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Is it fresh? Is it new? Is it shiny? Although nothing has changed, maybe it’s gotten worse. A fresh perspective or repeating past interpretations of "History" or a tribute to artists of the underground, today’s creators are moving with the times and keeping up with the ongoing war against the post-industrial society.

Short film

Jolie Chanson

Vincent Guilbert, 2015, FR, HD, ov, 30

Vincent Guilbert acquaints us with the grand as well as modest personality of Jean-Louis Costes. Performer and "garage musician", he is better known for his "trash" performances which comprised of howling and gesticulation and for his unclassifiable records; objects of a provocative and often aggressive sincerity which places him above and beyond petty conventions. A portrait filmed in black and white in the intimacy of the performer’s farm house; a chaotic sanctuary in a world itself in disarray.

03.12 > 20:00

Ellen Zweig, 2015, US, HD, ov ang st fr, 75

One of the pioneers of the industrial music scene having (intelligently) traversed the eras, Z’EV’s extensive artistic journey started way back in the USA of the 70’s. Percussionist since childhood, he is committed to staying radical and to keeping off the beaten path; expressing himself through performances, sculptures and sound poetry. With strong imagery drawn from the past and the present and interviews of Z’EV and his collaborators, Ellen Zweig’s documentary sketches the portrait of an artist largely unknown to the general public.

04.12 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short film


Julien Louvet & Fabien Rennet, 2015, FR, HD, ov fr, 33

Set in 1968 Marsal, Lorraine, land of lakes. Maurice Gérard, better known as the wise Matkormano, informs the police about the kidnapping of two of his children and the disappearance of his divinatory statues. By means of this obscure incident, the film wanders into a region immersed in the mist of dark powers. 47 years after this incident, Fabien Rennet and Julien Louvet set out to retrace Matkormano’s steps. Based on French and Luxembourgian audiovisual archives as well as documents provided by the municipal archives, they recreate step by step the troubling events that affected the region of Marsal in 1968.

In the presence of the directors.

20.12 > 20:00

All along program #151, Nova cinema welcomes sonic installations, electric and acoustic, an occasion to play the Theremin, synthesizers and to make sound out of steel, as virtuoso or as barbarian as you like! The walls will welcome a small version of the Geneva exhibition "PERSUATION : Industrial Music and mental control", curated by Nicolas Ballet, doctor in Art History in Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, and in charge of studies in INHA (National Art History Institute), Paris, working on a thesis on visual production of industrial music in the 70-80’s. Nicolas Ballet will be with us for the opening of the program and he will present the first screening of the "Industrial Wastes" compilation.

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