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I’m Sharing

It all started about ten years ago when a group based in Brussels met every week in a little bar to share and swap home-made music compilations. Soon there were more or less thirty people giving life to an actual collection, and thereby creating an original way of passing on discoveries, stories and emotions. It was the beginning of "la Compilothèque".
At the same time, some of them were organising listening sessions and concerts. This smaller group registered as a non-profit organisation and looked for a place for their activities. They found a house destined for destruction, at n° 50, quai des Péniches. The ground floor used to be a bar and was perfect for events. Concerts, theatre shows, exhibitions, cinema, dinner parties and party nights drew a wide and varied public. Upstairs, there were a kitchen and some rooms which could be used as studios for artists or apartments.
The organisers obtained from the owners to rent the building until destruction. The adventure by the canal lasted for six years, carried by the voluntary work of a dozen of people. Invited by Nova, la Compilothèque reopens its doors for one night in our cinema and bar space!

3,5€ / 2,5€ (soirée / avond)

Performance + shortfilms

The Visitors + shortfilms

Edurne Rubio, BE/ES, ov fr, 30

There is nobody here! Why are architectural photos of buildings always empty? Where are the people? Are they about to appear or have they just gone? "A house lives only off men, like a tomb," says Cesar Vallejo. "The Visitors" is a documentary performance by Edurne Rubiode, exploring presence and absence, our way of seeing things, but also what we can’t see. A research which takes architecture as the perfect witness.

+ Blue Suede Drone

David Neaud, 2013, BE, video, ov, 21

In his performances David Neaud creates landscapes of sound in precarious balance. He has made a film out of this device, showing the life of a graphite particle, where inert matter is reanimated, appears to be poked, cornered; it gets nervous, rumbles; chaos sets out. Macroscopic images of flowers, sexual organs, pistils emanate intra-terrestrial waves, reminding us of our ephemeral presence. Grains of rice move, stir. We find ourselves thinking of our own decay. We are reminded of the laws of nature, cellular life, metaphysical reminiscences, chance, the Big Bang.

+ Alors ils pourront revenir

Lou Galopa, 2013, FR-BE, HD, ov, 15

To sound the end of la Compilothèque by the canal, the artist Julien Celdran created a wild Carnaval. After two months of production, majestic masks incarnating disorder, vital forces and celebration paraded through Brussels. This film is a record of that event.

08.08 > 20:00

Behind Carl and the box men there is Carl Roosens, a singular Jack of all trades who cultivates a shifting art, slipping into the cracks of our dissolute era. Not really a rapper, nor a singer, but definitely a storyteller and performer, Carl moves in a musical universe which is hybrid and changing. Surrounded by a group of first-class rebels, he weaves together a subtle mixture of hip hop, misty rock, mutant electronics and grotesque fanfare. Carl and the box men are like a promenade scattered with characters and objects which you can take or leave, embrace or strangle.

08.08 > 22:00


Clara Clara

A trio composed of a keyboard, bass and drums, Clara Clara play a fresh and stripped music, which makes you smile. They take their melodies from pop and their rough electric shots from noise; there are no arrangements, so the movements are obvious, but precise and sophisticated. The group launched its last album "Comfortable Problems" three years ago and travels through Europe and the States with its twisted and joyful trance-like rock.

08.08 > 23:30

DJ set

Mix Compilo

La Compilothèque pulls its large music collection out of its drawers for one evening. Dj Pierre, the ’compil expert’, will carry us through the night.

08.08 > 01:00

08.08 > 19:30

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