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Lesbian readings

This joint “LesBIennes” and “Queers Bruxelloises” group takes you on a narrative journey of discovery through queer life. Starting from the intimate, these texts explore the links between identity, sexuality and the many oppressive forces which make up the queer path, whether related to social class, to race, or to gender identity and expression. These are “historical” and up-to-date texts by authors such as Leslie Feinberg (Stone Butch Blues), Dorothy Allison, bell hooks, Jeanette Winterson, and also the testimonies of young queer Samis.

12.11 > 17:30

Francis Lee, 2017, GB-GB, ang st fr & nl, 104'

Young Johnny is running his ailing father’s farm in Yorkshire, England. The communication between father and son reflects their adverse living and working conditions, the father’s utterances mostly being restricted to terse criticism of his son. Johnny’s grandmother plays her part stoically. A frustrated Johnny endures his strenuous daily routine. In a bid to escape the harsh daily grind, he has no-strings sex with men, or gets drunk at the local pub. In the spring, a farm hand is taken on for the season. Romanian Gheorghe is the same age as Johnny, who at first eyes him with suspicion. The initial tension between the two men soon gives way to an intense relationship. This opens up completely new prospects but also presents new challenges for Johnny. In his feature-length debut, Francis Lee finds authentic images to depict farm life as one of privation. His film concentrates on the glances and gestures of his characters and their immediate physicality. The archaic landscape of ‘God’s own country’ as the locals call their county, perfectly reflects the turmoil going on inside the protagonists.

+ Bayard and Me

Matt Wolf, 2016, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 16'

A strong and intimate portrait of a leading figure of the Civil Rights movement in the US, as seen by his partner Walter Naegle. Their relationship broke many taboos. Shocking and always topical.

09.11 > 19:00
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Maki Kaurismäki, 2015, FI, ov fr & ang st fr & nl, 102'

Queen Christina, a historical figure and major lesbian icon is a kind of early "Lady Oscar". The princess who was raised as a boy to take the Swedish throne would stand out with her uncompromising nature, against all norms and values of her time. Fond of the Enlightenment and free in her relationships, she finds herself infatuated with one of her followers. Yet the duties of a queen outweigh feelings... A striking portrait of a passionate, assertive, strong and touching woman. A costume drama, just as we like them!

09.11 > 21:30
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Bruce LaBruce, 2017, DE, ov ang st fr, 92'

Somewhere in Ger(wo)many ... A radical female ‘army of lovers’ is preparing itself for a final revolution. Women are discussing, campaigning, menstruating and pondering the decline of patriarchy, learning about single sex reproduction, and having sex. But then of all people, a young soldier appears, seeking refuge at this feminist convent. This brings their strict superintendent on the scene and ‘big mother’ is not amused. But one question remains: is it possible to have equality in a corrupt system? Or will cocks need to roll first?! As if Valerie Solanas had directed an episode of ‘Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl’, Bruce LaBruce’s latest piece of shenanigans revolves around a utopian world without men. The Canadian director, experienced Berlinale guest and Teddy award winner (for Pierrot Lunaire) presents a merry, anarchic squad of protagonists; political slogans roll as easily off their tongues as religious acclamations. Their sermons are – naturally – rounded off with ‘A(wo)men’. Sarcastic, very funny – and as queer as it gets.

+ Comment on peut supposer que Dieu était bien intentionné, malgré les avalanches, les moustaches et les petits tracas du quotidiens

Marie Dauverné, 2016, CA, ov fr st nl, 6'

"I’m not a name. I’m not a square. I’m a complicated polygon."

10.11 > 19:00
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The Wound

Les Initiés

John Trengove, 2016, ZA, ang & af st fr & ang, 88'

Eastern Cape, South Africa. A lonely factory worker, Xolani, takes time off his job to assist during an annual Xhosa circumcision initiation into manhood. In a remote mountain camp that is off limits to women, young men, painted in white ochre, recuperate as they learn the masculine codes of their culture. In this environment of machismo and aggression, Xolani cares for a defiant initiate from Johannesburg, Kwanda, who quickly learns Xolani’s best kept secret, that he is in love with another man. Having first explored male circumcision in his short film Ibhokhwe, South African director John Trengove revisits this topic and other rituals of masculinity in his first feature film. The tension that builds inexorably throughout the film derives on the one hand from the young Kwanda who increasingly calls into question the patriarchal codes of the initiation, and on the other from the unbearable crisis building in Xolani, as he must choose between the traditional world that he knows, and his own fulfilment.

