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Analysing a film is not only a questioning a consistent continuity of images and sound that generates meaning. Analysing a film is also questioning the means used by the filmmaker in order to produce the film...

25.01 > 11:00
5€ / 3,5€

Films + discussion

Public Domain Day

Each year, as of January 1, thousands of works enter into the public domain, 70 years after the death of their authors. The period of protection by copyright expires, and the works become a public treasure that everyone can appreciate and use freely. For the occasion, lawyer Sandrine Hallemans and the Nova team will share crispy anecdotes showing the complexity of the relationship between cinema and the public domain. Creations of the feminist filmmaker Germaine Dulac will be projected, accompanied by the musical group Les Sœurs Demi­-Bride, as well as some remixes from the writings of Stefan Zweig by Sébastien Conard, and performances inspired by the works of writer Hélène Gelens & Constant. This evening will conclude the programme of the day at the Royal Library of Belgium.

+ Library Box

+ Expo nY Sébastien Conard

+ The Death of the Authors

+ Expo nY Sébastien Conard

+ Le droit d’auteur et le cinéma

+ Six chansons illustrées de Germaine Dulac

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(Partnership between Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, CRIDS, nY & Constant)

25.01 > 21:00

Short films

Lost and Found

Antje Van Wichelen, 2013, BE, video, no dial, 10

Lonely gloves appear in the city together with the arrival of the winter. Antje Van Wichelen tells the story of these gloves uniting and moving around in Brussels.
A stop-motion film, recorded at night in the streets of the Marolles, with Pascal Baes handling the camera, and a soundtrack created by Aki Onda.

+ Klutch

Antje Van Wichelen, 2013, BE, video, no dial, 1

In a dark atmosphere, a lock wakes a woman. Follows a psychological struggle. Who will win?

+ Charlemagne

Antje Van Wichelen, 2011, BE, video, no dial, 1

In a space provided for one day, Antje films herself with a puppet she has sewn.

+ Courts métrages Pascal Baes

Pascal Baes, 1980-90, BE, 16mm > video, no dial, 45

Experimental filmmaker, multimedia and multidisciplinary artist Pascal Baes transports us to the 1980s and 90s with his first short films, shot in pixilation which made of him an undisputed master of animation. In this program will be shown: "46bis’, ’Topic I & II’, ’Tokyo Picnic", commercials for various brands, and a few surprises to discover or re-discover.

06.02 > 20:00

A wintertime Open Screen without sledge and dog, but probably with warm hat and coat. We are looking forward to seeing your ski accidents, your arrival at the emergencies, the film of your divorce or your student film... this and many other things, from the moment your movie lasts no more than 15 minutes! So send them with their technical sheets to 1000 Brussels, n°14 Arenbergstreet.

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