prog: 1810

I’m Diving

Three films with a touch of Super 8 for a nostalgic summer evening at the waterside. In the quest for lost times and places, in between strangeness and familiarity, water becomes a gateway to the past.

3,5€ / 2,5€ (soirée / avond)

Henri-François Imbert, 1996, FR, 35mm, ov ang & fr st fr, 40'

A little girl bounces up and down in the waves. A woman gets splashed. In the distance, a man wearing a rubber ring seems to be daring the sea. Ten years have gone by when Henri-François Imbert finds this clip of simple joy in the case of a Super 8 camera. Sensitive to family films, he sets out to find the actors of the clip in order to give them back this fragment of life belonging to them.
During his search, he reaches Northern Ireland on a Sunday of peace-making, a day to be remembered in school books, newspapers and by the Irish citizens. Henri-François’ languid and controlled voice-off documents step by step his attempt at finding the living source of the fragment of film. Sylvain Vanot’s electric pads intervene when extracts from the reel are shown on the screen. The mixture is a sweet ode to nostalgia. “Sur la plage de Belfast” conjures up the passing of time, the gone and all that goes, and the disappearing of places.

+ Kinoki

Léo Favier & Schroeter und Berger, 2012, FR, video, ov st ang, 15'

Do the people you know talk only about the crisis or the bad weather? Kinoki will give you a guide to a better life. Why not try to function as a happy community in an unfamiliar village from the last century? Festivals meticulously organized by elected committees, the joint construction of a swimming pool and the annual election of the mayor are just a fraction of the wealth of activities. And if you don’t like wine and entertainment, you are sure to find something else.

01.08 > 20:00


66 Seasons

Peter Kerekes, 2003, SL, video, ov st fr, 84'

Peter Kerekes returns to the open-air pool of his childhood: the public baths of the town of Kosice, in Slovakia. There he interviews his own grandmother and her lifelong accomplices. In between holiday film and documentary creation, the different life stories of the elders are shown in such a way that some past events are astonishingly reconstructed. For all that, these seniors with strong characters don’t let themselves be bamboozled, turning to their own advantage the indications of the astounded film crew.
It would be a shame to reveal here the ingenious tricks which make “66 Seasons” so surprising. Let it be enough to say that, through the memories of the elders, the film tells the story of 66 summers, from 1936 to 2002: the story of a town of Central and Eastern Europe where, as the director puts it, “History used to go to bath”.

01.08 > 22:00

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prog: 1810
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