10.11 > 21:30
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Shine Louise Houston, 2016, US, ov ang st fr & ang, 66'

Going through her pictures, Charlie discovers that she accidentally photographed a murderer. In her quest to find out the truth, she meets Danny. In her company she will explore the only thing that really turns her on and gives her a disturbing and intense pleasure: to spy on others in full action. Initially surprised, her new partner is gradually caught up in her game… Snapshot aims to be a love story tinted with thriller, unafraid to represent sexuality full-on as well as the diversity of sexual trends, bodies and identities.

+ Trips

Bruce, 2017, FR, ov fr st nl, 16'

A clash with what attracts us in porn; somewhere between fascination and contradictions.

10.11 > 23:30
6€ / 4€

Pascal Cervo, 2017, FR, ov fr st ang, 48'

Hugues is an actor, but no longer wants to act. He sought refuge with Serge, his companion, in the house where he grew up. Micheline, a film director, insists that he goes back on stage. Serge gives him an ultimatum: it’s either him or the stage. Hugues chooses the stage. As the rehearsals begin, Hugues, alone in the house, discovers naked people (OMG!) having fun in the meadow next to the garden.

+ Les Iles

Yann Gonzales, FR, ov fr st ang, 24'

In a nocturnal atmosphere, characters wander through an erotic, amorous maze, with desire as their only guide. This new dream and fantasy short film by Yann Gonzales (You and the Night) was presented at the Semaine de la Critique at the last Cannes Film Festival.

11.11 > 17:00
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Stronger than you

+ Blind sex

Sarah Santamaria-Mertens, 2016, FR, ov fr st ang, 31'

Louise, blind since birth, feels smothered between her mother and sister throughout her holidays. After getting lost in the forest, a chance and naturist encounter (OMG!) breaks her routine.

+ Victoria Rosana Maite

Iñaki Velasquez, 2016, CL, ov es st fr & ang, 25'

Victoria and Rosana are facing a challenge: their daughter is being discriminated against in school. But they don't agree on how to deal with it, torn between their desire for justice and their wish to protect their privacy.

Internet version:

Victoria and Rosana are facing a challenge: their daughter is being discriminated against in school. But they don't agree on how to deal with it, torn between their desire for justice and their wish to protect their privacy. Should they go into battle? What chance of winning do they have?

+ La Piscina

Mariana Winarz, 2016, UY, ov es st fr & ang, 10'

The swimming pool - pleasure or a hetero gender-orientated nightmare? Unless there is another path, it is a space of freedom and escape, hidden beneath the smooth surface of the well-marked swimming lanes.

+ Comment on peut supposer que Dieu était bien intentionné, malgré les avalanches, les moustaches et les petits tracas du quotidiens

Marie Dauverné, 2016, CA, ov fr st nl, 6'

"I’m not a name. I’m not a square. I’m a complicated polygon."

+ Min Homosyster (My Gay Sister)

Lia Hietala, 2017, SE, ov sv st fr & ang, 14'

Majken has known that she is a lesbian since she was 7 years old and Gabbi just recently found out that she’s also into girls. But how about Gabbi’s 10-year old sister Cleo, who is she in love with? Is it a girl or is it a boy? Cleo joins Gabbi in her girlfriend Majken’s summerhouse. On a roadtrip up north, a silent struggle begins between the older role models. Who will gain Cleo’s trust?

+ Hey Stacy

Jaynese Poole, 2016, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 6'

An awkward teenage girl is peer-pressured by friends to finally ask out her high school crush, who she thinks is the woman of her life.

