prog: 1903

A Warm Scandinavian Winter Night

From the beginning of cinema, nudity, erotic scenes or sex has been filmed. When censorship comes into play, this is the first thing edited out. The making and the exhibition of erotic films becomes a criminal activity. However, parallel circuits exist. Erotisim will come back to the front stage decades later. The story told tonight by Jack Stevenson, takes place in a region not so far away, not so long ago. Once upon a time... the heat came in from the cold!

Jack Stevenson is a film collector and auteur well known to patrons of Nova. An American in Denmark, his chosen field is Scandinavian erotic cinema. His book "Scandinavian Blue" is devoted to the subject (it is available in our Microboutiek, along with this Danish Porn anthology, both at discount price!). He will come tonight, reels under his arm, to tell us what these films have changed, locally and internationally, for the censors.

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Knud Leif Thomsen, 1966, DK, 35mm, ov st ang, 96'

The venom of the title is Per, a mysterious young man interfering in the life of a
bourgeois family. Arrogant and manipulative, he seduces and perverts the girl and
messes with the family with his immoral speech. Armed with a 16mm camera, he films constantly, harasses those around him and tries pornography. In this amazing film, Thomsen, a director recognized in his country, tackles a sensitive issue: the moral loss of youth. The film denounces the effect of pornography but in a turn of events will help bring down censorship in Denmark and will therefore open the door to an unprecedented wave of pornography.

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By Jack Stevenson (in English)

The abolition of censorship and the legalization of porn in Denmark since 1969, fed all kinds of fantasies. Scandinavia already had the reputation of being a land where minds are open and women emancipated... Movies are seized at the borders while others triumph and saturate arthouse distribution channels. The worldwide reputation of "European" films and "art movies" is made...
Jack Stevenson will explore to the Scandinavian context, particularly in terms of censorship, and the story of these films and their dissemination, with documents and film clips, including original uncensored scenes from "Gift".

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Concocted by Jack Stevenson, the program of this long, hot winter night is an opportunity to defy taboos and discover some erotic pearls of the Far North...

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5€ / 3,5€ 7,5€ / 5€ (soirée / avond)

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prog: 1903
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