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Love Is Strange

Ira Sachs, 2013, US-FR, video, ov st fr & nl, 98'

After living together for 39 years, Ben and George (played by the venerable Alfred Molina and John Lithgow) get married. But this doesn’t sit well with the Catholic School where George works as a teacher, and he gets fired. Unable to pay their rent, the newlyweds are forced to split up, George goes to live with friends, a gay couple who are policemen, and Ben with his nephew’s family. Despite the uncertainty of their future together, and the indignities of their present circumstances, our protagonists nevertheless manage to cement their life-long bond, through a mix of humour and perseverance.

+ Luigi & Vincenzo

Giuseppe Bucci, 2013, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 5'

Luigi and Vincenzo are in love and live together as a couple, but are still in the closet when it comes to the outside world, despite their many years together. A tiny incident, however, will turn their world upside down.

06.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€


52 Tuesdays

Sophie Hyde, 2013, AU, video, ov st fr & nl, 114'

Sixteen-year old Billie has to go live with her father. After all, her mother needs time to complete her transformation to James. During this one-year transition period, James and Billie meet once a week – on Tuesdays. But Billie also has lots of experiences! She becomes close with a couple of students with whom she explores her desires and challenges her limits. In her first fictional work, Sophie Hyde uses an almost documentary style, filming filming as closely as possible to the characters. Every Tuesday for a year, she met with her crew to shoot the film chronologically, thus lending her creation a vibrant authenticity.

06.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Chelsea McMullan, 2013, CA, video, ov ang st fr & nl, 77'

We are invited on a musical journey through identities in this hybrid film, which takes us across the vast Canadian plains, invites us to share its Greyhound buses, to visit its tourist "hot spots" (seriously?) and other "diners"... All accompanied by the melodies of Rae Spoon, an artist who crosses both gender and genre. An intimate and universal journey, poetic and offbeat. The film speaks of love, of growing up queer, of the things we are sometimes attached to despite ourselves... Surprising, touching, funny and magnificent.

07.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

David Lambert, 2014, BE-CA, video, ov fr st nl, 102'

Argentine boy escort Lucas arrives in Belgium. He has accepted an invitation from Henry, a baker who has flirted with him online. But being lover and apprentice to a rural craftsman is hardly exciting and it is in fact Audrey, the seductive but largely unreceptive saleswoman, who sparks his interest! After “Hors les murs”, David Lambert brings us face to face – without delay – with the complexity of prostitution and feelings of love. He presents the actor from “Glue” (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) in a delicate role and allows Monia Chokri, a discovery from Xavier Dolan’s films, to reveal her comic and poignant side.

07.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Breaking out of compartments, gender roles, performances… It’s not easy to represent sex on screen while subverting the constraints. This piece made up of multiple voices attempts just that. It is a chance for us to open our minds. The representation of sexuality is a highly political issue. We invite you to experience this pluralistic vision. And we hope that it’s more than gratifying!

+ Eye Want You

Guy Shoval, 2014, IL, video, ov ang st fr, 9'

Confronted with social networks, our persona can be perceived as a mere sexual object or reduced to a simple chest, genital or any other fetish.

+ How to Be a Porn Star

Guy Shoval, 2014, IL, video, ov st fr & ang, 12'

A distorted voiceover gives the instructions to be followed to become a porn star. Then comes putting them into practice! Exciting but also disappointing...

+ Justify my Jizz

Jiz Lee & Wolf Hudson, 2013, US, video, ov , 33'

Sharing roles and behaviours sexual and gender conventions aside. A magnificent tango duet, gentle and very sexual at the same time.

+ Krutch

Matthews Clark, 2013, DE, video, ov st fr & ang, 5'

This radical porn short film takes us through a lifestyle and shows us desires rarely seen.

+ Quintet, A Choreopornographic Experiment

David Bloom, 2013, DE, video, no dial, , 22'

Bodies interchange, bodies change, bodies mingle in this choreography that begins decorously enough, but quickly takes a turns into a joyful, transgressive and brilliant mix.

