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Raw Materials

Rebellions against reality have a long and venerable history. There is no need to mythologise them: they existed long before the label "industrial" was invented in order to destroy the concept itself of “labelling”. We present a selection of these rebellions without a label.

Goran Gajic, 1988, SI, 35mm, ov st ang, 62

The band Laibach emerged in the 1980s in Slovenia, then part of communist Yugoslavia which was partly under the influence of the USSR, making Laibach in a sense the first geopolitical rockers in history. Since the early ‘80s, the band creates music with military aesthetics that made the statements of an already deceased punk movement sound like teenage lullabies. In this documentary about their early years, a wealth of images of Slovenian landscapes and cities burdened with heavy industry are interspersed with conversations with Slovenian intellectuals, philosophers, workers, citizens… as well as interviews and public statements by the band members and of course video clips and music by Laibach.

+ Scorpio Rising

Kenneth Anger, 1964, US, 16mm, no dial, 28

In 1962, Kenneth Anger paints an idiosyncratic and ambivalent portrait of a new type of magician. Scorpio is a modern pagan pop magician who worships both metal and leather clad mechanical idoles and the fetishised movie stars who furnish the aura and the light he needs to accomplish his mission. With its soundtrack of American pop songs from the 1950s and ‘60s, Scorpio Rising to this day retains undeniable subversive power.

11.12 > 20:00 + 18.12 > 22:00
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Derek Jarman, 1981, GB, 16mm, no dial, 54

In this Super 8 film converted to 16 mm, form and background are caught in a continuous and vibrant interplay, accentuating the grain of the texture en playing with superposition, transforming every shadow and every ray of light into a tangible object.
Until he died of AIDS in 1994, Derek Jarman remained personally and artistically very close to the band Throbbing Gristle, whose members adorned this film with a long soundtrack - improvised as per their usual modus operandi. The combination of sound and image gives this production a strange and magical aura, which we project in Nova in its original format.

+ Lucifer Rising

Kenneth Anger, 1981, US, 16mm, no dial, 28

Lucifer Rising, the last enchanting grand symphony of Kenneth Anger, is an hommage to Thelema, the occult sect developed by Aleister Crowley, and its main characters. The movie, which after many earlier aborted attempts was finally funded by the British National Film Finance Corporation, is filmed in Britain and Egypt and features Marianne Faithfull as Lilith, Jimmy Page as the Man Holding the Stella of Revelation and film director Donald Cammel as Osiris. The soundtrack was realised by Bobby Beausoleil, after Kenneth Anger rejected Jimmy Page’s original compositions.

+ Invocation of my Demon Brother

Kenneth Anger, 1969, US, 16mm, no dial, 11

A Crowleyan psychedelic experimental short film, as an expression a cultural rebellion against the false values of occidental values, featuring strobe-like erotic imagery with several shots of the Rolling Stones in performance and an original synthesizer score by Mick Jagger.

13.12 > 21:00 + 18.12 > 20:00
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