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Kino Climates

Kino Climates is a network of independent European cinemas. Founded in 2010 at the Rotterdam Film Festival, in an initiative that included Nova, the network seeks to promote total freedom of programming and to reflect the diversity of film culture. The goal is to generate new ways of working, while remaining in touch with our legacy. For 5 years, these living cinemas collaborate and share information about film, advice, artists exchanges, and meet once a year (in Nova almost three years ago).
The small tour of the film of Cube, "The Film That Buys the Cinema," has given us the desire to build a programming weekend around its arrival, inviting members of the "Filmclub 813" from Cologne to show their films, and a programmer from the "Academic Film Center" in Belgrade, who will come with archives under their arm. Given that this network is not made up of old fogies, we have put together a musical evening with them, dancing and festive for a delightful informal meeting!

Nova has a cousin in Bristol: "The Cube", founded in 1998! The links between the two places have been established for many years. The Cube is a beautiful wooden room, with a bar and a friendly and multifunctional space, with undeniable charm. A group of volunteers, which regenerates periodically, sometimes in their activities, leans close to those of Nova: an Open Screen (they call Blue Screen), concerts, performances, but also and above all very British features: a house band, a skateboarding team, a good selection of whiskeys and many other strange things.

Chris and Hoggie, volunteers and founders of the place, will present their film.

various directors, 2014, GB, ov, 77

"The Film That Buys The Cinema" is a 70-minute film comprised of one-minute takes, each one shot by contributors who have passed through the Cube: filmmakers, musicians, poets, amateurs, wrestlers, radicals and activist groups. From the wilfully obscure to the cult, the pop spectrum to the outer limits, from scientists to skaters, a series of bumper-to-bumper takes on life’s rich pageant.
The film was made in order to raise funds for the Cube. All moneys raised by this project goes direct to The Cube with the express purpose to secure the Cube land and building in the service of the arts in perpetuity!

07.05 > 20:00  
5€ / 3,5€

The Cine Club Academic was founded in 1958 and in 1976 became the Academic Film Center, in the Cultural Center of the Serbian student campus in Novi Beograd. Many people are involved in this vestige of communism and in continuing the work begun around cinema, music and theater. Instead of living in the campus, it organises festivals (Balkanima among others) and summer outdoor screenings in a "vintage" location. The Alternative Film Archives preserves and distributes these milestones in the history of Serbian experimental cinema.

Milan Milosavljevic is coming from Belgrade to offer us two beautiful compilations of shorts.

Short films

The Experimental Film Movement In Serbia

Years of Structure (1960’s-80’s)

Years of structure (1960’s-80’s)
The birth of cinema clubs after the Second World War in Yugoslavia allowed the filmmakers Dušan Makavejev, Živojin Pavlović, Vojislav Kokan, Rakonjac and Želimir Žilnik (who was recently in Nova!) to experiment with narrative forms and question the essence of the socialist system. Their most consistent movies of the ’60s were collectively called "Black Wave".
At the GEFFF festival in 1964 and then back home, where they organized projections of their own films, Petar Arandjelovic and Tomislav Gotovac changed the way Serbian moviegoers understand experimental film.

+ Glava - Krug [Head - Circle]

Zoran Popović, 1968-69, YU, 8mm, ov st ang, 5

+ Kompozicija [Composition]

Vjekoslav Nakić, 1970, YU, 16mm, ov st ang, 6

+ Vrt sa stazama što se racvaju [The Garden od Forking Paths]

Slobodan Šijan, 1971, YU, 8mm, ov st ang, 4

+ Putovanje [Journey]

Bojana Vujanović, 1972, YU, 16mm, 2

+ Od mene do tebe [From Me to You]

Mirko Avramović & Miodrag Tarana, 1972, YU, 8mm, 4

+ Samoglasnici [Vowels]

Nikola Đurić, 1973, YU, 16mm, 8

+ Gerdy, zlocesta vještica [Gerdy, the Wicked Witch]

Ljubomir Šimunić, 1973-1976, YU, 8mm, 9

+ Izdah [Expiration]

Ivan Obrenov, 1976, YU, 16mm, 12

+ Kuća [House]