11.11 > 19:00
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Jérôme Reybaud, 2016, FR, ov fr st ang, 137'

Pierre, all dressed up and ready to go out, gazes at Paul who is still sleeping. He takes his car and leaves town, guided by a booty call on Grindr.
His journey / flight follows random encounters, sexual or not. The abandoned lover starts chasing the fugitive via the application, disconcerted by his absence. An eccentric and poetic road movie that irradiates Pascal Cervo’s presence; just perfect in the role of this young guy dragging his smile, his gentleness and his beauty on the roads of France. Jerôme Reybaud and Pascal Cervo are present for the screening.

11.11 > 21:30
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Jonny Van Wallström, 2016, SE, ov ang st fr & ang, 75'

The Pearl Of Africa captures an intimate struggle for the right to love. Following a Ugandan transgender girl, Cléo, forced to leave her country. It’s an emotional journey of love, hate and being transgender, in one of the worlds most transphobic places. A first-hand testament that love conquers all. The history of a couple going through their most difficult time. Through an intimate, single-character perspective and beautiful cinematic visuals, it leaves nobody untouched.

+ Muxes

Ivan Olita, 2016, US, ov es st fr & ang, 10'

In the indigenous communities around the town of Juchitán de Zaragoza, in southern Oaxaca, Mexico, the world is not divided simply according to the gender binary. The local Zapotec people have made room for a third category 'Muxes', or individuals who were assigned male at birth but live their lives as women and are widely accepted and celebrated as such.

12.11 > 15:00
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Trouble Everyday

+ Herculanum

Arthur Cahn, 2016, FR, ov fr st ang, 21'

Three encounters. Two men. A thundering volcano as a metaphor of the volatile and even tragic fate of every love story. With Jeremie Elkaim.

+ Buddy

Niels Bourgonje, 2016, NL, ov nl st fr & ang, 11'

When a young man is asked by his ex-lover to support him during an HIV test, he sees an opportunity to find out if there’s still a chance for reconciliation.

+ Goût Bacon

Emma Benestan, 2016, FR, ov fr st ang, 13'

An ambiguous snap on snapchat leads to rumors, so Bilal and Adil are looking for girls who can help them save their reputation.

+ Kometen [(The Comet)]

Victor Lindgren, 2016, SE, ov sv st fr & ang, 11'

Two men hide behind a fence at a border checkpoint. They have just started their escape from oppression and persecution in their home country. Only one of them will arrive in Sweden. He is "the comet".

+ Les équilibristes

Gilles Tillet, 2017, FR, ov fr st ang, 18'

A few hours in the life of 2 characters after a night of passion and a possible HIV infection. Humour and tenderness. Realism and optimism.

+ Pedro

2017, Marco Leão, PT, ov pt st fr & ang, 21'

The super sexy Pedros charged cruising opportunities hit a snag when his overbearing mother, hungry for his attention, keeps close watch over his every move.

12.11 > 17:00
6€ / 4€

Paul Weitz, 2015, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 80'

Elle Reid (the magnificent Lily Tomlin), a poetess of cutting tone, has just broken up with her girlfriend when her grand daughter knocks on the door to ask her for $600 for an abortion. The grandmother is broke... but highly resourceful! The two set off on a very colourful road trip to get their hands on the needed money: Unannounced visits to former friends and lovers bring some well-hidden skeletons out of the closet. Definitely the grandmother we would like to have, to be or to become! Fasten your seat belts...

+ Etage X

Francy Fabritz, 2016, DE, ov de st fr & ang, 14'

An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store leads two women to their limits and forces them to improvise when the elevator gets stuck.

12.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Dome Karukoski, 2017, 114'

Using just the stroke of a graphite pencil, leather blazes, enveloping the skin of virile men with boundless muscles. Nipples protrude, boots shine and rustle with an exciting authority, faces are adorned with smiles and titanic penises emerge as flag-bearers of joyfully assumed homosexuality... Focusing on the intimate journey of the artist, his love affairs, his trip to California and the moral clash of his works during the AIDS crisis, this biopic depicts the life of a man who wanted to blossom freely through his art and his desires, and who most definitely exploded the score of erections while still being at the forefront of the emancipation of homosexuals.