07.11 > 23:30
5€ / 3,5€

Forbidden Love

The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives

Lynne Fernie & Aerlyn Weissman, 1992, CA, video, ov ang st fr, 85'

This documentary explores a rare and lesser-known literary genre: Lesbian Pulp Fiction from the 50’s and 60’s, travel books filled with audacious lesbians in a state of undress. Get ready for a curious mix of interviews with lesbians about coming out and readings from novels that are as kitsch as it gets. Deeper than the necklines of the women on the covers of these novels, Forbidden Love provides an amazing perspective on these heroic tales of rebellion.

08.11 > 17:00
5€ / 3,5€

Panos Koutras, 2014, GR, video, ov st fr & nl, 122'

After the death of their Albanian mother, two brothers - the completely crazy Dany and paragon of triumphant virility Ody - set off on a journey in search of a father who is the only one who can get them Greek nationality and their papers in order. After the sublime "Stella", a transgressive ode to filial love, Panos Koutras brings us an epic odyssey, filled with chivalrous souls but also with fascist brutes quick to beat up fags and foreigners. Making a splash at the last Cannes Film Festival, “Xenia” burns with a feeling that is both social and political as also sensual and joyful, constantly looking for inventive solutions to move this tale of sex and carnal learning forward, emulating the spirit of resourcefulness that takes its heroes through a crisis-stricken country.

08.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

+ Almanach Lesbien [Lesbian’s Almanac]

Lamathilde, 2014, CA, video, ov ang & fr st ang, 4'

The Lesbian Almanac is a Situationist calendar of dyke objects.
This video features 12 paintings from the dyke community, examples of word play and literal interpretation through political claims and personal visions that become a lesbian collective unconscious.

+ Chef de meute

Chloé Robichaud, 2012, CA, video, ov fr st ang, 12'

A hilarious first film from the director of the lesbian web series Féminin/Féminin! Clara inherits her aunt’s dog which leads to an unlikely and revealing friendship...

+ Double Bind #3

Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman, 2014, RU, video, ov st fr & ang, 4'

They stand face to face, put on their lipstick and, as they kiss, the sound of the orchestra playing the Russian anthem derails.

+ Lækre til vi Dør [Yolo]

Marie Grahtø Sørensen, 2014, DK, video, ov st fr & ang, 21'

Neon colours and music that’ll suck you in provide the backdrop for this teenage trio, as they explore a universe of both lesbian and vampiric desires.

+ Petit coeur

Uriel Jaouen Zrehen, 2012, FR, video, ov st ang, 6'

A few sentences exchanged about a pack of cigarettes turn a trivial ride in the Paris metro into something more unsettling. A disquieting experience.

+ Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny

Gabrielle Zilkha, 2013, CA, video, ov ang st fr, 11'

A couple attempts to revive their sex life. Step 1: Stop calling each other "honey bunny"...

+ The Queen of My Dream

Ryan Logan & Fawzia Mirza, 2014, US, video, ov st fr, 3'

A look at the ways in which lesbian fantasies come to play and poke holes in the conventions of Bollywood melodrama.

+ To Kvinder

Charlotte Runi Brodthagen, 2014, DK, video, ov st fr & ang, 11'

It all starts as an innocent joke between Stine and Mathilde, two very amusing and slightly hyperactive teenagers, as they engage in what will become a life-long roleplay.

+ Vetrar Morgun [Winter Morning]

Sakaris Stórá, 2013, FO, video, ov st fr & ang, 19'

Birita, who has plans for Maria, takes her to a party. In this bittersweet winter’s tale, the approaching morning will bring its share of surprises.

+ Y otro año, perdices

Marta Diaz De Lope Diaz, 2014, ES, video, ov st fr & ang, 15'

In this Spanish tragicomedy, Rosa believes that she has thought of everything to ensure that the family reunion goes well. An unexpected coming-out throws a spanner in the works…

08.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Sarah Pucill, 2013, GB, video, ov st fr, 75'

A kaleidoscopic film, both essay and visual poem, "Magic Mirror" sets Claude Cahun’s black and white clichés in motion, in a choreography of magical and dream-like living tableaus, along with extracts from her collection "Confessions Denied". A tribute to the moving power of the impressively modern work of this surrealist lesbian artist, a feminist and queer before her time.

