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Nuit blanche

The theme of the next edition of the Nuit Blanche is cinemas and will follow in the footsteps of traces left by the 7th art in the area around place De Brouckère and rue Neuve. For the occasion Nova will put together a nocturnal program that interrogates the history of Brussel’s cinemas, the evolution of cinematography and will culminate with a projection of a rare Belgian movie!

Installation sonore


Cinepolis invites you to listen to an imaginary cinema composed of testimonies (gathered by Bruxelles Nous Appartient - Brussel Behoort Ons Toe) that refer to the golden era of movie theatres that have disappeared from the centre of Brussels. King Kong will be among them, Tarzan can be heard in the distance, some bicker about Godard, while others get excited about Sylvia Kristel.

A project by Chloé Despax and Emanuel Lorrain in collaboration with BNA-BBOT.

04.10 > 20:00


Jean-Pierre Verscheure

Midnight lecture : Cadrages & Recadrages

Jean-Pierre Verscheure, professor historian and collector, will use numerous film extracts projected in their original celluloid formats to explain how "content" and "form", technique and artistic choices are intertwined. An occasion to discover or revisit those moments that have most marked the history of the 7th art!
(in French)

04.10 > 24:30

Paul Collet & Pierre Drouot, 1968, BE, 35mm, ov st nl, 106

To finish off this night that knows no bounds, the Nova invites you to enjoy the Belgian film "L’étreinte" (The Embrace). Made in the midst of the sexual liberation movement of the sixties, the film portrays an erotic and intimate story that is both troubling and fascinating. The whiff of scandal that this film was embroiled in when it first came out, adds some spice to this piece that is best seen (or seen again) after midnight, and preferably on the big screen.

04.10 > 02:00

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