drinking and getting a little bored, before the film switches to an unexpected and quite convincing gangster rodeo. This shift allows the filmmaker to reinvent the destiny of her three heroines and to offer them, at all costs, a glittering horizon that could have been totally out of their reach.

This is the first film of Luàna Bajrami, an actress in Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Sophie, the Pregnant Maid), who follows the footsteps of Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides), Céline Sciamma (Bande de filles) and Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Mustang).

+ Bodies Like Ocean

Revealing the beauty of bodies, that’s what Shoog McDaniel’s enchanting work is about. The photographer is a self-defined "queer fat southern freak".

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