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En route !

By foot or with a boat, nothing is too remote!

+ Night Walking

Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni, 2018, BE, no dial, 5

What to do if you can’t get to sleep? Thinking about ice cream or challenging monsters? Or better yet, go on a scavenger hunt to discover where it is hiding? A never-before-seen documentary tailored to the youngest by the talented Belgian director couple.

+ Kiko et les animaux

Yawen Zheng, FR, no dial, 7

Kiko is a nightmare for all animals. He bullies them all the time, even the smallest mouse can’t escape him! How can the animals make him see that they, like him, are capable of emotions and love so they deserve his respect?

+ The Nameless Island

Collective 9 children, BE, 7

The inhabitants of the “Nameless Island” live in harmony when suddenly a horrific dictator takes power. Protest is coming! Power and rebellion viewed and portrayed by 9 children.

+ Homemade Cookies

Nikolaos Kakonas & Calliopi Villy Kotoula, 2020, GR, no dial, 6

A little girl tries to live her daily life with quarantine as her companion.
The flowers and the bees in the garden do not escape her attention either.

+ Adoption

Mathilde Vollekindt, Baptiste Reszel & Kim-Chi Segard, 2020, FR, ov st ang, 3

An insight into the world of young children who discuss the ups and downs of adoption during playtime. A colorful animation tailored to the youngest.

+ Piccolino. An Adventure in the City

Giovanni Maccelli, ES, no dial, 12

Piccolino is a worm that lives happily inside an apple in the countryside until one day when he goes outside he discovers that his apple is no longer hanging from a tree, but pounded and thrown away in the alley of a large city.

03.11 > 11:00


Schaduw Kijkdoos

Monica Vanleke

Artist and writer Monica Vanleke goes in search of your hidden dreams and desires. Together with you, she will transform a show-box into a secret garden! Be sure to bring your secret finds and an empty shoe box with a lid!

03.11 > 13:00

Barbara Kronenberg, 2021, DE-LU-PL, ov st fr nl & ang, 91

When Ulja (12) is prevented from pursuing her passion, astronomy, she decides to take matters into her own hands. With a stolen hearse and a 13-year-old classmate as a driver, she makes her way across Eastern Europe to watch the impact of an asteroid. The film won several awards at international children’s film festivals worldwide such as Goldener Spatz in Germany and was also selected for the Berlinale 2021.

03.11 > 13:30

Gudjon Ragnarsson, 2021, IS, ov st fr nl & ang, 70

We get a glimpse into the minds of the teenage girls of the Iceland basketball team, their doubts and fears, as well as their will to compete with the boys’ team. A gripping, true story about growing up and standing up for yourself!
The film points to the importance of children’s participation in matters that are important to them, participation as an engine for social change.

03.11 > 15:30

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