prog: 1848

Poets are Boxers

An evening with poets, musicians and dancers who are ready to strike back...

7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

Film + discussion

La langue de Zarah

Fatima Sissani, 2011, FR-AL-BE, video, ov st fr, 93'

What does it feel like to live in France without speaking French? How does it feel to be uprooted and isolated when you were well integrated into the life of your native village ? Such are the kind of questions journalist Fatima Sissani asks her mother thirty-three years after she left her Djudjura mountains. Before her camera, Zahra tells her daughter things she had never said before...

20.09 > 20:00

Concerts & lecture

Thrace d’exil

’Thrace d’exil’ is a collectif of artists presenting a broad repertoire of folksongs and dances from Thrace, a region in the Balkan peninsula that covers parts of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.
With Yoğurtçu Nile (dance), Tanar Catalpinar (voice and saz), Nihat K. Ates (poetry), Metin Sakarya (clarinet and percussion), Karani Dobric (accordion).
Together they will tell us about exile, forced immigration, the demolition of slums in Istanbul, through dance, poetry and popular music from Thrace.

20.09 > 22:00

lang: en
id_rubrique: 1864
prog: 1848
pos: aval