12.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

Yony Leyser, 2017, DE, ov ang st fr & nl, 83'

What happens when the community you dream of is not the community you live in? You try to change it, producing fanzines that appeal to hordes of queer punk revolutionaries, create subversive movies which you distribute over time, so that the community you’ve fabricated might become a real and radical heartbeat that spreads internationally. This documentary tells us this story - the story of the radical queer scene from the mid-1980s. It’s among others the story of Bruce LaBruce, G.B. Jones, Genesis P-Orridge, John Waters, Kim Gordon, Peaches, and many more.

13.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€


House of sex

+ Call me a Ghost

Noël Alejandro, 2016, ES, ov ang st fr & nl, 18'

Living on his own in a big house, a man comes across a ghost, but not of the scary kind... Love can also be found in the attic.

+ Trouser Bar

David McGallivray, 2016, GB, no dial, 20'

Tight pants, bell bottoms, leather and velvet... We are well into the disco years for this hilarious remake of porn films from this delicious era. A treat!

+ Refugee’s Welcome

Bruce LaBruce, 2017, DE, ov ang st fr, 21'

Moonif, a young Syrian refugee, stumbles into a bar and falls before the gaze of a tattooed man reading poetry. There is a moment of recognition, even without understanding each other’s language. Moonif, too shy, walks away but... they will meet again.

+ The Glory Hole

Daniel Maggio, 2014, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 4'

The glory hole, this unavoidable tool for romantic encounters and long-lasting idyllic love!

+ Penis poetry

Antonio Da Silva, 2016, GB, ang st fr & nl, 14'

The penis of your lovers as a diary: poetic and fleshy.

+ House of Air

Brian Fairbaim, 2017, GB, no dial, 4'

An delirious anthropological study of gay semiotics, taxonomies, and sexual behaviours.

+ Rusalka

Wes Hurley, 2017, US, no dial, 8'

Imagine Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” retold by Tom of Finland, and throw in an homage to early gay erotic films, and you get the artful Rusalka, set to the music of Antonín Dvořák’s opera of the same name and starring burlesque icons Luminous Pariah and Chris Harder.

+ You’ve got tail

Danny Tayara, 2016, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 4'

A mail carrier is in for a salty surprise. The “pups” at this house are a little friendlier than he was expecting…

13.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

Helene Hegemann, 2017, DE, ov ang & de st fr & ang, 94'

Beautiful and bold, Mifti, aged 16, takes a plunge into Berlin’s nightlife and its parties. She keeps pushing the limits, well aware of the sexual power she exudes. Her mother is dead and her father is too busy to look after her. She is free and vibrant, and submerges into a grown-up world that is often dubious. And there is this (much older) woman, who is both elusive and obsessive. Adapted from a controversial bestseller, Axolotl Overkill is a fast paced experience, carried by a simply stunning soundtrack.
14.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Bertrand Mandico, 2017, FR, fr st ang, 110'

Under their soft androgyny, five passionate and unruly teenagers commit a ferocious monstrosity. Chased and put under the sadistic custody of the Captain, they live through a rough voyage at sea, while spying on the tattooed sex of their disturbing mentor. Disembarking on a mysterious island where fruits resemble genitalia, which they consume and become inebriated by, these wild boys will gradually mutate and transform. Toying with gender fluidity, this erotic and esoteric hallucination, adapted from W. Burroughs, is perfectly aligned with the film poems of K. Anger or G. Maddin while peeping on Fassbinder’s Quarrel.

14.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

Todd Verow, Charles Lum, 2016, US, ang st fr & nl, 70'

“Sex & The Silver Gays” tells the unusual story of the NYPrimeTimers, a group of elderly men in New York. Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the monthly sex party is the most popular. These octogenarian orgy lovers invite us to their intimate gathering, to explicitly illustrate their sexual activities and tell us their story: who they are; the reasons why they take part in these gatherings; and the happiness they feel to live and share moments of intense sexual pleasure, that they all hope will last as long as possible.

+ Diadème, martinet et sentiments

Natacha Hubaut, Sophie Kaczynski, Charles Sauvion, 2017, BE, ov fr st ang, 16'

To be free. What is that? How many people have you slept with and how many have you loved? Would you be able to stay with a person you love but who does not satisfy you sexually? You too should answer to this quiz that mixes laughter, reflection and poetry, and questions our relationship with sex and love.

