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Oscillation: Light & Colour

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Oscillation: Light & Colour

How can light and colour shape sound, and vice versa? Our perception oscillates between our different senses, and we never know what was there first. For this evening we invited 4 artists whose work is focussed on the interplay between the visual and the audible spectrum
This event is a collaboration between Nova and Q-O2 and is part of the Festival « Oscillation : On sound’s nature"


+ Whistle Song

Manuel Lima, 25'

Manuel Lima will present "Whistle Song", a work for pre-recorded organ, electronics, whistle and red light. It takes as a departure point a series of recordings of a security guard, Miguel Vianna, who spent every night watching the same residential street for over thirty years in São Paulo.

+ Nibiru

Mariska De Groot, 25'

"Nibiru" is an analogue and mechanical performative installation wherein simple rhythmical body movements activate a squeaky pendulum drawing machine, that on its turn creates complex mathematical images. Noises of friction are amplified and sound patterns are created by lightsensitive speakers that scan the changing projected geometric line image. The patterns of light and sound refer to the positions of the planets and provoke a desire for cosmic understanding of the organization of space.

+ Light Bulb Music

Michael Vorfeld, 20'

Nova is happy to invite again Michael Vorfeld, since his last performance 4 years ago.
In "Light Bulb Music" he is using sounds that are generated by different light bulbs and actuating electric devices. The use of switches, dimmers, relays, flashers and various others leads to changes in the light and the current flow. This is made audible by a range of microphones and pick-ups.
Pay attention to the changes in the light intensity and the rhythmic variety of the flickering and pulsing lights

+ Enlighten voice

Luke Fowler, ,

Exploring the limits and conventions of making biographical and documentary films, Glasgow filmmaker Luke Fowler works intrinsically with 16mm, manipualting archival images, photographs and sounds.
Collaborating with various artists (Sue Tompkin, Toshiya Tsunoda...) and other musicians from Glasgow, such as Alasdair Roberts. Recently with the band AMOR, including Richard Youngs with whom he shares the stage, useing 24-track tape recordings, and its tinged in favour of looser rhythmic patterns.
He also created a sound dialogue installation for the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, "Sightings".
Over the years, Fowler develops a noticeable work, based on a mastery of techniques alongside expressiveness quality.

In presence of the director. With short debate.

+ A Grammar For Listening - Part 3

Luke Fowler, 2009, GB, 16mm, ov ang , 13'

In the third part of the series "Grammar for Listening", devoted to conceptual artists, Fowler collaborate with Toshiya Tsunoda. Tsunoda, a sound artist trained as a classical painter, believes that two people create a « stereo image ».
The film proposes a reflection on "field recording" as an artistic act, about the ‘distance’, the recordist and the relation to the public.

+ Composition for Flutter Screen, with Toshiya Tsunoda

2008, 16mm,

Originally an installation with 16mm colour film and projector, homemade screen, timer, wire, fans, lights.
Echoing “Ridges on the Horizontal Plane"...
An infusion of often invisible elements magnified here by a singular perception.
Vigorous movements, abstract, form, transperancy, ecoes, obfuscating scattered light..
Can it be that this transparent layer of light is also a transparent layer of time? (TakaIshii)

16mm in surprise version!

+ David

2009, GB, 16mm, 3'

Excerpt from a series of portraits of four people gathered in a Victorian building in Glasgow.
While a sound resonates, a light is reflected and diffuses seamlessly into the space.
Who knows ? This layer of transparent light is perhaps finally a representation of Time?

+ Mum’s Cards

2018, 16mm, 9'

In his most recent work, Luke Fowler films the boxes filled with reading notes taken by his mother, a retired sociologist. In voice-over, mixed in 5.1 so as to be omnipresent, she evokes her readings and what she kept, all bathed in a magnificent light and metaphorical.

02.05 > 20:00

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