+ Fest der Liebe

Ruben Malchow & Tom Weller, 2005, DE, video, ov , 7'

In this parody of “Festival of Beauty”, Leni Riefenstahl’s film on the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the different bodies offer a different aesthetic of beauty and the erotic.

09.11 > 15:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Fucked Up Fags

+ Desnudos

Jose Antonio Cortes, 2013, ES, video, ov st fr & ang, 11'

Following the discovery of compromising photos on a boy’s mobile phone, a violent dispute between the members of his family ends with a surprising twist.

+ Gryning [Stockholm Daybreak]

Elin Övergaard, 2013, SE, video, ov st fr & ang, 8'

In the beautiful morning light new insights and emotions come to life.

+ Now You Know

Maxim Cirlan, 2012, CZ-GR, video, ov st fr & ang, 13'

There are more ways than one to tell the truth, especially when it’s about disclosing your HIV-positive status. Besides, it may not always be a good idea to challenge your partner to play the "truth game" just after having sex. Insincerity could be very dangerous, in all senses.

+ O melhor amigo

Allan Deberton, 2014, BR, video, ov st fr & ang, 18'

Two friends are taking a holiday together. One is very attractive, while the other is very attracted to him. But they are just friends and they cannot push the boundaries. However, when the handsome boy meets someone in a bar and starts a holiday romance, the other cannot contain his jealousy. Until the moment when...

+ Reel

Jens Choong, 2014, SE, video, ov st fr & ang, 13'

They are 15 years’ old and the best friends ever. But they will have to part ways. Tomorrow Victor is moving.

+ Summer Vacation

Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon, 2012, IL, video, ov st fr & ang, 22'

Yuval spends his holidays quietly at the seaside with his wife and children. But during a game at the beach, his lover gets caught in the wake of the suddenly wild waves.

+ Todo el sol del mundo

Pelayo Muñiz, 2013, ES, video, ov st fr & ang, 13'

Pablo and Mario meet in a club. They look at each other, fall in love and start living together. But then, after a few years, Pablo receives a video message from Mario, for no apparent reason. Or perhaps that video diary sheds a new light on their relationship. Could it be that it has already come to an end?

+ Das Phallometer

Tor Iben, 2014, DE, video, ov ang st fr, 7'

An asylum seeker is forced to undergo a test to prove he is homosexual. A shocking reality, taking place in your very own back yard...

+ Half Life

Nicolas Pourliaros, 2014, GR, video, ov st fr & ang, 5'

A single and gruesome way to fight the disarray of a certain Greek youth. Sober and chilling.

09.11 > 17:00 + 13.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€



Asia Argento, 2014, IT-FR, video, ov fr & it st fr & ang, 103'

Aria is no one’s favourite daughter - neither her father’s, a narcissistic and selfish actor, nor her mother’s (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a musician partial to cocaine. Not beautiful or feminine enough, too intellectual and neglected by her parents, she gets by thanks to her one and only friend. The two of them love each other so much that they wear the same haircut and go by the same name ’Ist’ and ’Ist’. Punk icon Asia Argento leaves her mark on her 4th film - a striking and poignant work, partly autobiographic and with a haunting soundtrack put together by Justin Pearson, Gabe Serbian, Luke Henshaw and Brian Molko.

09.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

Orlando Ferito

Roland blessé

Vincent Dieutre, 2014, FR, video, ov fr & it st fr & ang, 121'

Inspired by Pasolini’s text “The Disappearance of the Fireflies”, a metaphor for the rise of a new fascism and the end of all political hope, Vicent Dieutre delivers a surprising film. It includes puppet shows, readings, meetings and intimate scenes. Among them, you get to know the director and his lover “in love”, looking to share with us their faith in the survival of the fireflies and in continuing a fight which, far from being won, has never been this lost from the get go.

