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Miguel Gomes & co

Born in 1972 in Lisbon, Gomes attended the Lisbon Theatre and Film School before trying his hand at film criticism in the Portuguese press between 1996 and 2000. He directed his first short film in 1999 and five more in subsequent years, but it wasn’t until 2004 that Gomes released his first full-length feature The Face You Deserve, followed by Our Beloved Month of August in 2008 and Tabu in 2011.

"Given their scarce production means, Portuguese films share a common liberty which exists precisely because there’s no such thing as money exerting pressure over creative freedom," Gomes explains. A proud figure among the ranks of Portuguese filmmakers such as Oliveira, de Monteiro and de Costa, and his favorite film being Renoir’s The River; Gomes was first struck with the desire to make movies as a young boy after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark whilst daydreaming about directing a remake of The Wizard of Oz.

Although none of Gomes’s films resemble one another, they are all marked by a penchant for simultaneous melancholy and euphoria, in the vein of the Portuguese "saudade". Similarly, the films brim with humor, generosity and inventiveness, whether it be within the treatment of image and sound or through the construction of the narrative itself. His movies share a taste for travel, baseless themes, minor story lines (regardless of their relevance to the main plot) and individual as well as collective memories.

Currently engrossed with the promotional run for Tabu as well as his teaching stint in Fresnoy (France), Gomes has little time to spare for his other projects. He has therefore delegated the preparation of his next film to his "Central Committee", whose task consists of "peeling apart newspapers and setting aside the most absurd stories presently taking place in Portugal within today’s context of crisis and social agitation. Animal stories, human stories, stories of the rich and the poor... The idea is to draw inspiration from these snippets in order to create independent vignettes. We will work on this for a year and then shoot the stories pretty much as they unfold, before actually binding together the structure of the film itself which will be narrated by Shéhérazade. The goal is to deliver an accurate portrayal of Portugal at a very precise moment in time." The project will fittingly be titled "One Thousand and One Nights".

"It is necessary to write a script in order to have a shot of getting your film funded. This isn’t very romantic, but that’s the way it goes. For several reasons, I inevitably end up filming something completely different than what was first written. Until now, things have gone smoothly and the movies have been successful, so I’ve never been asked to return any of the money I’ve been given. I’ll continue to work in this fashion because I am fated to make films which are only loosely related to the the original script, which I feel no responsibility to accurately render because that is not my view of cinema in general. Whatever is set on paper is nothing more than a cocoon, and we never know exactly what the butterfly within will look like. In the end, a cocoon is rather ugly, isn’t it? Just like a script." - Miguel Gomes


A Cara que Mereces

The Face You Deserve

Miguel Gomes, 2004, PT, 35mm, ov st fr, 108'

“Up to your 30s, you have the face God has given you. After that, you get the face you deserve.”
Francisco, a sullen music teacher turning 30, stubbornly refuses to accept his age. His birthday is a complete fiasco as Francisco, clad in full-on cowboy wear, shows complete disregard towards authority and ignores the age-gap between himself and the children he is supposed to be looking after during the Carnival festivities. His infantile behavior and petty jealousies towards other children frazzle his girlfriend - ironically dressed as a fairy - and leave him feeling lonely and miserable. A breakdown and sudden illness ensue, leading to the second part of the film where Francisco finds himself in a house with seven men, rendering him a modern-day Snow White under the volatile watch of his "dwarves" who wish him nothing but a speedy physical and mental recovery.

- The screening held on January 11th will be shown in the presence of Miguel Gomes and Mariana Ricardo. A combined ticket is valid for the entire evening (film + Mariana Ricardo’s concert)

11.01 > 19:30 + 26.01 > 19:00 + 16.02 > 21:30
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Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto

Our Beloved Month of August

Miguel Gomes, 2008, PT, 35mm, ov st fr, 147'

A summary of the film might go something like this: "A story recounting the affective relationship between a father, his daughter and the daughter’s cousin, all musicians in a village dance band." But beyond this unorthodox incestious threesome - the obvious would-be main plot - Gomes incorporates traces of his drawn-out quest for actors, a move which results in the proliferation of distinct stories and miniature legends which a sweeping overview of Portuguese popular culture and the characters that embody it. A tale overflowing with farce and funfairs, strung together with the kind of summery music that will follow you all year long.

