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Easy Listening(live)


When supermarket music becomes a psychological weapon and the sound of machines an earthly symphony, a new kind of listener is born. The mutant musicians of the post modern era inverse the relationship to the real for a crazy dance. An experience to be had live.



Although this totally unclassifiable musician is connected to the industrial music scene Z’EV has become since the 70’s a master percussionist of what he calls "elemental music". In a tribute concert to Jimi Hendrix, he will honour the Nova with a 35 min performance using 40 seconds of an excerpt of the famous Monterray concert where Hendrix burnt and destroyed his guitar. A gesture open to multiple interpretations, (show-off, off limits, nihilism, despair....) which we can take as a turning point of the evolution of performance and music... or a founding gesture for artists like Z’EV.

04.12 > 22:00
7,5€ / 6€

Founded in 1982, in Paris, Le Syndicat was originally an artist’s collective and a music label affiliated to the "cassette culture" and to the "mail-art" network promoting artists like Merzbow, Pacific 231 (Pierre Jolivet), Blackhouse and Controlled Bleeding.
Ruelgo, the only remaining founding member of Le Syndicat still active has collaborated with numerous musicians over the years. The Nova welcomes the duo, Le Syndicat Faction Vivante active since 2014 for a live concert which seems to be every bit noise, instinctive and physically unstoppable.

+ * Tzii * (DJ set – BE)

11.12 > 22:00
7,5€ / 6€

MekanOrganik’s concert cancelled, we’re welcoming "Cent ans de solitude", a french solo project, more performing than recording, prefering deepness to the rock n’ roll frenzy. Self presenting as "music artisan", musician Jean-Yves Millet work since a bit less than a hundred years (since the late 80’s actually) on creating sound ambiances full of darkness and melancholy, oniric but percussive. His music, not presented as a long track but as thematic tracks, is a total experience combining syntetic sounds with movies, and, most of all a performative part with "self-percussion and the use amplified moving metal instalation manipulated by the musician. An hypnotic and radical panorama of the post-industrial era.

+ Dj set Lucius quatre-yeux (FR)

19.12 > 21:00
7,5€ / 6€

Collectif les Fourmis, Brussel.,

Industrial music has made use of the endless source of sound, including primitive percussions, musical weapons of war invoking workers revolts and manifestations. The workshop, percussion on steel barrels proposed by Frank Gorissen of Militia will take place an afternoon over four sessions of less than an hour each: introduction to simple and effective percussion techniques, introduction to a basic method of reading percussive music, learning different techniques to play and eventually compose, and finally perform a small concert composed by the participants themselves.

Participation is free but limited to nine participants pre-adolescent to adult and is subject to reservation at the following address:

20.12 > 15:00

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