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Focus John Smith

Contrary to popular opinion, experimental cinema does not have to be synonymous with austere formalism. John Smith is a case in point here: his work is marked by the kind of deadpan jokes which leave no-one unaffected - or undamaged. Numerous events and retrospectives celebrating the man and his films in recent years have confirmed his status as an essential name in British and international avant-garde cinematography.

Smith’s earliest productions, which date back to the 1970s, were strongly influenced by structuralism. Yet it is his unconditional love for the English language and the visual language which provide the real clues to decoding his oeuvre. The daily banality of human existence is another inexhaustible source of inspiration for Smith, who manages to look at even the most ordinary non-events from unexpected angles. In short, the man takes a wicked delight in transgressing the boundaries between documentary, fiction and experimental cinematography.

We have welcomed John Smith at Cinema Nova before, but this time we are proud to present a retrospective of his films side by side with those of his friend Avi Mograbi - a unique opportunity to have another look at a number of short films that have become classics in the genre as well as to discover some very recent productions, including an actual avant-premiere!

Special Screening

Avi Mograbi & John Smith

A few years ago, during an enjoyable after-hours drinking bout at a film
festival, we discovered that John Smith en Avi Mograbi are actually close
friends, an observation which led us to ask them, in a slightly
drink-tinged voice, whether their worlds were also linked in a
cinematographic way, in addition to their personal relationship. After all,
one of them is a documentary maker while the other makes experimental
films. In fact, however, both take pleasure in pushing the boundaries of
their respective genres and neither is afraid to act in their own movies.
Additionally, humour as well as activism play a large role in both men’s

Nova is therefore especially pleased and proud to be able to welcome John
Smith and Avi Mograbi on one and the same night. We will warm up with some
short films, but the centrepiece of the evening will be a discussion with
and between the two directors.

+ Deportation

Avi Mograbi, 1989, IL, video, ov st ang, 12'

+ Relief

Avi Mograbi, 1999, IL, video, no dial, , 5'

+ Will You Please Stop Bothering Me And My Family

Avi Mograbi, 2000, IL, video, ov st ang, 7'

+ Wait, It’s The Soldiers, I Have To Hang Up Now

Avi Mograbi, 2002, IL, video, ov st ang, 13'

+ Throwing Stones [Hotel Diaries #3]

John Smith, 2004, CH, video, ov , 11'

+ Pyramids, Skunk [Hotel Diaries #5/6]

John Smith, 2006, NL, video, ov , 17'

+ Dirty Pictures [Hotel Diaries #7]

John Smith, 2007, PS, video, ov , 14'

20.09 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€


John Smith #1

+ OM

John Smith, 1986, GB, 16mm, no dial, , 4'

+ Associations

John Smith, 1975, GB, 16mm, ov , 7'

+ The Girl Chewing Gum

John Smith, 1976, GB, 16mm, ov st fr, 12'

+ The Black Tower

John Smith, 1985-1987, GB, 16mm, ov st fr, 24'

+ Unusual Red Cardigan

John Smith, 2011, GB, video, ov st fr, 12'

+ The Man Phoning Mum

John Smith, 2011, GB, video, ov , 12'

28.09 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€


John Smith #2

+ Gargantuan

John Smith, 1992, GB, 16mm, ov st fr, 1'

+ The Kiss

John Smith, 1999, GB, video, ov , 5'

+ Slow Glass

John Smith, 1988-1991, GB, video, ov , 40'

+ Blight

John Smith, 1996, GB, video, ov , 14'

+ Regression

John Smith, 1999, GB, video, ov , 17'

05.10 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€


John Smith #3

+ Frozen War [Hotel Diaries #1]

John Smith, 2002, IR, video, ov st fr, 11'

+ Museum Piece [Hotel Diaries #2]

John Smith, video, ov , 12'

+ Six Years Later [Hotel Diaries #8]

John Smith, 2007, IR, video, ov st fr, 9'

+ Flag Mountain

John Smith, 2010, GB, video, ov , 8'

+ Lost Sound

John Smith, 2001, GB, video, no dial, , 28'

12.10 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

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prog: 2035
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