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Management Seminar

Dear partners, dear clients,
our CEO and his management team are glad to welcome such a motivated audience at this quality seminar that will allow you to take up the challenge and reach excellence in human resources managing. Thanks to our crash course, management and coaching will have no more secrets for you, you will be able to sell yourself the best way, commercial opportunities and business success will be at hand reach and this all, thanks to our three film cycle and one assessment session. May the best win!

Gérard Caillat, 2007, FR, video, ov st fr, 67

By establishing a parallel between business and religious rites or by comparing the sober beauty of Pierre Legendre’s text to management Newspeak, Gérard Caillat neutralizes with humour the marketing propaganda and exposes its omnipresent tyranny.
"Dominium Mundi" is a documentary essay on globalization, seen as a repeated attempt to westernize the world. Keeping in mind the anthropological and historic dimension that feeds the study of our contemporary world, the movie takes us successively to Paris, Tokyo, Dakar, Geneva, Stanford, Jerusalem, Athens, Pyongyang, New York, Phoenix and Madrid.

12.09 > 22:00 + 13.10 > 18:00
5€ / 3,5€

In a business hotel of Paris suburbs, the students of a "classe prépa" (cram school for Grandes Ecoles) get in to prepare for the main entrance examination to a business school: "the personality interview". In front of a jury made of business professionals, they will have 45 minutes to "give the best of themselves". After 2 or 3 years of hard study, the pressure is high. The level of the college they’ll manage to integrate will decide of their career opportunities as well as of their future wage. Francois-Xavier Drouet’s camera follows the candidates for three days as they learn their part or how to adapt their discourse to the jury’s expectations. "If you want to sell, you have to be able to sell yourself first!" Subject to countless injunctions, drowning in the management Newspeak, the students expose themselves, vulnerable, to the cult of performance. At the end of the process, the candidate will have learned to despise everything that is not likely to address his future employer. For the human resources managers that lead them on that path, this seminar stands for much more than an examination training: it is a preparation to "the reality of life".

+ In the name of the coach
François-Xavier Drouet, 2012, FR, video, vo, 52’

Failed candidate of a music reality show, Luc is only sure of one thing: he’ll be a millionaire within three years. To reach this aim, he attends personal development seminars, where you learn how to become the hero of your own life. During High Mass-like gatherings reminding of televangelism, successful coaches teach him the secrets of a sure way to prosperity. "If you want to be rich, stop hanging out with the poor". "Repeat to yourself every day the amount you want to reach", " Stop believing that the rich are bad people", "You need to deprogram yourself"...
Exhorted by his mentors, he starts a mysterious internet business promising to make him rich without having to move from home. Starting with a 250$ subscription fee, he has to find two associates in his relations circle who, consequently, have to enroll two more people in order to get expected commissions. He’s ready to do anything to have his pyramid grow.

The screening of these two movies will be presented and followed by a
meeting with film maker François-Xavier Drouet.

13.10 > 20:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

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