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Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead

Rarely has the death of a politician aroused so much rejoicing throughout the world.
Symbolic celebrations, alas, as the death of Margaret Thatcher in April did nothing
to mark the end of the "conservative revolution" and "ultra-liberalism" which she
had done so much to spread globally. We are therefore les interested, on this
occasion, in the personality than in her work: the system she put in place, the
damage and resistance that it gave rise to.

5€ / 3,5€ (soirée / avond)

Séance d’écoute

Do You Remember ?

Olivia Lemmens, 2013, BE, audio, ov ang & fr , 48'

A radio documentary that looks at social and political struggles in England in the
80s. Some speak of strength, solidarity and community. Others of defeat. Many do not ultimately know much. Inheritance issues or how to preserve memories for tomorrow?
On one hand an official memory of and around Maggie and her policy. On the other
hand, legacies that are much more important to us, of Class War, of CRASS, the
miners ’strike, the fight against nuclear disarmament, Greenham Common, the
printers’ strike, the riots of 1981 and 1985, and many more ... memories Rich in
knowledge and diversity, memories to remember, memories to meet and to extend into our current situation.

11.10 > 20:00

Considered one of the best British documentary makers, Adam Curtis strives in all
his work to show how different elites attempt to impose their ideology on their
time. In "The Mayfair Set" (composed of four independent episodes that received a
best series award on the other side of the Channel, and from which we will show No. 2 and No. 3), Curtis demonstrates his talent again by giving new a face to the
neoliberal economic revolution that Thatcher is spearheading the political level.

11.10 > 22:00

DJ set

Mix DJ

Maggie’s reign opened in full punk effervescence and was completed in the gloomiest synth-pop. To end the evening, we revisit the best of this decade with music from DJs Atka and others, we also hear some of the acerbic songs that the Iron Lady inspired, and we will dance to invoke the end of Thatcherism!

11.10 > 24:00

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