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This year, Filem’on, the Brussels International Children’s Film Festival, celebrates its 8th birthday! During the autumn holidays, from Sunday 26th October until Sunday 3rd November, the Brussels movie theatres Cinema Nova, Aventure, Cinematek, GC Everna, GC De Pianofabriek, GC Ten Weyngaert and Espace Delvaux, will welcome all children between the age of 3 and 15. The program shall be richer than ever before: more than 80 short and feature-lenght films in all different styles and genres, from all over the world! This year’s theme will be "wild"! That is why some movies can be seen in the distinguished company of some huge dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural Sciences. During seven days, the festival will bathe in an unrestrained atmosphere, with fierce decorations, a large number of thematic workshops and events, some amazing film classics and a theater show mixing the sound of old gramophones with magic lanterns’ fairy-like images. New this year: Beware of the ferocious ‘teenage-mutant-jury’ who will be in charge of a competition without mercy!

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The Legend of Meru

Video installation

Ken Christiaens,

It is said that somewhere in the tropical forest of Peru, lies hidden a mysterious pyramid that absorbs all evil powers of the world… The local Indians call it Meru, God of the Light.
 Plenty of Westerners have tried to unravel this mystery, but no one has ever returned alive!
Do you have the courage to embark on this adventure and try to master the powers of the pyramid?

+ Installation

Johan Vandermaet,


Short films

Love and friendship

no dial, 62'

Funny and touching short movies about real love, profound friendship and butterflies in your stomach.

+ Between You and Me

Patryk Rebisz, 2005, PL, video, no dial, 5'

A young woman is attacked and loses her camera. A young man tries to save her. Her camera becomes his only clue to finding her.

+ Mister Plastimime

Daniel Greaves, 2014, GB, video, no dial, 10'

Mr. Plastimime’s show is out of date. Nobody is interested in his performance except for one girl, his neighbour and secret admiror.

+ Eleven

Abigail Greenwood, 2013, NZ, video, no dial, 14'

A sports lesson. Rebecca becomes a target of bullying. Emily feels sorry for her but does not have the courage to defend her.

+ Pyse [Sissy]

Siri Rutlin Harildstad, 2013, NO, video, no dial, 13'

Idunn is afraid of the dark. One winter afternoon, Idunn’s brother Even refuses to babysit her – he thinks she’s a sissy.

+ Children of God

Ahmed Yassi, 2013, IQ-GB-HU, video, no dial, 10'

A young boy, who is an amputee, bets his collection of football posters on the girls’ team winning a football match.

+ Le plongeon

Delphine Le Courtois, 2013, FR, video, no dial, 10'

Leo, who just turned thirteen, sets himself a personal challenge and decides to jump off the highest diving board.

Age: 10+

29.10 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

Mikolaj Haremski, 2013, PL, video, ov st fr & nl, 90'

Tom, 12, an orphan who lives with his grandparents since his mother’s death, loves cars and spends all his free time in Raszynski’s garage. He teaches the boy how to repair and build them. But Tom has a nagging need to find his long lost father and one day, he sets off on a quest across the south of Poland. He encounters a mysterious boy, Gabriel, who proves to be a highly unusual road companion.

Age: 10+

29.10 > 16:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Animals from A to Z


Short movies for toddlers from all over the world featuring all sorts of animals in the leading roles.

+ Rabbit and Deer

Péter Vácz, 2013, HU, video, no dial, 16'

Rabbit and Deer are living happily until their friendship is put to the test: Deer wants to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.

+ Trampoline

Maarten Koopman, 2013, NL, video, no dial, 3'

From under a trampoline pad, we can see people and animals frolicking in amusement, until things take an unexpected turn.

+ Zebra

Julia Ocker, 2013, DE, video, no dial, 3'

One day the zebra runs against a tree and discovers some strange effects. An animated story in black and white.

+ Cheburashka Goes to the Zoo

Makoto Nakamura, 2014, JP, video, ov st nl, 16'

When Gena, who works as a crocodile at the zoo, catches a bad cold, Cheburashka decides to take his place until he’s better.

+ Fred und Anabel

Ralf Kukula, 2014, CZ, video, no dial, 7'

Fred the cat and Anabel the goose are inseparable friends, but in the autumn it is time for Anabel to fly away.

+ Bzz

Luca Fattore, 2014, IT, video, no dial, 1'

Age: 3+

30.10 > 11:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Short films


no dial, 56'

Animated movies, experimental short movies and video ART for children who dare to pass some frontiers.
This program has been selected in collaboration with

+ Carousel: Animal Opera

Joseph Cornell, 1938, US, video, no dial, 7'

Visual symphony by artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell where animals take the leading roles.

+ Mammals [Ssaki]

Roman Polanski, 1962, PL, video, no dial, 7'

Against a barren winter landscape, a man approaches pulling a small sleigh on which another man sits, plucking a dead bird.

+ Montaña en sombra

Lois Patino, 2012, ES, video, no dial, 14'

The activity of skiers on a snowy mountain is seen as the poetic relationship of immensity between man and landscape.

+ Das Modell

Florian Gwinner, 2006, DE, video, no dial, 6'

The activity of skiers on a snowy mountain is seen as the poetic relationship of immensity between man and landscape.

+ Fuji

Robert Breer, 1974, US, video, no dial, 6'

Fuji is a 1974 art film in which Robert Breer’s explores a train ride past Japan’s Mt. Fuji, mixing drawings with live action.

+ Birds

Jacco Olivier, 2003, NL, video, no dial, 2'

Paintings of birds are examined closely. When zooming in the reality disappears and strokes, lines, and dots become the image.

