prog: 1960

Around the building site


Rue Haute

André Ernotte, 1976, BE-FR, 35mm, ov fr st nl, 94

David, an American Jewish painter in Brussels for an exhibit, becomes obsessed with Mimi, a mentally ill Belgium woman, living in rue Haute. He uncovers the World War II roots of her disturbance which brings him closer to her. David’s transformation is symbolised by his ascent from the rich Sablon area to the poor Marolles.
“Rue Haute” (High Street) is a drama film directed by the Belgian actor André Ernotte (who will later appear in the cast of “French Connection”). The film, starring popular singer Annie Cordie and musician Mort Shuman, was selected in 1976 as the Belgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars.

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April 1958, Palais des Beaux-Arts (nowadays Bozar). The "National Committee of film workers" shows a session of the poetic interpretation of the city in the work of the Belgian filmmakers, including "Les gens du quartier" by Jean Harlez (shown in Nova in preview of the film "Le chantier des gosses"). We have reconstituted almost entirely this outstanding program that allows to (re)discover the work of a some pioneers of Belgian cinema...

+ Souvenirs de Bruxelles

Edmond Bernhard, 1955, BE, 35mm, ov fr, 15

Evocation of the capital that portrays the inhabitants of a small cosmopolitan street in Brussels.

+ Françoise et la ville

Jacques Boigelot, 1955, BE, 16mm, ov fr, 13

A little orphan is looking for a quiet and lonely place. Maybe the city offers what she’s looking for...

+ Bruges

Gérard de Boe & Emile Degelin, 1954, BE, 35mm, no dial, 15

This film with both ethnological and mystical aspects, shows how the past is still present in Bruges.

+ Sonate à Bruxelles

Emile Degelin, 1955, BE, 35mm, no dial, 16

Soundtrack-portrait from the life in a capital city.

+ La ville

Claude Gabriels, 1956, BE, 35mm > video, ov fr, 12

Cameraman Claude Gabriëls, famous for his work with Henri Storck and Paul Meyer, has made this beautiful evocation of Brussels.

+ Le trésor d’Ostende

Henri Storck, 1955, BE, 35mm, vt fr, 24

It is the city of Ostend who commissioned this fiction for children to Henri Storck who takes us on a journey through Ostend...

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Home base of all types of populations, the Marolles accounted in a not so faraway past many gypsies among its inhabitants. In order to celebrate the release of the film ’”Le chantier des gosses”, Nova took this historical pretext to invite Souny Sinto, a Brussels group of Gypsy jazz.
After a dance introduction by Miguel Camino, Souny Sinto will animate the ball. And as the evening unfolds exactly 17 years and one day after the first opening night of Cinema Nova, we will continue the night dancing on T.4.2 and other DJ’s behind the turntables!

24.01 > 22:00
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Marolles en courts

Behind their appearances of "authentic" settings for films or TV series, the Marolles remain a set of small neighbourhoods far more complex and diversified than whatever tourist guide shows. A look into the recent history of Marolles through five workshop films.

+ Elisabeth

Ateliers urbains, 2011, BE, video, ov fr, 10

Portrait of Elisabeth who, before ending up homeless, worked in a movie theatre and lived a memorable experience: the creation of the soundtrack of the film "Le chantier des gosses" by Jean Harlez.

+ Soapbox Race

Plus Tôt Te Laat, 2002, BE, video, ov fr, 3

Or how reconnecting with traditions at the foot of the Palais de Justice...

+ Les bras cassés

Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles, 2011, BE, video, ov fr, 9

This animation deals not without humour with work, school and the lack of future perspectives.

+ L’arbre à Palabre

Mohamed Ouachen, 2001, BE, video, ov fr, 26

When actor Mohamed Ouachen hears for the first time the word "sablonisation" (the gentrification of the Marolles) he gets intrigued and he wants to understand why the old benches are replaced by new ones...

+ Voix des Marolles

Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles, 2011, BE, video, ov fr, 29

Young people went looking for stories of inhabitants of the area,which resulted in a variegated portrait.

In the presence of Bruno Frère and Mohamed Ouachen.

02.02 > 17:00
5€ / 3,5€

Film + débat

La bataille des Marolles

Pierre Manuel & Jean-Jacques Péché, 1969, BE, 35mm > video, ov fr st nl, 60

There was once a Palace of Justice, who, after having engulfed an entire neighbourhood in the centre of Brussels, ended up wanting more. Again, the Marolles are threatened. The inhabitants organize themselves around a priest, a factor, a painter, some residents, their cafés and its parties...
This documentary follows closely a struggle in a working-class neighbourhood, which ended successfully, and became thus the symbol of local resistance against the "Brusselisation".

The screening will be followed by a discussion with priest Jacques Vanderbiest (tbc) and other members of the action committee of the Marolles.

09.02 > 19:00 + 21.02 > 18:00
3,5€ / 2,5€



For Cineketje’s beginning of the year, we present a series of short films that will remind you of the playful dimension of the city for children.

+ Bouwspeelplaats Tour & Taxis

Lisa Mathys, 2009, BE, video, ov fr, 5

+ Geen Game Alleen

CVO Lethas, Liesbet Allegaert & Sandra Verkaart, 2013, BE, video, no dial, 5

+ Ruzz & Benn

Philippe Julien, 2005, FR, video, no dial, 23

+ Für Mathilde

Alla Churikova, 2009, DE, video, no dial, 7

+ A Tale from Van Phuc Village

Tsering Tashi Gyalthang, 2012, VN, video, no dial, 11

16.02 > 15:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

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prog: 1960
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