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This year, Filem’on, the Brussels International Children’s Film Festival, celebrates its 7th birthday! During the autumn holidays, from Sunday 27 October until Sunday 3 November, the Brussels film venues Cinema Nova, Aventure, Cinematek, GC Everna, GC De Pianofabriek, GC Ten Weyngaert and Espace Delvaux, welcome all children between the ages of 3 and 15. The program will be richer than ever before: more than 80 short and feature-lenght films in all different styles and genres, from all corners of the world!

This year’s theme will be ‘Fairy Tales’. During seven days, the festival will bathe in a fairy tale atmosphere, with impressive decorations, a large number of thematic workshops and events and some amazing film classics!

The festival will also focus – in collaboration with Europalia, the International Arts Festival – on host country India, in order to highlight the cinematic richness the country has to offer. We have already selected a couple of exciting Indian films, which we woud like to present to you during the festival.

And, of course, we will also invite a couple of directors to present their film!

Reservation possible :

Janis Nords, 2013, LV, video, ov st ang fr & nl, 82'

Raimonds mother is always stressed-out. She has a lot to do at the hospital and is working overtime. Raimonds is often all on his own with his worries and feelings. When he doesn’t know what else to do, he rides his scooter to the skate park, and the rules of home fade into the darkness of the night. With every passing day, it becomes more difficult to keep quiet about his lies, both small and large. Best Children’s movie on the 2013 Berlinale.

From 10 years old

31.10 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films


From 12 years old

+ Krokodile ohne Sattel

Britta Wandaogo, 2012, DE, video, ov st fr & nl, 16'

A documentary road movie about the happiness of begin oneself. We follow 12-year-old Kaddi, for whom the universe doesn’t exist of something called ’the right explanations’.

+ I’m Going to Mum’s

Lauren Jackson, 2013, NZ, video, ov st fr & nl, 12'

Eight-year-old Jacob is taking a stand - he will never, ever taky any clothes off again. And if that doesn’t teach his newly divorced parents a lesson in sharing then nothing will.

+ Summer Suit

Rebecca Peniston-Bird, 2013, US, video, ov st fr & nl, 15'

One day, Roberta discovers an old summer suit in her brother’s wardrobe and decides to wear it from that moment on.

+ Feral

Daniel Sousa, 2012, US, video, no dial, , 13'

A lone hunter finds a wild child in the middle of the forest and decides to take it with him to civilization. Being a stranger in his new environment, he tries to adapt himself using the same strategies as those in the forest.

+ Héros

Benoît Martin, 2013, FR, video, ov st nl, 18'

During the 1995 municipal elections, the inhabitant sof a small French village stumble upon graffiti tags, aimed against the mayor of the village. A small boy claims he did it to impress a girl he likes.

31.10 > 16:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Jacco Groen, 2013, NL, video, ov st fr & nl, 105'

The film Lilet Never Happened is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino street-girl, struggling to survive on the streets of Manila. International social worker Claire tries to safe her but this hard headed, traumatized girl thinks she can take her life in her own hands. Though Lilet gets many opportunities to quit, she stubbornly chooses the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a little girl, who became Manila’s most famous child prostitute.

From 13 years old

+ Thomas

Heleen Declercq, 2012, BE, video, no dial, , 5'

Main winner of the Kunstbende Brussels competition that tells the story of a very peculiar boy.

Meet an greet with the Jacco Groen, Heleen Declercq and An Pierlé

31.10 > 19:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Witches and Wizards

From 4 years old

+ Room On the Broom

Max Lang & Jan Lachauer, 2012, GB, video, ov st fr, 25'

The crazy adventures of a friendly witch that invites a bunch of animals on her broom. Her cat however, doesn’t like it one bit.

+ Le Père Frimas

Youri Tcherenkov, 2012, FR-JP, video, ov fr , 25'

Père Frimas lives all by himself on a high Alp top. He’s a magical creature who possesses wonderful powers. Each winter, he looks after the forest being covered with snow. But this year, nothing happens. What’s wrong?

01.11 > 10:30
3,5€ / 2,5€


Magic Potions

Dragon blood, mammoth hair, socks’ juice and toad drool will be the ingredients of a fantastic potion that will be created in groups. For the final, the magic formula of the animated film “Room on the Broom” is recited by heart and everybody will get a nice surprise!

01.11 > 11:30

Vladimir Alenikov, 2013, RU, video, ov st fr & nl, 90'

The small town Rosrentgen, located in the Moscow suburbs was divided in the 1990s between its two ruling adolescent gangs – the local Russians and the refugees from the Southern republics of the former Soviet Union. A Russian girl nicknamed Princess and Karen, an Armenian boy fall in love. They are forced to fight their rights and their developed feelings for one another in the atmosphere filled with hate, cruelty and most significantly of all, religious and ethnic intolerance.

