prog: 1810

I’m Danish Scum

Time to relive that classic night from some years ago!
The legendary Danish show by none other than Lars Von Trier is being showed on the silver screen during an intense night-long session. The eight theatrical episodes will be screened till the break of dawn. There will be snacks available in between, and breakfast will await the now fluently Danish speaking audience.

3,5€ / 2,5€ (soirée / avond)

Lars Von Trier & Morten Arnfred , 1994, DK, 35mm, ov st fr, 278'

The occult and paranormal roam through the hallways and cellars of the Rigs Hospital in Copenhagen. Get to know the famous dishwashers and the hilarious Stig Helmer in this first season of the impossible to place show. This mix of horror and hospital soap opera is sure to let you laugh and make you crawl from away in terror at the same time.
Von Trier was inspired by the French show ‘Belphégor’, but made something unique.
#1 : "The Unheavenly Host" ("Den hvide flok"), 63’
#2 : "Thy Kingdom Come" ("Alliancen kalder"), 67’
#3 : "A Foreign Body" ("Et fremmed legeme"), 71’
#4 : "The Living Dead" ("De levende døde"), 77’

27.07 > 20:00

Lars Von Trier & Morten Arnfred , 1997, DK, 35mm, ov st fr, 290'

This second season cemented the cult status of the show and permanently added even more unforgettable characters in the audience their minds. As the hospital is being overrun by evil, you are getting a glimpse in the troubled mind of the director. His fears are mixed with some science, superstition, magic and a whole lot of laughs. “Danske Jävlar!”
#5 : "Death on the Operation Table" ("Mors in Tabula"), 60’
#6 : "Birds of Passage" ("Trækfuglene"), 76’
#7 : "Gargantua", 76’
#8 : "Pandæmonium", 78’

27.07 > 02:00

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