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Made in Belgium

+ En ce moment

Serena Vittorini, 2020, BE-IT, st nl & ang, 15

An intimate portrait of an explosive lesbian relationship set in Brussels under lockdown.

+ At Night We Fly

Gert-Jan Verdeyen, 2021, ov fr & nl & ang st fr & nl, 16

Three non-binary friends create a safe space in the empty streets of Brussels, in the darkness of the night. But what will happen upon sunrise?

+ Les attendants

Truong Minh Quy, 2020, FR-SG, fr st nl & ang, 15

In mining, a slag heap refers to an artificially raised hill consisting of the cleared waste that accumulates during the extraction of raw materials. These days, it is a place where men meet to share moments of intimacy, and a shelter for those who have no place else to live.

+ Nuits sans sommeil

Jérémy Van der Haegen, 2020, BE-FR, ov fr st fr nl & ang, 30

This films paints the portrait of everyday childhood. It captures a village, a family, a little boy who likes to wear dresses, the return of the wolf and ordinary everyday life. This is a story of hidden desires.

+ Versailles

Hyun Lories, 2020, BE|BELGIQUE, 19

Sanaa (24) goes back to the neighbourhood where she grew up and in an attempt to make things up with her little sister Rana (15), she promises to take her on a journey to the seaside for the very first time, a trip they’ve always wanted to make together.

+ La protagoniste

Sarah Carlot Jaber, 2021, BE, ov fr & es st fr & nl, 14

Being a mother, a secretary, a lover, a nanny, a baby bottle, a side piece of the main male character… is no longer enough. The protagonist decides to run away with her friend, and together they take us on a new journey filled with humour.

18.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Peter Murimi, 2020, 70

Having grown up on a famr in Kenya, Samuel dreams of another life, one that would take him far away from his village where people give too much importance to tradition. The young man moves to Nairobi where he finds a community of queer men. It is there that he meets Alex, who he falls in love with. But coming out to his family is far from easy, particularly given the Kenyan Law which continues to criminalise homosexual relationships.

With this film, Peter Murimi paints the picture of homosexuality in a conservative subsaharian Africa. To him, the representation of more gay characters on-screen and the mobilisation in defense of decriminalising homosexuality are crucial elements towards positive change.

+ Va-Bene

Brenda Jorde, 2018, DE-GH, ov ang st fr, 11

An art performance that defies conventions and perceptions of the body.

18.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

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