09.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Il sud è niente

South Is Nothing

Fabio Mollo, 2013, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 90'

A fishing village in Sicily. Grazia, a young androgynous girl, is caught between familial duty (her father and his fish shop), her brother and his unexplained disappearance (who has become both the idol and ghost haunting her thoughts) and her own hopes and dreams. This leads to a psychological, social and sexual quest, one that runs headlong into the silent walls of conformism. Filmed in a style close to magical realism, this first feature film by Fabio Mollo is testament to his talent, a director whose short films featured in last year’s edition.

10.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

+ Elias

Clément Badin, 2014, FR, video, ov st fr & ang, 55'

French by birth, Elias has found refuge in Barcelona where he sells his body. His life is marked by highs and lows, either driven by the lack of money and the fear of AIDS or thanks to the complicity shared with his friends. His encounter with Cristiano, his young 10-year old neighbour brought up by a senile grandmother, brings back one of his own childhood traumas. The child’s solitude makes him face his own and engage in an in-depth analysis half way between a leap forward and introspection.

+ Petit homme

Jean-Guillaume Sonnier, 2014, CH, video, ov fr st ang, 29'

Shy but determined, David is a jockey apprentice. Living at the training centre, he is fascinated by Eliab, one of his mates. A relationship develops between the two men from a mix of admiration, desire and jealousy.

10.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Elisa Amoruso, 2014, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 65'

Beatrice is a mechanic, a rally champion and a transgender. During her transformation process, she meets Marianna, a Romanian woman working at her mother’s place. They fall in love, accepting each other’s differences and frailties, and decide to get married. The couple raises Marianna’s adolescent son, with Beatrice caring about him like any parent would. Filled with humour and humanity, ’Fuoristrada’ is the story of an unconventional love that creates a unique family.

+ Dreng [Boy]

Julie Madsen, 2013, DK, video, ov st fr & ang, 30'

We are invited into an intimate diary: a video diary, a visual affirmation of the act of being fully oneself. A touching look at identity, where real emotion is revealed through the little gestures and fluctuations of daily life.

11.11 > 15:00
5€ / 3,5€

Claudia Richarz & Ulrike Zimmerman, 2014, DE, video, ov st fr & ang, 78'

Pussy, cha cha, fish lips, slit… are just some of the many names for the vagina. Vulva 3.0 is a remarkable and highly-probing documentary about this very misunderstood and always mysterious part of the female anatomy. The subject is studied from various perspectives – from sex education to censorship, from correction of “deformed” lips to activism against genital mutilation – with a constant sense of meticulousness and humour, in an ode to the beauty and diversity of the female body.

+ Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness

Sara Koppel, 2013, DK, video, no dial, , 4'

A young girl emerges from a dream in a surprising dress. As the wearer, she embarks on strange experiences and discoveries.

11.11 > 17:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Together? Forever!

+ Cariocas

Antonio da Silva, 2014, GB-PT, video, ov st fr & ang, 10'

The diary of a voyeur on the beaches of Rio looks at a group young, toned Brazilian men who let themselves be admired and are swept up in day and nightime adverntures.

+ Correr 2

Eloi Biosca, 2013, ES, video, no dial, , 3'

Running as an pleasurable, aesthetic experience.

+ Daddies

Antonio Da Silva, 2014, GB-PT, video, ov st fr, 16'

8 San Francisco daddies open their doors, let us look at them, tell their tales, undress and talk about “polyamory”, each with their own definition of fidelity.

+ Dutxa [Shower]

Eloi Biosca, 2013, ES, video, no dial, , 2'

The beauty of the male nude revealed under the shower.

+ Je vous réserve tous mes baisers

Alexis Langlois, 2014, FR, video, ov st ang, 30'

Looking for a place where they can live their romantic idyll, a love triangle ’the weirdos’ will go on multiple dates, good and bad, that will eventually rush them to a tragic end.