Radoslav Vladić, 1977, YU, 16mm, 8

+ Praznik [Holiday]

Bojan Jovanović, 1983, YU, 16mm, 11

+ Posledniji Tango u Paris [Last Tango In Paris]

Miodrag Milošević, 1983, YU, 16mm, 6

+ Čisti film : sećanje na geff [Pure Film : Memento of Geff]

Miroslav Bata Petrović, 1984, YU, 16mm, 5

08.05 > 20:00  
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

New Voices

In recent years, the Academy Film Center has collaborated with filmmakers via residences, especially during the Film / Video Festival that they organize every year in December.
These films are beginning to attract the attention of major festivals.
Here is a selection of these "new voices" that Nikola Djuric and Zoran Saveski occupy the role of smugglers that allows a certain vision of experimental cinema to continue.

+ Nokturno [Nocturno]

Nikola Đurić, 1974-2014, RS, HD, 15

+ Sobre Belgrado [Over Belgrade]

Andrès Denegri, 2011, RS, super8 > video, 4

+ Sky Lines [Sky Lines]

Nadine Poulain, 2013, RS, HD, 10

+ Fabula Rasa

Zoran Saveski, 2014, RS, HD, 7

+ Listen, Try not To Dwell on that Idea, Please...

Benjamin Ramirez Perez, 2014, super8 > video, 6

+ Piplmetar [Peoplemeter]

Incredible Bob, 2013, RS, HD, 15

+ Divna budućnost ljubavi moja [Bright Future My Love]

Marko Žunić, 2014, RS, HD, 30

08.05 > 22:00  
5€ / 3,5€

This is the story of amateur filmmakers and nutters who, seeking a way to see movies, came together and discussed in disreputable bars in Cologne (from which they derive much of their inspiration) and then founded the Filmclub 813 in 1990.
Later, they integrated a huge movie theater, former property of the British Embassy. Since, they plan repertory films (no Cinematheque in Cologne!) or odd pearls that make moviegoers’ mouths water all over Germany. Everyone in Cologne does not see this group in a favorable light, lets hope it can continue....


Short films

Die Kölner Gruppe

Active member of Kino-Climates since the beginning, Bernhard Marsch is a programmer and unique and eccentric filmmaker. He will come with a group of filmmakers from Cologne who are as amazing as him.

+ Halleluja

Bernhard Marsch, 1995, DE, 35mm, 11

+ Liebe ist geschmacksache

Bernhard Marsch & Piet Fuchs, 1997, DE, 35mm, 14

+ Wonhaft

Bernhard Marsch, 2005, DE, 35mm, 11

+ Cafe Contact

Bernhard Marsch, 2008-2013, DE, HD, 11

+ Underground Odyssey

Christos Dassios, 2006, DE, 35mm, 6

+ Waldmesister

Markus Mischkowski & Kai Maria Steinkühler, 2007, DE, 35mm, 8

+ Wellenreiter

Markus Mischkowski & Kai Maria Steinkühler, 2010, DE, 35mm, 10

+ Der servantilist

Christian Mrasek & Jukka Schmidt, 1995, DE, 16mm, 15

09.05 > 20:00  
5€ / 3,5€

Christian Mrasek & Jukka Schmidt, 2013, HD, ov de st ang & fr, 91

"Nobody can tell you exactly about the meaning of life, but one thing is for sure : It’s not being the richest man on the cemetery." (Peter Ustinov)
A road movie fairytale flooded with sunlight and full of music in an almost true story.
Hans, who has long since tired of selling anything and deceiving the world, quits his job, gives his Not-That-Smart-phone away and heads south with a bag full of money...

09.05 > 22:00  
5€ / 3,5€

The Kino Climates network, during its meetings, has revealed DJ talent and a certain propensity to hold parties in strange places! We take this opportunity to invite you to discover what is happening on the dance floors of Cologne and Belgrade.
This evening is also an opportunity to rediscover the "Human Jukebox" which is installed in boxes of all shapes and sizes across Europe, among others in some member cinemas of Kino Climates.

09.05 > 24:00

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