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+ Anemone

Amrou Al-Kahdi, 2018, DCP, ov st fr & ang, 18

When Anemio discover the diversity of marine life, they are fascinated. As they spy upon the polychromy of a sea anemone from behind the glass of an aquarium, far away from a world reigned by dresses and suits, they discover new perspectives.

+ For Nonna Anna

Luis de Filippis, 2017, CA|CANADA, 13

Chris has to take care of her grand-mother. As their socially fragile bodies meet, Nonna and her granddaughter build up new trust in each other.

+ El nombre del hijo

Martina Matzkin, 2019, ES, DCP, ov es st fr & nl, 14

Lucho, a young trans boy, only sees his father on rare occasions. A trip to the seaside will leave them overwhelmed with love, somewhere between clumsiness and complicity.

+ My Brother Is a Mermaid

Alfie Dale, 2020, GB-GB, DCP, ov st fr, 20

Kuda knows his sister is a mermaid, in fact he is convinced of it. His unconditional love gives her the strength to fight the conservative environment that surrounds them.

+ They

Louisa Rechenbach, 2019, GB-GB, DCP, ov st fr, 12

Thjs is an intimate portrait of parents who have decided to raise their child without assigning it to a specific gender, and who keep their baby’s biological sex a secret.

14.11 > 14:00
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O anthropos me tis apantiseis

The Man with the Answers

Stelios Kammitsis, 2021, CY-GR-IT, DCP, ov ang & de & el st fr & ang, 80

Following his grandmother’s death, Victor decides to leave his village for Germany in her battered old car, in search of his mother whom he has not been in touch with for years. On his way, he decides to help out Mattias the hitchhiker, and so it is that the two men embark on a journey through the Italian countryside. Despite their contrasting personalities, an intense connection sparks between them.

A simple but terribly moving road movie about searching for oneself in unlikely places.

+ Garçons sensibles

Sébastien Lifshitz, 2021, FR, DCP, ov st ang, 30

A polymorphous visual assemblage, Garçons Sensibles brings together numerous French television archives to tell us about the echoes of a not so distant time, when homosexuality was still a media taboo.

14.11 > 16:30
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14.11 > 16:45

Alexa Bakony, 2021, DCP, ov st fr & ang, 81

16-year-old Tobi are lucky enough to have grown up in a family where listening, tenderness, honesty and empathy are key - lucky according to their friends anyways, as a queer person in the ultra-conservative and transphobic Hungary under the Orban regime. From their home village to effervescent Budapest, Tobi questions labels. By intimitely observing and ultimately diving right into a fascinating progression, Colors of Tobi is above all a portrait of a wonderful mother and father who bravely and fiercely liberate themselves from the prisons of their minds. This documentary is a tribute to the vibrant and warm colours of humans.

+ Girls Make Me Shy

Biche de Ville & Gaëtan Saint-Remy, 2021, BE, DCP, ov, 3

14.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Francis Lee, 2020, DCP, ov st fr & nl, 118

14.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

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