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04.11 > 13:00

2021, IE, DCP, 78'

Ibrahim, who is twelve years old, survives with his mother and five siblings in a two-room hut in the middle of the desert. By building a new house in the next-door village, the courageous Ibrahim hopes to ensure the material well-being of his family.
A quiet film with a realistic and beautiful insight into the life of an Iranian family in difficult circumstances in which a boy has to bear too many responsibilities.

04.11 > 10:30

Film + discussion


Yun Jéro, 2020, KR, DCP, ov st fr nl & ang, 104'

North Korean refugee Jina rents a studio in Seoul and starts working as a cleaning lady in a boxing gym. The confident female boxers stir her fighting spirit to claim her place in this new environment.

A story with a message that could be relatable to a lot of others, a side to North Korea you don’t easily get to see with a convincing main actress and some great music! Selected for the Berlinale 2020, Generation K plus.

04.11 > 14:00

Thora Lorentzen, 2021, DK, DCP, ov st fr nl & ang, 90'

Immersive documentary about the hopes and dreams of teenagers at the new secondary school “Klejtrup Musikefterskole”. Some are looking for new friends and adventures, others are hoping to leave the trauma of bullying or heartbreak behind.

04.11 > 17:00

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