15.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Adrián Silvestre, 2016, ES, es st fr & ang, 115'

Luz migrated to Italy in search of a better life, leaving behind in Colombia her 2-year-old son in the care of her sister. The European dream begins to fall apart. Like other migrant women from the South, she works hard in the cleaning sector. Until, in a most unlikely way, Fran shows up; a butch lesbian not bothered by propriety and social conventions - an understatement ... Together, they will send everything flying, ready to fight and not get taken advantage of. Crossing their path will be at your own risk! You have been warned.

15.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€


Made in Belgium

+ Passée l’Aube

Nicolas Graux, 2016, BE, ov ang & pt st fr, 24'

Poland. With the distance and the absence, Pawel thought he had hardened. That’s what he thought… Until this rainy afternoon and this unexpected visitor.

+ Calamity

Maxime Freyers, Séverine De Streyker, 2017, BE, fr st ang, 22'

France meets her son’s girlfriend for the first time. She loses control completely... Oh, family introductions, always an unmatched joy!

+ Shift

Léa Rogliano, 2017, BE, ov fr st nl, 7'

A hand. A gear-stick. A glance. A sensual and unexpected road trip.

+ Deux filles

Kis Keya, 2017, BE, ov fr st ang, 26'

Two teenage girls meet at the bus station after missing their bus. They decide not to go home but wander together, while waiting for the next departure.

+ Avec Thelma

Ann Sirot, 2017, BE, ov fr st ang, 14'

A volcanic eruption on Iceland has blocked its airspace, delaying Thelma’s parents. While waiting for the planes to get-through, Jean, Vincent and Thelma live under the same roof.

+ Skai Blue

Guido Verelst, 2017, BE, ov nl st fr & ang, 17'

A Cameroon refugee hooks up with a Belgian man through a dating app. They fall in love. But they will have to separate, heartbroken...

16.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Los decentes

A decent woman

Lukas Valenta Rinner, 2016, AR, ov es st fr & ang, 100'

Belén finds a job as the housemaid of a rich family living in the tidy suburbs of Buenos Aires. On the edge of the fortified property stands a fence. Behind it she notices libertine persons without clothes (i.e. "naked" - OMG!), very distant from the world in which she is immersed. Feeling uncomfortable and fascinated at the same time, she ventures out to explore this path, between perfect cupcake sessions and esoteric tantra, all of it sprinkled with a good dose of dry humor. It's Austrian (Ulrich Seidl is not so far), dark and disconcerting, with a hue of particularly bitter social criticism. Yummy!

16.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

Small talk

Ri chang dui hua

Hui-chen Huang, 2016, TW, zh st fr & ang, 88'

Deeply intimate, Small Talk breaks the taboo surrounding unconditional maternal love. The film director tries to understand her own mother, who, married very young, divorced and raised her two daughters alone. She then became a taoist priestess and has been engaging relentlessly in unspoken - yet obvious- relationships with women. The desire of the mother and the daughter to get closer to each other is undeniable, despite the hurdles. Won the Teddy award for best documentary at 2017 Berlinale.

+ Nonna

Pascal Plante, 2016, CA, ov fr st ang, 10'

A young teenager introduces her grandma to the world wide web and creates a Facebook profile for her. They dive into the past, creating a link between generations. They have an unforgettable afternoon.

17.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Mathieu Denis, Simon Lavoie, 2016, CA, ov fr st ang, 183'

Prepare yourselves for a fiery film, perhaps even positively burning. Totally poetic. Unique. With a quote from Saint Justus for a title. Against the backdrop of a student riot, four young people refuse the world as it is on offer. They want to change it, and will try to do so. Hijack large billboards? Too easy. Go further, change things, the world and its landmarks. We follow them. The approach is anchored in the bodies, often naked, also falling outside the norms. A memorable experience and a real shock whose aesthetic pictures carry us and transport us...

