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Short films

Martha Colburn

Director, multimedia artist and animation professor Martha Colburn (1971, USA) will visit the festival with her most recent work and give a workshop to animation students at RITS. Working in super-8 and 16mm formats, Colburn has forty animated films under her belt, ’moving paintings’ that create a sombre world full of iconographic mythologies, perversions and strange atmospheres. The animations, an insane mix of Jeroen Bosch, Max Fleischer and Monty Python, have a choppy, frenetic cut-out style. They are experimental films, made from found and recycled materials, newspaper clippings and hand-colored drawings. Sex, violence, fetishism and death are recurring themes. Colburn’s more recent work also addresses politics, exposing the gritty side of America’s current way of life and history. She transforms Indians into soldiers, Bin Laden into a witch, to playfully take a critical stance on political iconography and its indoctrinating power.

+ Asthma

Martha Colburn, 1994, US, 16mm, no dial, , 2'

+ Cats Amore

Martha Colburn, 2000, US, 16mm, no dial, , 2'

+ Big Bug Attack

Martha Colburn, 2002, US, 16mm, no dial, , 3'

+ Evil of Dracula

Martha Colburn, 1997, US, 16mm, no dial, , 2'

+ There’s a Pervert in Our Pool

Martha Colburn, 1998, US, 16mm, no dial, , 2'

+ Anti-Fracking

Martha Colburn, 2011, US, video, no dial, , 2'

+ Meet Me in Wichita

Martha Colburn, 2006, US, video, no dial, , 5'

+ Join the Freedom Force

Martha Colburn, 2009, US, video, no dial, , 4'

+ Myth Labs

Martha Colburn, 2008, US, video, no dial, , 8'

+ Triumph of the Wild

Martha Colburn, 2008, US, 35mm, no dial, , 10'

+ Electric Literature

Martha Colburn, 2009, US, video, no dial, , 3'

07.03 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

Offscreen and short film magazine selected the best and weirdest of 2012, including some exciting Belgian talents. The filmmakers will be present to introduce their films to the audience or for a quick Q&A after the show.

+ The Importance of Sweet & Salt

Benoît De Clerck, 2012, BE, HD, ov st ang, 13'

A man suffers an interior conflict about the exceptionally dysfunctional relationship with his wife. As he is preparing her a meal, a man begins to question his marriage and his mental health.

+ Dood van een Schaduw [Death of a Shadow]

Tom Van Avermaet, 2012, BE-FR, HD, ov st ang, 20'

Deceased soldier Nathan Rijckx returns to the realm of the living in the hopes of finding his true love. He is driven by the last image he has of her, right before he died. But of course things have changed. Crazed by jealousy, he takes a dark decision, with dire consequences.

+ Natasha

Roman Klochkov, 2012, BE, HD, ov st ang, 14'

Nicolaï, a Russian bear, flees to Europe. He wants to show Natasha, his stunning ex, that he is no loser. By day he works at the zoo, by night he tries to forget his worries by playing the piano. When a new bear arrives at the zoo one day he is shocked to discover he is Natasha’s new man…

+ L’ère bête

Thomas Caudron, Ingrid Menet, Laurent Meriaux & Clément Tissier, 2011, FR, video, no dial, , 7'

Students at the French supinfocom animation school were inspired by medieval Flemish painting by the likes of Bosch and Breughel. In a grotesque and surreal flavour this film looks for the beast within men and vice versa.

+ De Wake [The Wake]

Pieter Coudyzer, 2013, BE, 35mm, ov st ang, 22'

The Wake tells the story of an introverted man, his wife who is in a coma due to an accident, and their uneasy relationship.

+ Perfect Drug

Toon Aerts, 2012, BE, HD, ov jp st ang, 14'

Misha, Yumiko and Chinatsu are sitting in a parked car in front of a strange motel. In the backseat they have a huge amount of test tubes filled with different substances. It’s clear that their attempted burglary didn’t go as planned…While Yumiko tries to calm down their Albanian boss, Misha can’t resist tasting a drop of the substance…

+ Rumoer

Jan Doense & Phil van Tongeren, 2011, NL, video, ov st ang, 10'

5:04 am. A woman lies awake because the neighbors are quarreling. Her husband doesn’t care. Finally she makes a phone call. An expression of horror registers on her face.

21.03 > 22:00
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Live Soundtrack



Igor & Ivan Buharov, 2011, HU, video, no dial, ,

Igor and Ivan Buharov ("Slow Mirror") return to Offscreen with a new odyssey in super 8 film. Rudderless was inspired by the legendary poem written in 1971 by István Domonkos. The use of surreal, dream-like narratives and associations are a trademark of the Buharovs. Playful experimentation, accompanied by a live music soundtrack by The Pastorz.

23.03 > 22:00
7,5€ / 6€

Short films


During Offscreen, Cineketje presents a wonderful and vintage seventies animation program for young children, without dialogues. The program includes work by Canadian master Co Hoedeman who received an Oscar for his short film "The Sand Castle". Also featuring other little gems by Frederic Back, Evelyn Lambart and Judith Klein.

24.03 > 16:00
3,5€ / 2,5€

Microboutiek is a small distribution point for a variety of home-made or small scale production books, CDs, zines, DVDs, and other objects. You can browse our collection or give us your own creations, what’s inside is up to you. Come and have a look!

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