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Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is a unique and prestigious event as well as the largest festival of creative documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe. The 16th edition of Jihlava IDFF took place in October 2012, in Jihlava (Czech Republic). The festival showcases documentary films with socially significant themes and an innovative style and visual form. It is not only an important meeting place where audiences can see current documentaries, but also an important crossroad for the documentary film trade. In addition to a number of documentaries screened in competition sections - Opus Bonum (contemporary world documentary), Between the Seas (Central and Eastern European films), Czech Joy (selection of Czech documentary films), Fascinations (experimental documentaries) and non-competition sections such as Translucent Beings (retrospective profiles of unique personalities of world documentary), the festival also organizes a unique programme for film professionals. The Jihlava Industry programme brings along activities such as Emerging Producers (promotional project for talented European producers), Inspiration Forum (forum for discovering new topics for documentaries), Festival Identity (platform for film festival representatives) and much more. In 2012 the festival screened 177 films from 48 countries and more than 30.000 viewers attended the festival screenings.

31.01 + 01.02 + 02.02 + 03.02

Klara Tasovska & Lukas Kokes, 2012, CZ, video, ov ru st fr & ang, 70

This Czech documentary presents a visit to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (a.k.a. Trans-Dniestr) as a trip to a museum of communist totalitarianism. The country, whose independence has been recognized by only a few other states, remains an isolated multi-ethnic enclave held together by an authoritarian regime. In a country where you are only allowed to film out the window of a train, the locals are afraid of being denounced but are glad to live in a comfortable refuge from the hectic modern world, and songs on television celebrate the president. 

+ Traces

Agáta Foukalová, 2012, CZ, video, no dial, 8

A legendary story of friendship, told in a minimalist style using expansive shots of snow-covered landscapes. Two skiers emerge from the thick fog: In March 1913, Bohumil Hanč and Václav Vrbata died tragically in the Giant Mountains during an international 50km ski race. When the weather took an extreme turn for the worse, Hanč fell and injured himself. Vrbata turned back and lent him some his clothing, but neither survived. 

31.01 > 21:00
5€ / 3,5€

Igor Bezinović, 2012, HR, video, ov st fr, 93

The 2009 student strike at Zagreb University had several clear objectives – the struggle against the commercialisation of higher education, against tuitions, and for government subsidies. Soon, it spread throughout Croatia. This study of one blockade takes a look at democracy without a vertical hierarchy, its utopian spirit, and its fragile environment. As usual, power objectives and political roles win out over the students’ utopian visions. A film as a manifesto of autonomy, ideals, the seeds of democracy in practice, and history repeating itself.

01.02 > 19:30
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

Caroline Sascha Cogez & Dechen Roder, 2012, DK, video, ov st ang, 48

Past memories and flashes of future disappointment follow a 19-year-old Bhutanese girl to the capital city of Thimphu, where she hopes to fulfill her singing ambitions on a television song contest. The ambient nature of the scenes and dialogues creates a lo-ficomingof-age story in a country where television was not officially permitted until 1999. A mystical oscillation between Buddhism and pop culture, broken into stories and images of drunken venerable old women, loitering monkeys, and tears of disappointment and comfort in a community of kindred souls.

+ Fata Morgana

Srdjan Keca, 2011, GB-RS, video, ov st fr, 42

Dubai becomes the setting for an audiovisual meditation contrasting the majestic and exuberant life of the big city with the uneasy and cheerless life of its inhabitants. The film captures Dubai after the economic crisis has interrupted an era of feverish construction, and creates a delicate impression where long rides through town alternate with close-ups of women lying on the beach and images of sandstorms burying construction workers. 

01.02 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

Jero Yun, 2012, FR, video, ov st fr & ang, 65

The dual nature of North and South Korea, forcibly divided by the Soviet Union’s power plays, continues to aff ect the lives of both countries’ inhabitants to this day. Every year, more and more people leave the totalitarian north; every year, more families and lives are torn apart. Kidnappings, extortion, human trafficking, threats of extermination, and hundreds of missing are the order of the day. A dark shadow looms over neighbouring China as well, where the trail of most traffickers and their victims comes to an end. The film goes searching for North Koreans who have disappeared, interviews victims and traffickers, and explores the grey zone of these political twins.

02.02 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

Maiko Endo, 2011, JP-US, 16mm > 35mm, ov st ang, 76

This portrait of Okinawa, a Japanese island formerly home to an American military base, is conceived as a young boy’s daydream-like wanderings, his attention randomly falling on various objects and events. The film thus represents a bold victory of cinematic intuition over method and order. The combination of 16mm black-and-white camera with color images, a soundtrack disconnected from the images, and the blurring of the boundaries between documentary and fiction make this film an enigmatic but fascinating experience.

02.02 > 21:30
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

Andrey Gryazev, 2012, RU, video, ov st ang, 90

“They declared war (vojna) on freedom, we declare freedom for Vojna”. Vojna has declared war on Putin’s Russia – this art group’s extreme events are a part of a complex attitude of radically questioning life in late capitalism, including the manufacturing and social relations of private ownership. From inside the Vojna art group, Andrey Gryazev uses diary-like footage to follow their street events and the radical and relentless struggle against the values of today’s Putinocracy, including the arrest and court trial of the members of a guerrilla unit.

03.02 > 18:00
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

Sandeep Ray, 2011, IN-KR-US, video, ov st ang, 74

Calcutta, 2011. A birthday party. Amidst the restless mood of the family celebration, we are thrown back to the student years of the ambitious and promising communist poet Sarthak. As a young idealist and bon vivant, he works to refine his empathy for the social problems of his nation, his altruistic concern for living beings, and his revolutionary consciousness. The past is woven together from memories, dilemmas, and basic human fears, concerns and joys. The echoes of old rooms resonate with a revolutionary ethos, artistic elitism, and the inability to take care of oneself. 

03.02 > 20:30
5€ / 3,5€ Combi 2 films > 7,5€ / 6€

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