17.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

Admittedly, we did not know this Canadian film director and underground queer artist before having seen the Queercore documentary either. However, G.B. Jones. collaborated in the first films of Bruce LaBruce and directed in 1990, without a penny, her first short film The Troublemakers. The film draws the hilarious portrait of a rebel queer gang and of its many often punishable actions. In her first feature film The Lollipop Generation (2008), shot in the same DIY spirit,
we get to follow Georgie and her many encounters after she has left her family. Nonsense, practical jokes and DIY are at the heart of this opus with a incredible soundtrack for bonus!

+ The Lollipop Generation

G.B. Jones, 2008, CA, ov ang st fr, 70'

+ The Troublemakers

G.B. Jones, 1990, CA, ov ang st fr, 20'

18.11 > 15:00
6€ / 4€


Get Animated

+ The man-woman case

Anaïs Caura, 2017, FR, ov ang st fr, 45'

Sydney, in the 20’s, Eugène, in his thirties, is on the run from the police that accuses him to have burnt his wife alive. But why? When the truth comes to light, the whole city is tracking Eugène like a beast…A magnificent black and white animation reminding the aesthetics of Pratt or Varenne.

+ Petite Mort

Antoine Bieber, 2016, FR, ov fr st ang, 4'

Sexual relationships are a source of multiple feelings, in particular at the moment of orgasm. An attempt to describe them in words and in pictures by five men.

+ Cipka [Pussy]

Renata Gąsiorowska, 2016, PL, no dial, 8'

A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to engage in some sweet solo pleasure, but not everything goes according to plan. Least of all her vulva!

+ Hi, it’s your mother [Allô, c’est ta mère]

Daniel Sterlin-Altman, 2016, CA, ov ang st fr, 5'

Trash, tragicomic stop-motion on family and blood ties

+ J’aime les filles [I Like Girls]

Diane Obomsawin, 2016, CA, ov fr st ang, 8'

Four women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression. For them, discovering that they’re attracted to other women goes hand-in-hand with a deeper understanding of their personal identity and a joyful new self-awareness.

+ Espresso Doppio

Mika Koskinen, 2016, FI, no dial, 4'

Two different people, two different backgrounds and a cup of coffee…

+ Half a life

Tamara Shogaolu, 2016, EG-ID, ov ar st fr & ang, 13'

Faced with homophobic violence, a young Egyptian gay-activist doesn’t know whether or not he should leave his beloved homeland behind.

+ Camouflage

Imge Ozbilge, 2016, BE, no dial, 5'

A friendship between two women blossoms in a secret garden in the middle of the city where east meets west.

18.11 > 17:00
6€ / 4€


195 Lewis

Chanelle Aponte Pearson, 2017, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 45'

Not always easy to have a polyamorous relationship in everyday life. Especially when certain attractions grow stronger and unexpected friends emerge from the past. Jealousy, which you thought you had overcome, can sometimes show up... In Brooklyn, within a group of friends, Yuri and Camille are going to pass a night more unsettling than they expected. A lucid and liberated dive into the founding core of our relationships, putting forward the black and queer identities. In partnership with "Les dimanches du conte".

+ Bobby Anna

Jackson Kroopf, 2016, US, ov ang st fr & nl, 20'

Bobby lives alone in her van. She sings to escape judgements and everything else, and to feel free. She meets Anna, gets her van stolen, but they love each other.

18.11 > 19:00
6€ / 4€

Cláudio Marques Marília, Hughes Guerreiro, 2016, BR, ov pt st fr & ang, 75'

Mila, a 19 year old drama teacher, is pregnant. Gilmar, a 27 year old history teacher has an affair with Igor, a 19 year old cowboy. All three of them form an unconventional family. In the small town of Serra do Ramalho, among the arid lands of Bahía, the film follows the lives of these youngsters faced with society’s reaction to their particular story. A permanent journey through past, present and future for a story without borders.

+ Scar Tissue

Nish Gera, Martijn Krediet, 2016, NL, ov nl st fr, 14'

A casual hookup takes an intimate turn when Sami, a Syrian refugee from Damascus, meets Johan. In the course of a night in Amsterdam, the two men will confront some truths, and unsettling secrets, about the very different worlds they come from.

18.11 > 21:30
6€ / 4€

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