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Prima Nova

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Philippe Petit, 2013, FR, video, ov fr , 84'

Director Philippe Petit has been following and filming during five years David Martelleur alias "Danger Dave", a professional skateboarder from Brussels. While filming his intimacy and his performances, Petit portrays the disillusions of a man at the end of his sporting career.

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Collectif K-14, 2013, BE, HD, ov fr , 63'

The mythical Kodachrome film was created in 1935 and has charmed ever since its fans with the grace of its unique colours. But Kodak announced the end of the production for December 31, 2010.
The collective K-14, a bunch of four young people, takes the road towards this ultimate point of convergence for an introspective "Kodachromic" road movie.

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Cécile Michel, 2013, BE, video, ov fr st ang, 50'

In the shadow of the trees, on the university campus of Kinshasha – UniKin, the former Lovanium - a Congolese popular painter prepares his canvas. Using images of former leaders the painter retraces the events of a forgotten and violently repressed student revolt in the sixties under the regime of Mobutu.

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Lazare Gousseau, 2013, FR, super16 > video, ov fr st ang, 23'

Having a few days to kill after a casting in Lausanne, Marie returns to her native region, the Valley of the Loue in France. She helps her farmer father regaining his donkeys, which once more escaped. This is the starting point of a burlesque dream-quest...

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Lucile Desamory, 2013, BE, video, ov fr st nl, 78'

As its name indicates, magic is in this movie and you will understand it... at least at the end! The main character, a strange journalist, attracted by a strange force, enters an austere and enigmatic world. Probably a personal search for the director, who has spent her childhood among the companions of Emmaus and for whom the strange setting is familiar.

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prog: 1960
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