Meet & Greet with director Vladimir Alenikov

From 10 years old

01.11 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

Short films

Child’s Play

From 9 years old

+ Geen game alleen

CVO Lethas, Liesbet Allegaert & Sandra Verkaart, 2013, BE, video, no dial, , 5'

Film made by pupils of the CVO Lethas about space to play in the city and how to make friends there.

+ The Game Must Go On

Angeli Andrikopoulou & Argyris Tsepelikas, 2011, GR, video, ov st fr & nl, 20'

Each day when school’s out, a bunch of friends start playing soccer. But as soon as they start, the neighbours will do everything to stop their little game.

+ Baghdad Messi

Sahim Omar Kalifa, 2013, BE, video, ov st fr & nl, 15'

Young Hamoudi has only one leg, but is completely addicted to soccer, and he and his friends look forward to the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United, just like the rest of the world.

+ The Amber Amulet

Matthew Moore, 2013, NZ, video, ov st fr & nl, 23'

Liam knows everything about stones and minerals. At night, he wears a mask and looks for a good deed.

01.11 > 16:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Jiri Trnka, 1948, CZ, 35mm, no dial, , 67'

Trnka combines live action and animation in this original adaptation of the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. A lonely, sick boy dreams of a fantastic world completely based on the toys and the objects in his children’s room.

From 5 years old

02.11 > 11:00
3,5€ / 2,5€


Les mille et une nuits de Popeye

1001 Nights: Popeye

Dave Fleischer, 1936-39, US, 35mm, vt fr , 56'

Who isn’t familiar with Popeye, the spinach eating sailor and his girlfriend Olive? In this special, based on the Arabian Nights, Popeye and Olive travel to the Middle East to play the leading part in three famous fairy tales: Sinbad the Sailor, Aladdin and his Magic Lamp and Ali baba and the Forty Thieves. A great classic from the thirties, not to be missed!

From 5 years old

02.11 > 14:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

To all children big and small, to all impressive giants, shy princesses and dwarfs without underpants, the time has come to come out of your cave! Put on your nicest suit and come dance with us, while enjoying some magic strawberry cake. We’ll meet underneath the magic lanterns of Cinema Nova to celebrate this great Dance of the 1001 Nights. Take all the witches, pirates and toothless monsters you know with you! In other words, dress up and take a small snack to share with the others!

From 0 to 99 years old… and don’t forget your snack!

02.11 > 15:00

Short films

Land and Sea

From 3 years old

+ Story of a Sea Turtle

Kathy Schultz, 2013, CA, video, no dial, , 10'

Under the cover of night, a sea turtle secretly digs a hole on a tropical beach and lays her eggs in the sand before returning to the ocean. A Sea Turtle Story is a moving and exquisite stop-motion animated film that chronicles the life cycle of this critically endangered species.

+ Hedgehogs and the City

Evalds Lacis, 2013, LV, video, no dial, , 10'

They paved paradise and built a city — what are the forest animals to do? They’ll work together to show the humans who’s really in charge!

+ Hopfrog

Leonid Shmelkov, 2012, RU, video, no dial, , 5'

Animals and other weird tiny creatures live in holes jumping up and down all day long. But what if someone falls out of rhythm?

+ Macropolis

Joel Simon, 2012, GB, video, no dial, , 8'

Two toys with impairments come to life and chase the factory delivery van in the hope of rejoining their friends.

+ The Mole at the Sea

Anna Kadykova, 2012, RU, video, no dial, , 5'

Everyone’s off to the seaside. Not wanting to miss out, the mole starts digging. When he get’s there it’s nice and quiet. But then the hordes arrive.

03.11 > 11:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Markus Rosenmüller, 2011, DE, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 100'

"Wunderkinder" tells a tale of three exceptionally musically talented children, who develop a deep and genuine friendship, extending beyond their different religions and nationalities. The two Jewish children Larissa and Abrascha are both virtuosos – one on the piano and the other on the violin. Hanna, a young German girl, is also extremely gifted. Drama based on a true story.

From 9 years old

03.11 > 14:00
5€ / 3,5€

Closing Event

The Children’s Choice

Prior to the closing film, we present the results of the film workshops that took place in elementary school ‘De Gouden Regen’ in Ganshoren and GC De Pianofabriek led by Sandra Verkaart and Stephy Maes. Children present their favourite films and their own creations come to life on the big screen!

03.11 > 16:00

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