+ Le Parc - Les Prolégomènes d’Haldernablou

Tom de Pékin, 2014, FR, video, ov st ang, 11'

In a park at night, a hooded man envelops a young man’s body in sexual domination. The enigmatic wizards of the forest observe this meeting.

+ Pajas

David Mora de Céspedes, 2014, ES, video, ov , 3'

Two friends recalling their adolescent pleasures will stir more than just certitudes under the eye of a witness a little too loud...

+ Sammen for evigt [Together Forever]

Johannes Pico, 2013, DK, video, ov st fr & ang, 14'

It all starts out as a booty call. But the explicit texts and the palpable excitement turn to sudden shyness when the young Jannick meets his date face to face.

+ Samuel

Patrice de Bruxelles, 2014, BE, video, ov fr st nl, 3'

Samuel is registered on GayRomeo. He takes pleasure in deciphering all the staging done by users to portray themselves through their profile pictures.

11.11 > 19:30
5€ / 3,5€

Roger Ross Williams, 2014, US-UG, video, ov st fr & nl, 83'

“God Loves Uganda” explores the connections between the American Protestant-Evangelist movement professing intolerance and the recent homophobic and criminal policy in Uganda that has made it possible to sentence many gays and lesbians to death. Produced post the death of LGBT militant David Kato in 2011, the film follows a group of young fanatic missionaries preaching an extremely abject vision of the Gospel in the most remote of villages. This documentary is a must-see to understand the roots of the flood of hateful anti-gay sentiment in this African country.

11.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Aleksandra Gowin & Ireneusz Grzyb, 2014, PL, video, ov st fr & ang, 78'

Two women, Kasia and Asia, live and work together; their livelihood consists of emptying the apartments of people who have passed away, sometimes reselling what they find, which results in some tragi-comic situations. Piotr, meanwhile, is bored stiff working a job screwing lids on jars at a factory. The three cross paths, and Piotr begins to fall for Asia. Kasia is also in love with Asia, but Asia, we discover, cannot stand being touched. Despite the obvious absurdity of the situation, a friendship grows and the trio somehow manages to find a balance and deal with their conundrum with a dark sense of humour, building up to the exceedingly sensual climax of the story.

12.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

Roberto Caston, 2013, ES, video, ov st fr & ang, 91'

A group of actors meet in a studio to rehearse. A true work in progress, the film centres on the scenes to be shot. At times you are with the actors seated around a table, while the director gives them instructions; at times in situ within a scene being played. Sometimes you are watching the actors in each others’ company or dealing with their daily hassles. Between lies and hopes, acting and reality – the lines blur, relationships are born or come undone and love appears where you least expect it.

+ Gli Uraniani

Gianni Gatti, 2014, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 25'

Irma, a famous actress, has retreated to the seaside, far from the limelight. Valentina, a young girl she loves in secret, has gone with her. Each day, the two women go to the beach where they meet an eccentric painter who loves boys. A film about a time when things were hidden and the words to address them were never uttered.

12.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Sini Anderson, 2013, US, video, ov st fr & nl, 81'

The Punk Rocker takes a look at the Riot Grrrl movement through the life and eyes of one of its iconic figures, Kathleen Hanna, the ringleader and founder of the punk rock groups ‘Bikini Kill’ and ‘Le Tigre’. Rooted in a mix of anger and activism, the Riot Grrrl movement has lit up the alt rock music scene and incited people to dance. Taking a panoramic look at feminism and at the history of rock, we cross the paths of Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, JD Samson, Kurt Cobain, Lynn Breddlove and Adam Horovitz, to name but a few. A powerful film to give you strength, ‘Revolution Grrrl Style Now!’

+ Gnarly in Pink

Kristelle Laroche & Ben Mullinkosson, 2014, US, video, ov st fr & nl, 9'

Timid? Never! A trio of skating princesses in tutus, all of six years old, joyfully banish gender stereotypes. Yep, tomorrow we’ll be doing it too!

