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Reines de Pique

+ Babylebbe

Tone Ottilie, 2019, DK, ov st fr & ang, 20

Frede accompanies her big sister to a queer party in the hope of winning back her ex-girlfriend. The rules of the lesbian world can be harsh.

+ Sestre

Katarina Rešek, 2020, SI, ov st fr & ang, 23

Three girls take a pledge of abstinence. They quarrell with the guys from the block on a regular basis. When things turn sour, an unknown woman comes to their aid.

+ Noor & Layla

Fawzia Mirza, 2021, CA, ang & ar st fr & ang, 13

Noor and Layla are breaking up. Is it the end of the road for these two Muslim women… or is it just the beginning?

+ Quebramar

Cris Lyra, 2019, BR, ov st fr & ang, 27

To escape, to leave, and to create another world, preferably a celebratory one, a group of young lesbians go to the seaside. In the spirit of shared kindness for each other, they take ownership of their bodies, their identities, their memories and their freedom.

Awarded “Best documentary film” at Clermont-Ferrand Festival.

+ 6:23 AM

Geoffrey Breton, 2019, GB, st fr, 4

There is nothing more beautiful than a bright morning after having spent the night at a club dancing, searching for oneself and finding oneself. Except when... one seems to have blacked out at some point!

+ Miss Chazelles

Thomas Vernay, 2020, FR, 22

Clara is the runner-up for the beauty competition of her village. Marie, her competitor, has won the highly sought after title of Miss Chazelles-sur-Lyon. Tensions arise between Clara’s friends and Marie’s family, while the two competing ladies get closer...

+ Till Death Do Us a Party

Shirmaine Ong, 2019, GB, ov ang st fr, 7

Having come to the conclusion that their friend’s funeral didn’t live up to who she was, Ethel and Margaret start to plan their own dream funerals and how to ultimately celebrate their lives.

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Claus Drexel, 2021, FR, ov st fr, 90

Claus Drexel’s Ladies of the wood takes us on a journey to a symbolic place in Paris: the Bois de Boulogne, which is filmed as if it were a magical forest. Sex workers play the role of fairies that populate the woods, pulling us into their stories and their life paths from times past and present. Dialogues are eloquent, politicised, and uncompromising. A unique, almost radical and undeniably necessary piece.

16.11 > 21:30
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