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Right out Tamlalte, on the route of the thousand Kasbahs in the breathtaking Atlas Mountains in Morocco, not far from where some Indiana Jones scenes have been canned, comes Lahcen Akil, craftsman par excellence, musician and poet. He plays his home-made lotar, an Amazigh instrument that can be compared to a five-stringed lute overwrought with with goat skin. Lahcen is joined by fellow villager and percussionist El Houssain Safir who plays the bendir, a traditional drum with vibrating snare. For the occasion, two more musicians come along: the bassist David and accordionist Matthieu. Be ready for a compelling evening of raw Amazigh roots out of one of the most beautiful regions in the world!

17.04 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€

Born in Virginia and living in Providence, Orion Rigel Dommisse weaves her southern gothic roots with her more recent affinity for horror icon H.P. Lovecraft. As with the best fantasy tales, Orion’s songs thread multiple meanings, some obvious, others occluded, through a linear narrative of disarming depth. All the while the tone is charged with menace and beauty.

Orion is a past and present collaborator of Marissa Nadler, Viking Moses, Greg Weeks and Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores. Greg Weeks (Espers, The Valerie Project) engineered her first two solo records, the acclaimed ‘What I Want From You Is Sweet’ (2007) – with Orion’s pizzicato electric cello as the focal point and secondary her synth and Mellotron playing – and ‘Chickens’ (2012), her second ethereal album, on which her plucked cello and Alec K. Redfearn’s ukulele create a hypnotic harp-like timbre.

For her third album ‘Omicron’, Orion abandons her electric cello completely and the more subdued sound of her first two records. Recorded in the Southwest of France in the Spring of 2014 by Benjamin Glibert (Aquaserge), ‘Omicron’ is the result of 15 days of experimentation with French musicians with whom she had never played. Guitarist Eddy Crampes, bassist Jens Bosteen, drummer Emmanuel Mario (Holden, Laetitia Sadier) and cellist Janel Leppin (Janel & Anthony) form the studio band. Orion performs all keyboard instruments on the record – a 1960’s Farfisa organ, vintage synthesizers and piano. The result is a composed but organic psychedelic album, simultaneously experimental and pop.

02.05 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€

Live Soundtrack

Von Calhau

Von Calhau is a Portuguese artist couple that knits together raw electronics with grotesque vocal parts. Marta and João Von Calhau use the deepest layers of their obsessions to mould the absurd post-apocalyptic Totalkunst that swings the listeners through intertexts of Gombrowicz, alchemy and rural Catholicism.
Just like us they love 16mil, so Nova gets the honor to present Von Calhau’s particular universe with a live soundtrack.

15.05 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€

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prog: 2088
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