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08.09 → 26.09.2021

This year, for its 14th edition, Offscreen film festival has taken the exceptional measure of swapping its customary March dates for a September slot. And so we promise you a sizzling autumn line-up with a retrospective that plugs directly into the hot topic du jour: Eco Horror & Climate Fiction.

The consequences of climate change and mankind’s disruption of nature are now palpably affecting our everyday lives, but science fiction and ecological horror films have been issuing warnings since the 1970s. Scenarios that might once have seemed farfetched are now being overtaken by reality, as can be seen in the selection of ten films screened at Nova, complemented by some twenty titles at the Cinematek. Taken together, they paint a dark but not always hopeless picture of the current era, the Anthropocene, a period in which the fragile balance of our ecosystem is at risk of being crushed by humanity’s heavy footprint.

With "Offscreenings", we present an artfully curated selection from the best unconventional cinema of the past two years (including some films that we were unable to screen before last year’s festival was interrupted by lockdown), as well as an equally canny selection of recent Belgian shorts under the banner "Shortscreen".

Even if this edition is slightly more streamlined than usual, with fewer thematic modules and accompanying events, we will still be treating you to a scintillating "ABC Night" with the emphasis on erotic, focusing on celebrated French iconoclast Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and his Belgian chums.

Reservatie en voorverkoop:

For the annual Shortscreen program, Offscreen and website present a selection of recent short films that fit the Offscreen criteria: original, unusual, bizarre, and surprising.

+ Flora

Mischa Dols, 2020, BE, DCP, 15

Adam and his colleagues are stuck on the sweltering planet Venus. Their mission has failed and their chances of survival are slim. Caught between the real world and the virtual world, they seek solace in the absurd.

+ Onze grond

Loula Burnus, 2020, BE, DCP, 18

The movie follows a group of migrants trying to find a new home. The wind is their compass and leads them on and on, till the end of the world.

+ Tout contre toi

Mélanie Robert-Tourneur, 2020, BE, DCP, 6

In the heart of a dark forest, two silhouettes meet, attract and repel each other in an explosive bridal parade. A bittersweet and dangerous romance.

+ Environs

Bas Verbruggen, 2019, BE, DCP, 15

Deep into the auditory world of a deserted landscape, a character listens carefully how a dark tower absorbs his sonorous memories.

+ Grand soleil - Réalité

Bruno Tondeur, 2020, FR, DCP, 4

An old gigantic star that devours planets, threatens to implode at any time. Meanwhile, 2 travelers are wandering in space, in search of a meaning. Not far from here, forgotten in the dusty rocks of an arid planet, lies a sacred monument: a portal to another dimension.

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The ABC cinema in central Brussels, which opened in 1972, was the last of the city’s old-school porn cinemas to show films exclusively in a 35mm format. These films, from a bygone era of cinema and pornography, alternated with live striptease on stage. The ABC was also the last vestige of a vast network of erotic cinema distribution in Belgium, launched in 1948 by the distributor/exhibitor George Scott. Following the shuttering of the ABC in 2013, Nova set out to preserve its archives, which include nearly 4,000 reels of film (more than 600 feature films and hundreds of trailers) and an abundance of promotional material, often showing traces of censorship.

These archives represent a little-known facet of cinema history, and special events are regularly organised at Nova in order to shine a light on the the city’s relationship to sexuality and censorship. Various collaborations and access to the archives have already resulted in a number of publications, the most recent being the booklet "Porn by Night" from the doctoral seminar of the ULB’s Centre for Research in Cinema and Performing Arts, and the book "Superpositions", a collection of censored pornographic publicity photos from the 70s and 80s, co-edited with Les Impressions Nouvelles. Last but not least, a major exhibition of material from the the ABC collection, "The ABC of Porn Cinema", has been mounted in collaboration with the MIMA museum and the participation of the Gogolplex collective, and can be seen at the MIMA until 9 January 2022!


To tie in with the MIMA exhibition "The ABC of Porn Cinema," which draws on the archives of the old ABC cinema in Brussels, Nova has teamed up with Les Impressions Nouvelles to publish Superpositions, a collection of the censored pornographic publicity shots that once decked specialist cinema façades in the 1970s and 1980s. This atypical collection of art is enhanced by titillating text, including a spicy testimonial from Jean-Pierre Bouyxou about the porn cinemas of the Belgian capital during the 1960s and 1970s. Hot off the press, Superpositions can be found among the other treasures of Nova’s Microboutiek, an outlet for local micro-editions.

Iconoclastic filmmaker and actor, writer under multiple pseudonyms, acerbic journalist, scholar of exploitation cinema, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou has been contributing to grassroots counterculture for 50 years. Originally from Bordeaux, in 1968 he resettled in Brussels where he consorted with local nonconformists such as Noël Godin, who called him his "désaltère ego" - very apt, since Bouyxou was the creator of Godin’s alias, Georges Le Gloupier, notorious for throwing pies at famous people. On the menu: the launch of a book of licentious imagery published by Nova and containing contributions from the loquacious pen of Bouyxou; seditious short films by Bouyxou and other buccaneers of the Brussels scene (in their presence); Bouyxou’s first X-rated film, a real 1970s curio never before shown on the big screen in Belgium!

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Films + discussion

Freebooter compilation

A glimpse of subversive Belgian cinema of the 1960s and 1970s, with the bonus of a wicked fantasmagoria by Bouyxou, followed by a discussion between the invited directors and/or players: Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Jean-Marie Buchet, Noël Godin, Roland Lethem and To Katinaki.

+ La journée de Monsieur Chose

Jean-Marie Buchet, 1963, BE, 16mm, no dial, 12

The everyday life of a serial killer walking through Brussels. A nonchalant and provocative precursor to "Man Bites Dog".

+ Satan bouche un coin

Jean-Pierre Bouyxou & Raphaël Marongiu, 1968, BE, 16mm > video, no dial, 12

An erotic black mass in the form of a cinematic merry-go-round, "Satan bouche un coin" revolves around Pierre Molinier, apostle of fetishism. Noël Godin makes a physical contribution to the film’s credits.

+ Le sexe enragé

Roland Lethem, 1970, BE, 16mm, ov fr, 21

Dedicated to the censor Velu, "Le sexe enragé" is a call to exterminate the bourgeoisie, declaimed from his bed by Roland Lethem in the company of Monica Swinn, muse of Belgian exploitation cinema. Also featuring Noël Godin as a salacious priest, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou as a blind pimp, and the "virile member" of Georges Le Gloupier in a final apotheosis with To Katinaki as a feline prostitute.

+ Grève et Pets

Noël Godin, 1975, BE, 16mm > video, ov fr, 14

A proletarian revolt fuelled by a delirium of indecency, "Grève et pets" was filmed in a Soignies factory behind the manager’s back. The gloopy farce was infamous in its day, with its insane casting - including Jean-Marie Buchet as one of the "bidet bastards" - and a very real final orgy!

In the presence of Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Jean-Marie Buchet, Noël Godin, To Katinaki, Roland Lethem

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Film + discussion

Amours Collectives

Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, 1976, 16mm > 35mm, 75

An attempt to improvise a libertarian porn film in one day, "Amours Collectives" is more like "direct cinema", since the film itself functions as its own making-of. Witty, salacious scenes follow one after another, with the director becoming the central character in his pornographic happening. For the record, "Amours Collectives" was meant to be directed by Jean Rollin, who suggested his then-assistant Bouyxou replace him, and without a script. The Cinémathèque Française holds the only copy in existence - which is the one being screened tonight, in the presence of Jean-Pierre Bouyxou.

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