13.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Von Mädchen und Pferden

Of Girls and Horses

Monika Treut, 2014, DE, video, ov st fr & ang, 82'

Monika Treut returns with a touching romantic comedy centred around a young woman, Alex, who is at the gateway between adolescence and adulthood. A rebel and dropout, she is forced to go to a horse farm as her last chance to get back on track… Welcomed by Nina and distanced from her urban life, her stay is set to become much more attractive than she could have ever imagined: the seaside, mud fights, the smell of horsehair and sex in the hay will all be part of this highly non-academic back-to-school programme.

+ Feuerkaefer [Firebugs]

Juliane A. Ahrens, Simon Weber & Béatrice Huber, 2013, DE, video, ov st fr, 7'

The locker room is a peculiar space, one we’re forced to share with other girls. But what do you do if you know you’re not welcome?

14.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

Più buio di mezzanotte

Darker Than Midnight

Sebastiano Riso, 2014, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 94'

Fleeing a violent father who cannot come to terms with his son’s androgynous charms, 14-year old Davide runs away from home, to carve out a place for himself in a little Catanian queer oasis, full of hustlers, transvestites and other queer miracles forced to live on the margins of society.
With influences from Fellini and Pasolini, this first poetic naturalist feature film by Sebastiano Riso, takes a highly critical look at the reality of a country that remains, in many ways, sexist and homophobic, simultaneously highlighting a world of violence and contempt in a gritty, full-on manner, along with the life-saving power of solidarity, beauty and hope.

+ 17 anni

Filippo Demarchi, 2014, CH, video, ov it st fr & ang, 22'

Matteo, 17 years old, is in love with the priest who leads the brass band where he plays the drums. He believes to have found the person who he can open his heart to.

14.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

Blair Doroshwalther, 2014, US, video, ov st fr & nl, 74'

One evening in the West Village, a group of young black lesbians is attacked by a man. They defend themselves and the brawl takes a turn for the worse. Only the women are arrested, the man gets off scott free. They are sentenced to prison for carrying out an attack as an organised gang. Using this story entitled "The gang of killer lesbians" as a starting point, Out In The Night takes an cross-cutting approach, asking why we refuse to see these women as victims. Is it because of their sexual orientation, their gender or their roots? A hard-hitting film which reminds us that the fight for equal rights remains relevant and ongoing.

+ Bim Bam Boum Las luchas morenas

Marie Losier, 2014, US-MX, video, ov es st fr & ang, 12'

Bim Bam Boum! Meet the Moreno sisters - three professional wrestlers who turn gender conventions upside down! (literally)

15.11 > 15:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Get Animated!

+ 100 Butches, #9, Ruby

Elisha Lim, 2012, CA, video, ov st fr & nl, 1'

In this series of portraits of 100 butch lesbians, meet "butch number 9", Ruby, a childhood memory.

+ A Wolf in the Tree

Jiaxing Lin, 2012, CN, video, no dial, , 10'

A beautiful Chinese version of the little red riding hood that transcends what is left unsaid and drifts poetically beyond interdiction.

+ Anal Juice

Sabako Kabuki, 2013, JP, video, ov st fr & ang, 3'

The breakup of a love affair and the earthquake of 2011 haunt a young girl who dreams, fantasizes and hallucinates at the same time. Sexually explicit and very strange...

+ Baroque Parade

Gerald Paul White, 2014, BE, video, no dial, , 3'

A parade of rainbow bears and men marches through the pulsating city of Brussels. Where are they going? The musical rhythm drives them forward. The buildings dance, transformations take place, even Manneken Pis joins the parade!

+ Bendik and monsteret [Bendik and the Monster]

Frank Mosvold, 2014, NO, video, ov st fr & ang, 10'

Bendik & the Monster is the story of a monster, who dreams of being a cabaret singer. Bendik helps the Monster follow its dreams, while the Monster helps Bendik with his relationship to his mom and her boyfriend. It is a story of finding yourself and challenge others preconceived expectations of your identity.

+ Beyond the Mirror’s Gaze

Iris Moore, 2012, CA, video, no dial, , 3'

A couple learns how to get to know each other by exchanging looks, rubbing noses, through their eyebrows and their genitals!

