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I’m a Puppet

Ta-tat-tat-tatadada Tatatate da ... Let’s Dance! Let the show begin! For one day, Nova becomes a puppeteer operating the strings behind the scenes. Reviving our childhood characters with today’s dreams. The theatres of life ​​are given to us in caricatured representation. Relive those magical moments with these puppets of wood and paper. For young and old!

3,5€ / 2,5€ (soirée / avond)

La Boîte à Clous, a collective of artists active in puppet theatre, street theatre, music, puppets come with their camera and puppets for a video workshop. For one day, children can explore puppet manipulation techniques, shooting, recording of music and sound. At the end of the day, the red carpet will be rolled out: the films will be screened throughout the day on the big screen, followed by a selection of shorts made by La Boîte à Clous.

From 8 to 12 years

10.08 > 09:00

Boîte à Clous, 2013, BE, video, ov fr , 20

Since 1999, La Boîte à Clous have organized creative workshops throughout the year. They delve into their archives for us to offer a selection. Pure joy!

10.08 > 18:00

Série TV

The Muppet Show

Peter Harris, Philip Casson, 1979-1980, US, video, ov st fr, 2 x 24

This American-British cult television show, broadcast around the world, began in 1976 and ended in 1981. A star per episode, 120 made in total ... Kermit the flagship Frog, was not idle. Tonight, Dudley Moore and Linda Carter are guests for two episodes selected by us. Of course surrounded by Miss Peggy, the two old men, Animal, Fozzie, pigs in space, and all the others...

10.08 > 20:00


Mémé & Jeannette

Boîte à Clous, BE, 45

This project brings together three disciplines: animation, puppets and live music. The animated film shows the sets and puppets built in the La Boîte à Clous workshops. A musician and a buzzer with their instruments installed on stage are the only source of sound performance. The exposure techniques create complicity with the audience and a fun and educational show. One way to reaffirm cinema as a moment in life, with the aim of bringing the audience to their comfort zone in order to plunge them into the action.

10.08 > 21:00



Henri Xhonneux & Roland Topor, 1989, BE-FR, 35mm, ov fr st nl, 83

Roland Topor is a jack of all trades artist that left an abundant body of work
including cinema... With his sidekick Henry Xhonneux ("Téléchat"), he directs a free and fantastical adaptation of the life of the Marquis de Sade, more
particularly his imprisonment in the Bastille. Combining historical inquiry and
philosophical essay, live action and animated scenes, the film is
interpreted by actors in masks representing animals: drunken chickens,
naive cows, rooster governors, wolf policemen, one-legged pigs, Ecclesiastical camels, rat jailers, gay parrot lawyers, journalist herrings... And of course the
Idealistic Marquis (a dog) and his penis Colin, with a face and a
personality to match. Which one controls the other? This is one of the questions
posed by this gentle tale of cohabitation between man and his impulses.

+ Téléchat

Roland Topor & Henri Xhonneux, 1983, BE-FR, video, ov, 4 x 5

Lola Groucha, MicMac Duramou, Pubpub ... are visiting Nova this summer time for 4 episodes (8, 14, 18 and 24), selected by us, of the cult series by Roland Topor and Henri Xhonneux. The opportunity to test your French television culture.

10.08 > 22:00

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