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Travellers’ Evening

Second appointment of the cycle started in February around the publication of Alain Brossat’s book, "Autochtone imaginaire, Etranger imaginé, retours sur la xénophobie ambiante".
This time, we’re hosting an exhibition and organising an evening specially devoted to travellers. By approaching their culture and place in society, we’re hoping to subvert recurrent clichés about them.

Together with the Centre de Médiation des gens du voyage and the Éditions du Souffle.

7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel, 2009, AU, 35mm, ov it st fr & nl, 104'

Patricia and Walter live in a caravan on a camping site in the suburbs of Rome. They try to make a living by touring with their little circus from suburb to suburb. One day, Patricia finds a little girl carrying a note which says that her mother will come back to get her soon. She decides to take her in…
A delicate film, inspired by true facts, successfully mingled with fiction. "La pivellina" ("the beginner") comes across as a documentary on travellers, abandonment, mutual assistance and the coexistence of generations.

12.04 > 18:00
5€ / 3,5€

In 2012, Belgium was condemned by the European Committee of Social Rights for its treatment of travellers, especially as regards lodging. What is the situation like in Brussels now? In 2012, the parliament of the Brussels region recognised caravans as housing. At the same time, the city of Brussels opened an area set up for travellers. These two initiatives constitute a first step which deserves to be acknowledged. The debate is an opportunity to take stock of the situation in Brussels and its outskirts.

The debate will be animated by:
Mr Charpentier, spokesman for the Comité National des Gens du Voyage - Ahmed Ahkim, director of the Centre de Médiation des Gens du Voyage, - Jean-Pierre Dacheux, founder of the French association Ici et d’ailleurs for a nomadic philosophy.

12.04 > 20:00

In Django Reinhardt’s wake, the group Korkoro-Liberté (accordion, double bass, guitar and violin) will make you feel the rhythm of the "authentic Belgian Gypsy" music. A way to get back in touch with the superb musicians of Tony Gatlif’s film "Swing".

12.04 > 22:00
6€ / 5€


Roue Libre

Conceived by Ilheim Abdeljalil, the exhibition brings together Dominique Pâques’ photographs and objects belonging to the travellers’ cosmology. The collected texts, photos and objects allow us to experience the world of travel, which springs from ordinariness as well, from habitus… presented for the first time in Belgium.

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