+ Bradley Manning Had Secrets

Adam Butcher, 2014, GB, video, ov st fr & nl, 5'

Mini animated documentary based on an online chat between Chelsea Manning (former Bradley), the "mole" from Wikileaks, and the man who will tell on her later on.

+ From Here to Immortality

Luise Hüsler, 2013, CH, video, ov ang st fr, 10'

Even though they’re older now and have, at long last, become a couple, Tom and Jerry still joyfully indulge in the same S&M play as they did when they were younger.

+ FU377

Neelu Bhuman, 2014, GB, video, ov st fr & nl, 5'

The fundamental rights of queers in India are threatened by a decision of the Supreme Court. Mother and daughter take action...

+ I Love Hooligans

Jan-Dirk Bouw, 2014, NL, video, ov st fr, 13'

Violence and fighting with rival fans are the bread and butter of football hooligans. In this animated film, the hero is a diehard fan of a Dutch football club. He has been arrested many times for rioting at football matches. He and his friends love shouting hateful slurs in the stadium and calling the opponents "fagots". Paradoxically, however, he himself is gay but he carefully hides his sexual orientation to avoid becoming the target of attacks from his "friends".

+ La favola dei due marinai

Marco Simon Puccioni, 2014, IT, video, ov st fr & ang, 2'

Two sailors caught in a net fall in love with each other and decide they want to have a child. Over the course of their long journey, together they’ll find the key.

A light and optimistic tale.

+ MeTube : August sings Carmen ’Habanera’

Daniel Moshel, 2013, AT, video, no dial, , 4'

Exuberant tribute to bloggers and Youtube users. Corrosive reinterpretation of "Habanera" (Bizet likes)

+ Plug and Play

Michael Frei, 2013, CH, video, ov ang st fr, 6'

Characters with electric sockets for heads connect, exploring the possibilities, in a universe where two fingers seem to be the masters of the game. Really?

+ Shift

Juan Carlos Zaldívar, 2012, US, video, no dial, , 5'

Visually mind-blowing and poetic film about self-transformation and the quest for identity...

+ The Hawker

Elisha Lim & Riot Coco, 2012, CA, video, ov ang st fr & nl, 2'

A moment of kinship shared over a dish of chicken rice. Sometimes our identity reveals itself when we least expect it...

+ Yulia

Antoine Arditti, 2014, FR, video, no dial, , 6'

Yulia suddenly finds herself in a room with five levers fixed to the walls. When she pulls them, she triggers a series of events that will ultimately lead her to find her soulmate.

15.11 > 17:00
5€ / 3,5€

Madeleine Olnek, 2013, US, video, ov st fr & nl, 90'

Margaret, qualified in Women’s Studies and completely broke, decides to earn a living as a prostitute for women. Together with her friend Jo, she meets housewives obsessed with hygiene, in-the-closet tourists, dominatrix businesswomen and sales representatives for sex-toys (several centuries out-of-date). The Foxy Merkins, a gentle send-up of American hustler films, parodying in particular scenes from "My Own Private Idaho" and "Macadam Cow Boy", is also rich in in feminist references, resulting in something hilarious and totally unique in its genre. A real discovery.

15.11 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€


Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

The Way He Looks

Daniel Ribeiro, 2013, BR, video, ov st fr & ang, 95'

Leo’s world, characterised by his over-protective parents and best friend Giovana, is turned upside down by the arrival of a new student in his class (Gabriel) with whom he falls in love. Determined to pursue his passion, he must assert himself and take control of his life. Here, the theme of discovering one’s homosexuality which has been addressed many times in film, is not used to condemn intolerance or backward societies, but to address a wider issue – the emancipation of a boy who is treated like a child because of his handicap. This film, which was given a Teddy Award at the latest Berlin Film Festival, succeeds in conveying the feelings and wonderfully fiery emotions of its extremely endearing characters.

15.11 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

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id_rubrique: 2053
prog: 2049
pos: aval