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The Offscreen Film Festival is back, a place where fans of cult films will find their bliss! For this 8th edition, Marcel vzw and the Nova join forces to redeem the unredeemable: cinema from the 80s. Mushroom trips and walks in the woods will also be in the menu, but beware: far away, the roar of chainsaws can be heard…

… cutting the Festival in pieces: First the Offscreenings, as always a window on the newest takes on the bizarre – and surely the cult films of tomorrow. Second, Tobe Hooper, who will present at the Festival and will introduce his classic ’The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ as well as some rare pearls he directed for Cannon in the 80s. Third, Cannon itself – the Hollywood studio helmed by Israelis Golan and Globus, which remains today as emblematic as anything else of all the abusive excesses of the 80s, from improbable dress codes to Reagan politics. The permanent ’security’ extravaganza imposed today on all of us, together with the trendy revivals of populism, conservatism and predatory capitalism, create the perfect setting for plunging back into those excesses. If only we still had those haircuts, those fluorescent clothes, and then maybe one of those good old action heroes, someone of the calibre of Stallone, or as hard as Charles Bronson, or as hairy as Chuck Norris… no such luck. We will have to look for such specimens in the past – in the process paying an in-depth tribute to Cannon.

Now as then, we continue to believe that this planet belongs to us and can therefore be exploited indiscriminately. That is, unless something else takes over: something organic, something considered inferior but lurking, patient, waiting to outlive homo economicus and all its follies. Explore the section which will make all vegetarians think twice: Botanicals!

Join us then for these three weeks of the most politically incorrect, provocative, sensual and unusual cinematography.

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