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Films + concert

Telling Tattoos

Sometimes you can read a life from someone’s skin... Tattoos are fashion nowadays, but not so long ago they used to be signals of outcasts. Tonight we take a look into the world of tattoos, now and then.

19.09 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

Film + débat


Béatrice Dubell & Romain Goujon, 2011, FR, video, ov, 50

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10.10 > 20:00

Short films

Open Screen

Bring your own film to Nova’s screen! As long as they are not longer than 15 minutes, you can show your masterpiece during our Open Screen. Send them a week in advance to our office in Arenbergstreet 14, 1000 Brussels (please don’t forget to indicate your contact).

17.10 > 20:00

Actionfilm, instant film, expanded cinema, image/sound improvisation... This night is devoted to experiments involving sound and image.

Super 8/USA
Cyrille Flament & Jacques Foschia, FR-BE, 25’

Triple Super 8 projection: a couple Belgian tourists filming a trip to the United States (1970-1973). Cyrille Flament adds extra dynamism to the images by manipulating projectors. Jacques Foschia’s old lamp radios catch radio waves. Together they make an abstract road movie.

Let’s Go to Town
Jérôme & Jean-François Blanquet, FR-BE, 35’

In this film, roles are reversed. Jérôme Blanquet projects dialogues and sound indications using subtitles, while Jean-François Blanquet describes scenes from various films through his microphone.

Riojim & Juan River
Etienne Caire & Juan River, FR-BE, 30’

Riojim used to be part of "Cellule d’intervention Metamkine". Juan River, is an artist and member of the experimental music improvisation group GoL, Together they show 16mm film with manipulated images. Psychedelic innocence in a black and white world.

Joël Massey, FR, 40’

Joel Massey is electronic engineer by training, works as a projectionist, but produces also self-made cameras. He collects electrical and electronic equipment and gives them a second life through his installations which he harmoniously joins together. After having tested several installations and moving sculptures, he created "Ionosphères", his first stage appearance, using old professional and military short-wave radio receivers, a mixer connected to some rack effects to process the audio signal from the receptors, an oscilloscope with an old cathode tube, a mini colour camera and an analogue video effect mixer. On the screen he projects the images produced by electrical signals from the audio mixer.

18.10 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

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Pierre Martin, 2013, BE, video, ov fr , 20

A colourful portrait of Phil, full name Philippe Sangdor, singer-performer of the group Tattoo Noise Act.

Oliver Ruts & Andrea Schuler, 2004, DE-CH, video, ov de st fr, 90

Herbert, the prosperous entrepreneur living amongst post-card Swiss mountains. Karlmann, son of one of Northern Germany’s richest families. And Albert, the old-style sailor. Three lifelong friends who devoted their lives to a common passion when this was seriously taboo: tattooing. At first, the three give the impression of friendly, polite and well-to-do gentlemen around 90. And that´s exactly what they are. But once they take off their shirts, their blue tattooed skin tells dramatic stories of a life firmly on the other side of convention. Emotional stories of love and love lost, of friendship and betrayal, of standing up for what you believe in against all odds. Flammend Herz is the loveable, sometimes tragic, sometimes very funny account of how the three once met, why they find it hard to get on nowadays and whether there’s any hope of making up. And through their biographies, we catch a glimpse of more than one century of one the world’s most beautiful addictions: tattooing.

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