prog: 1848

Profit & Loss (debates)

Film + débat

Speculating on Food

The year 2008. Ruthless speculation on the agricultural market triggers Hunger Riots in several parts of Africa or Haïti, among others. How can we regulate this market and avoid excesses ?

The movie ’’Planète à vendre’’ will be followed by a debate with Arnaud Zacharie, General Secretary of the Belgian association CNCD-11.11.11 (National Coordination for Development Aid) and former spokesman for Attac-Belgium.

15.09 > 18:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

An evening to explore the mechanisms that lead the States to pay off some’s debts (like KBC, Dexia, Fortis or Ethias in Belgium) with the money of the many.
With two guests :

  • Xavier Dupret, researcher for the Belgian GRESEA (Research Group for an Alternative Economical Strategy), author of ’’la Belgique endettée’’ (Couleus livres).
  • Marco Van Hees, tax inspector, journalist and political activist, writer of several books dealing with the privileges banks and other major companies meet in Belgium. His latest : ’’Les riches aussi ont le droit de payer des impôts’’ (Aden).
29.09 > 18:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Film + débat

Property speculation

How come, in a full-crisis situation where office buildings remain empty and people can’t pay their mortgage, how come we still see offices being built, and banks and investors doing well ?
After the movie ’’Home Sweet Home’’, Belgian geographer and member of neighbourhood committee ’’l’Ouest en débat’’ Pierre Marissal will explore with us the way property speculation and the public authorities affect the issue of housing, with examples from the canal-area in Brussels.

06.10 > 18:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Belgian TV-journalist Henri Mordant’s aim was to explain his viewers the mechanisms of socio-economics and statistics.
A selection of his programmes dating from the 60s to the 80s shows us the more innovative times of the RTB (not yet "F"!) and the playful style of Henri Mordant.

Titles to expect :
- ’’le Prixomètre’’, 1963, 24’
- extracts from the series ’’Wallonie’’, 1962-1969
- ’’Nous avons acheté la moitié de Bruxelles, l’autre moitié est à vendre’’, 1974, 56’

Belgian journalist and documentary filmmaker Hugues Lepaige, and historian Anne Roekens, specialized in audio-visual matters, will help us discover Henri Mordant through the evening.

With the support of the Sonuma

20.10 > 18:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Alexis Marant, 2010, FR, video, ov st fr, 90'

Laying bare the speculation on cropland on three continents, this movie by French director Alexis Marant shows the difficulty for the peasants there to keep their rights on their main source of income.

Enrica Colusso, 2012, GB-FR, video, ov ang st fr, 91'

Elephant & Castle, London. Europe’s biggest social housing complex. Fifteen years after Tony Blair’s disclosure of his rehabilitation project for some areas as these, no new social houses have been built, and the crisis of 2008 has left place for speculation everywhere.
Shot over a period of four years,’’Home Sweet Home’’ features the inhabitants of the district, and shows us the worldwide phenomenon of the exclusion of the poorer from the city-centers.

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