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Pink Screens

For its 13th edition, running from 6-15 November 2014, Pink Screens will be taking a look at the reality of life in today’s Italy - hardly “la dolce vita”. We follow the tortured path of a marginalised androgynous youth in the very dark “Piu buio di mezzanote” by Sebastiano Riso and that of feisty Beatrice, a trans mechanic in “Fuoristrada”. This year’s guests include Vincent Dieutre who will be presenting his Pasolini-influenced film “Orlando Ferito” and Fabio Mollo, who will present “Il sud è Niente”, a beautiful portrait of Grazia, on the search for her brother and her own identity.
Alongside these depictions of contemporary Italy, the festival’s opening will give you the chance to discover Alfred Molina and John Lithgow as a “young” married couple full of humour and tenacity in Ira Sachs’ (“Keep the Lights on”, Pink Screens 2012) “Love is Strange” and the magnificent “52 Tuesdays”, which has won acclaim at the biggest international festivals, showing how the life of adolescent Billie is turned upside down by the transition her mother decides to begin.
This year we have some 80 short and full-length films in our programme from all four corners of the globe (experimental films, documentaries and surprising works of fiction) but there are also debates, meetings, exhibitions and performances.
In closing we will be celebrating these ten days of cinema, of exploration of genders and sexuality with the unmissable Pink Night, preceded by Madeleine Olnek’s hilarious comedy “The Foxy Merkins” as well as the moving story of a young blind boy who falls in love with his classmate in Daniel Ribeiro’s “Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho”.

Welcome Pinkscreeners!

Info and full program:

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- Pink Pass (6 different screenings): 25 €

- Presale (from 23.10): RAINBOWHOUSE – Rue du marché au charbon 42, 1000 Brussels (Wednesday., Thursday, Friday: 12.00-14.00 and 16.00-18.30, Saturday: 12.00-18.30)
And in Nova during the festival.
ATTENTION: No reservation by phone nor online!

The bar of Nova is open during the festival everyday, from the first to the last screening, with DJ’s taking care of the musical atmosphere.

At last! Italian cinema is finally waking up from the long Berlusconi-inspired crisis it had been plunged into. This renaissance brings us a series of films which push at the boundaries of gender and sexuality with feistiness and determination. Whether political, taking on the ills of Italian society like the Mafia in “Il Sud è Niente” and the racist atmosphere of certain northern regions in "Piccola Patria"; or more intimate in nature, like the two superb tales of adolescents having to look after themselves: Asia Argento’s “Incompresa” and “Piu Buio di Mezzanotte”; the films shown at Pink Screens paint a portrait of an Italy searching to reinvent itself and escape from the usual clichés of the sacred family unit. As Vincent Dieutre reminds us in “Orlando Ferito”, his superb film homage to the legacy of Pier Paolo Pasolini: “I know that in Italy something of the fate of Europe is played out. But what?”

Pink Screens and Constant vzw explore together with you gender and new technology, through three evenings of films, a very hands-on workshop and rather queer video games!
In Nova: "Magic Mirrors" (9.11 > 15:00) and the "Gendered Turing Tests" workshop (11.11 > 15:00).
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+ Gendered Turing Tests

With Ginger Coons, Canadian researcher, designer and editor. Playfully test the strategies to mask and identify gender online and what they reveal about stereotypes. With the support of ’Semaphore Research Cluster, University of Toronto’, ’Mitacs’ and ’Autodesk Research’.

11.11 > 15:00 (Bar)

- Anne-Sophie Guillet is a young photographer born in Oxford and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where she lives. Her work was noticed by the jury “Propositions d’artistes 2013” of Contretype. About Inner Self, she says: “In our society there are very specific expectations relating to the dichotomy of genders, which however does not constitute a grid of exclusive reading. I try to call into question this assumption by making portraits of men and women whose identity slips outside of the norm. I thus try to show that there are different manners of living one’s human condition.”
- Lavender Wolf was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the Art Center College of Design. He lives in Berlin where for the last five years he has been working with papercuts. "When Worst Comes To Worst My People Come First (Part I)" is a fantasy narrative that explores the objectification and the subjection of the "Black Body" throughout history in the US. Using the same material used to record history and current events, Lavender Wolf relates both the public and the personal. For over a year he has been reconstructing heroic, contemporary mythologies, interjecting the ’Black Body’ into alien and culturally foreign territory. The papercuts used interrupt established canons of history, mythology, contemporary and pop culture, projecting ’Black Bodies’ into positions and spaces that they have occupied but in which they have seldom been represented.
- Willeke Duijvekam is a documentary photographer. Her projects are often long-term, allowing the development of a bond between the photographer and her subject. She has previously won several prizes, and has been published in various Dutch and foreign magazines. Mandy and Eva are girls, even though they were born as boys. For six years the documentary photographer Willeke Duijvekam followed them, through the struggles that they had to undergo so early in their lives to outwardly become the girls that they already were inwardly.


Roll-up and discover a piece of the lesBIan culture! Be transported to the world of the popular novels of our American elder sisters from the 50’s and 60’s: coming out, heartbreak, love at first sight and the problems of living together; from lives very close to our own.

Live readings in ENG, FR & NL, also in 3D, followed by the documentary ’Forbidden Love’.

08.11 > 15:00

11.11 > 18:30



Le porno alter, et puis quoi encore?

11.11 > 19:00



The LGBTQI audiovisual encounters group "Shiftcore" take over Brussels in 2014. Programme includes sharing needs, wants and know-how as well as the chance to see hot film productions which have come straight out of the oven!

12.11 > 19:30



FR, 26

Two prisoners, separated by a stone wall, develop an ambiguous relationship watched by the menacing eye of the prison guard. In a world mixing industrial music and classical music, Schwarzloch wants to restore in this black pearl of the silent movies all of its violence, sensuality and poetry.

13.11 > 23:00

This year once again the Pink Screens welcome the ’Holebifilmfestival Vlaams-Brabant’. As well as a wide selection of LGBTQI films, the latter festival organises the ’Holebikort’, an international short films’ competition dealing with LGBTQI related issues. The winning film will be screened during the Pink Screens.

The ’Microboutiek’ is a stand to promote books, CDs, fanzines, DVDs, K7s and other limited edition artefacts. Discover rare objects or display your own creations, the ’Microboutiek’ is fed by its own public. Dare!

08.11 > 17:00

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