- The screening held on February 23rd will be followed by a dance. A combined ticket is valid for the entire evening.

20.01 > 19:30 + 08.02 > 19:30 + 23.02 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€

+ Entretanto [Meanwhile]

Miguel Gomes, 1999, PT, 35mm, ov st ang, 25'

While parents and teachers are away, a young girl and two boys begin a quirky and unstable love triangle.

+ Inventário de Natal [Christmas Inventory]

Miguel Gomes, 2000, PT, 35mm, ov st ang, 23'

December 25th in the mid-80’s: family reunion at grandma and grandpa’s. “A fake documentary and a fake animation film, a semi-fiction about children who go to war, play music, and take over.” - Miguel Gomes

+ 31

Miguel Gomes, 2001, PT, 35mm, ov st fr, 27'

“This is the way you hold the racket to play a forehand. Just move your arm back, the left shoulder facing the ball, step forward with your left foot, hitting the ball." - Miguel Gomes

+ Kalkitos

Miguel Gomes, 2002, PT, 35mm, ov st fr, 19'

A twenty-something man asks a group of children if he can join their soccer game. Cruelly mocked by the kids because of his age, he goes on to find yet another group of children to play with.

+ Pre Evolution Soccer’s One-Minute Dance After A Golden Goal in the Master League

Miguel Gomes, 2004, PT, video, no dial, 1'

A playful variation on the well-known Playstation soccer game. A goal. A dance of joy. No music.

+ Cântico das criaturas [Canticle of All Creatures]

Miguel Gomes, 2006, PT, 35mm, ov st ang, 24'

A troubadour walks the streetùs of St. Francis of Assisi’s hometown, crooning the saint’s Canticle of All Creatures. Saint Francis, reanimated by Sait Claire, seems faint and absent. A sardonic revisitation of the saint’s life story.

10.02 > 19:00 + 15.02 > 19:30
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Mariana Ricardo

One of Gomes’s closest collaborators, whether it be composing and arranging film scores or acting and co-writing screenplays, Mariana Gomes is an active musician in Portugal whose project "München" rallies Bruno Duarte and Nuno Pessoa in a ukelele-bass-drum trio, performing covers and original material in English and Portuguese. This rather close-knit gang gives Mariana the opportunity to tell stories and create a special atmosphere illustrated by her sweet-natured, saudade-drenched voice.

11.01 > 23:00
7,5€ / 6€ Combi > 10€ / 7,5€


Norberto Lobo

The young guitarist Norberto Lobo relies on his instrument to travel for him. His music treks all the way to North America, making pit stops to visit Jack Rose and John Fahey, and continues down to South America so as to incorporate some of the samba and bossa nova that is part of his cultural make-up. Lobo has been heavily immersed in today’s jazz and improv movement with his band Norman, playing along side his friend João Lobo, a well-known drummer in the Brussels music scene, and Manuel Mesquita, who plays Marió in Tabu. Norberto Lobo’s third solo album Mel Azul is a frank success, a stunning release which nearly coincides with his upcoming head-spinning performance at the Nova.

18.01 > 22:00
7,5€ / 6€



The traditional village dance has undoubtedly evolved over the years. However, is it still possible to call it a popular dance? Can the dance still be considered a form of social congregation? In order to bring the environment of Our Beloved Month of August to life, the Bailecito orchestra & Co will take us from mambo to tango, from milonga to merengue, cruising through the mandatory passages of cumbia, calypso and waltz. Let it be known that this will be the first of many dances at the Nova, for we have every intention of turning the dance and its social role into a regular programming feature.

23.02 > 24:00
7,5€ / 6€ Combi > 10€ / 7,5€

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