+ Premier Automne [Autumn Leaves]

Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset, 2013, FR, video, no dial, 11'

Abel lives in winter and Apolline lives in summer. Isolated in their "natures", they cannot meet, until Abel crosses the border.

Age: 7+

30.10 > 14:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Short films



Keep on dreaming and dancing in a world of piled boxes and romantic street corners! In the presence of Anne-Lore Baeckeland, director of Craft.

+ Craft

Anne-Lore Baeckeland, 2014, BE, video, no dial, 15'

Twelve dancers in a fairy-like play ground of paper and cardboard, that slowly changes in an astonishing scenery.

+ Shopping

Vladilen Vierny, 2013, DE-FR, video, ov 8'

A shopping mall, a few minutes before closing time. A young customer hurries up with his last minute shopping.

+ Bear Story

Gabriel Osorio Vargas, 2014, CL, video, no dial, 10'

Each day an old bear goes out to a street corner. In a tin marionette theater of his own making, his life story unfolds.

+ My Own Personal Moose [Moy Lichniy Los’]

Leonid Shmelkov, 2013, RU, video, ov 17'

Misha is a quiet, dreamy boy. His dearest wish is to one day meet a real elk. Suddenly, an unexpected encounter occurs.

+ Le vélo de l’éléphant

Olesya Shchukina, 2014, BE-FR, video, no dial, 9'

An elephant lives in a town where he works as a street cleaner. One day, he sees a huge billboard advertising a bicycle.
In the presence of the producer.

Age: 6+

30.10 > 16:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Philippe Muyl, 2014, CN-FR, video, vt fr 92'

After moving to Beijing allowing his son to attend university, Zhigen, an old Chinese farmer, has lived alone over 20 years. He decides to make the long journey back to his village to honour the promise he made to his wife to bring back the bird that has been his only companion in the city. His daughter-in-law asks him to take along his granddaughter Renxing, an only child brought up in the lap of luxury.
In the presence of the director!

Age: 8+

31.10 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Like Father Like Son

+ Marc Jacobs

Sam de Jong, 2013, NL, video, ov st fr, 17'

Soufyane’s father invites him on a trip to Morocco. His friends told him to buy Ray Ban sunglasses. Soufyane prefers Marc Jacobs.

+ On Stopping the Rain [Sepatu Baru]

Aditya Ahmad, 2013, ID, video, no dial, 14'

Everyone’s feeling low because it won’t stop raining. In Indonesia there’s an old ritual to stop it, but a special utensil is needed.

+ Lambs

Gottfried Mentor, 2013, DE, video, no dial, 4'

A lamb’s parents are shocked because their little lamb doesn’t sound like the other sheep. It says “moo” instead of “baa”.

+ Mythopolis

Alexandra Hetmerová, 2013, CZ, video, no dial, 11'

Greek mythology characters (a minotaur, his mum Medusa, ... ) live their lives and solve their problems in today´s world.

+ Cadet

Kevin Meul, 2013, BE, video, ov nl st fr, 14'

Steve, a 13 year-old athlete, is secretly being doped by his father, which confronts him rudely with his self-esteem.

+ Liar

Martin Smith, 2013, GB, video, ov st fr & nl, 13'

Two brothers growing up in Scotland: Jamie adores his older brother Donald but begins to doubt his tales of their absent father.

+ Oma

Karolien Raeymaekers, 2014, BE, video, no dial, 8'

“Oma” is a delicate animated short movie about a girl who has to conquer her fear for her grandma who is deathly ill.

Age: 14+

31.10 > 16:00
5€ / 3,5€

Mischa Kamp, 2014, NL, video, ov st fr, 78'

Boys tells the story of Sieger, a sporty, rather quiet 15-year-old boy, who lives with his older brother Eddy and father Theo. During athletics training, Sieger meets Marc, a new member of his team. When swimming in a nearby lake, Sieger and Marc sense a strange alchemy between them. In this summertime film, in which new loves begin to blossom, Sieger also tries to discover love.
In the presence of the director!

Age: 14+
In collaboration by Pink Screens.

31.10 > 19:30
5€ / 3,5€

The Boy and the World

O menino e o mundo

Alê Abreu, 2014, BR, video, no dial, 79'

"O menino e o mundo" ("The Boy and the World") is an amazing Brazilian animation that truly exemplifies the power of imagery and music. It shows an adventurous quest through the eyes of a little boy, who leaves his village to find his missing father. He discovers a world inhabited by animal-machines and other strange creatures. Won the Cristal for the best feature film and the Audience award at the Annecy Festival.

Age: 7+

01.11 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€



Lichtbende, 2014, NL, no dial, 50'

TUTU is a contemporary theatre show that consists of projections with magic lanterns, gramophones and live music. It tells the story of a young dancer who wants to accomplish her dreams in a time of great changes: the interwar period of the ’30s, when the struggle for personal freedom, new techniques and mechanization were ubiquitous. Main characters are everyday objects that are manipulated manually or mechanically.

+ Magic lantern workshop

Age: 5+

02.11 > 11:00 + 02.11 > 14:30
6€ / 5€


Closing Party

Traditionally, at the end of the festival, the children have the last word.
This year’s edition of Filem’on’s Film Festival will present the animated films of the primary school’s children and the youth houses Chicago and Dolto, as a result of the workshops led by by Ken Christiaens, Stephy Maes and Sandra Verkaart.
And of course the Reporter’s Club will have a lot of footage to show.

02.11 > 17:00

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