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Kino Climates - Evenings


Kino Climates First Programme

Compilation of shorts (86’)

Among the many projects the Kino Climates network would like to launch, one consists in curating, collectively, compilations of short films which could tour Europe, reflecting the liveliness of independent cinema screened locally throughout the year. Here is a first attempt resulting from an encounter in Newcastle, at the magical Star and Show in 2011. “More energy than coherence” was the motto when selecting these short films where humor, lightness and fantasy are often present.

+ Beep

Mat Fleming, 2004, GB, 16mm > video, silent, st int en, 2'

Brussels, the world and an existential question.

+ Terrorist Abroad

Maggie Tran & Graeme Walker, 2006, GB, video, ov 7'

How to relieve boredom, while being on a ferry journey.

+ Cine Race

Star and Shadow Cinema, 2009, GB, super8 > video, ov 6'

Discover the "Star and Shadow", a magic space for cinema, and the superheroes who make it alive.

+ Birminghan Ornament [ Fragments 37, 38, 43, 44]

Yuri Leiderman & Andrey Silvestrov, 2010, RU, video, ov st ang, 8'

Fragments of a never ending work-in progress. Russian humour alive and kicking.

+ Beijing Double Happiness

Cristina Nisticò & Sergio Ponzio, 2010, IT, video, no dial, 13'

A nonconformist portray of an exotic and double-faced China.

+ Lift Up the Foot [Lève le pied]

Quentin Papapietro, 2009, FR, video, ov st ang, 15'

Ernest Antoine and Emile Louis have chosen a pretty strange place for conversing about life and the future.

+ Women of the World

Ane Lan, 2008, NO, video, ov st ang, 8'

A group of women and a man, a still camera and an obsessive song.

+ Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain

Leslie Supnet, 2011, CA, 4'

A coloured cosmic trip.

+ Collide-o-scope

Naren Wilks, 2010, GB, super8 > video, no dial, 4'

"One " and the "multitude" combined for a playful "artistic" movie.

+ Purple Rows of Cairo

Sarah Bouttell & Chris Bate, 2009, GB, super8 > video, no dial, 4'

A music video on a healthy and vigorous British folk fiesta.

— Bonus —

+ Environmental Tour of the Bristol Channel

Graeme Hogg, 2009, GB, video, no dial, 35'

A walk along the Bristol Channel in multi-screen projection for a sensory experience, by one of the founders of the mythical Cube cinema. A fun tour indeed !

08.06 > 21:00

Open Screen

Special Kino Climates

The Open Screen is a regular event, started fifteen years ago, right at the beginning of Nova. Anyone from the audience can bring along his/her short film, as long as it is not longer than 15min, and get it projected on our big screen. Tonight, the Kino Climates participants will also be able to present their own shorts, knowing that, exceptionally, we have added a new requirement: the films should be in English, or with English subtitles, or with no dialogues…

09.06 > 21:00

Special Screening

The "Salon Indien"

Frères Lumière projections

Looking for a start back? 1895, the first public film screening by the Lumière brothers at the Salon Indien of the Grand Café in Paris. Jean-Pierre Verscheure – a professor and historian of film techniques who owns one of the largest collections of sound and screening equipments of the world – will bring back this showing at the Café du Nova with an authentic Lumière cinematograph!

Films :
* La sortie de l’usine Lumière à Lyon
* La voltige 

* La pêche aux poissons rouges
* Le débarquement du Congrès de photographie à Lyon
* Les forgerons
* Le jardinier
* Le repas
* Le saut à la couverture
* La Place des Cordeliers à Lyon
* La mer

10.06 > 16:00 + 10.06 > 19:00



Hyperbang comes from Grenoble, a French city that has been experiencing for about twenty years an extraordinary effervescence in the film and experimental music sectors. This sound and visual performance has the physical and emotional dimension of a real show. While Gaëlle Rouard skilfully manages 16mm projectors, Christophe Cardoen is the crazy assistant who mixes image/light games and David Chiesa plays the bass and uses an extended piano by way of an instrument in order to create a fascinating live sound composition. Don’t miss out!

10.06 > 21:30
6€ / 5€


West Coast Confidential

Jack Stevenson ’s Presentation

Jack Stevenson, this incorrigible American collector who digs out eccentric celluloid films, is an esteemed film essayist as well as a member of Kino Climates, since he manages his own cinema, the Station 16, in his adopted town Copenhagen. He will show us a selection subtitled "A lacious slab of Underground cinema from America’s Capital of non-conformity - San Francisco", from his catalogue of independent film makers.


+ Siamese Twin Pinheads

Curt Mcdowell, 1972, US, 16mm, ov 6'

A perverse, repulsive and perhaps even oddly therapeutic re-enactment of old fashioned freak show excess.

+ Mongreloid

George Kuchar, 1972, US, 16mm, ov 6'

This diarist style documentary functions as a snapshot of San Fransisco and a love letter to the dog Bocko from brothers George and Mike Kuchar.

+ Hardcore Home Movie

Greta Snider, 1987, US, 16mm, ov 6'

An energetic fast-motion document of San Francisco punk scene in 1987.

+ Meet The Thinkin’ Fellers

Gibbs Chapman, 1992, US, 16mm, no dial, 7'

A portrait of San Francisco band The Thinkin’ Fellers. Gentle, poetic, surreal, humorous…

+ Retrospectroscope

Kerry Laitala, 1997, US, 16mm, silent, 5'

A stylistic/scientific tribute to the operative dynamic of cinema – persistence of vision. Silent film was never so loud.

+ Swinger’s Serenade

Danny Plotnick, 1999, US, 16mm, ov 24'

A steamy low-budget suburban musical complete with fabulous period music and 60’s home décor.

+ Awake, But Dreaming

Kerry Laitala, 2000, US, 16mm, no dial, 8'

A sense of an endless cyclical dreamscape that is being conjured up from the deep recesses of the imagination.

+ Bump And Grind

Ian Sundahl, 2006, US, 16mm, ov 14'

A trip to San Francisco’s Market Street porn cinema turns into a process of sensory overload and deterioration. No actual explicit footage is shown.

+ Ghost Beach

Ian Sundahl, 2009, US, 16mm, ov 4'

Travelogue of the streets and landscape of the adult business area of North Beach. Shot in the stereoscopic 3-D Bolex system, this underground item is here presented as "Dualvision".

11.06 > 21:00
3,5€ / 2,5€


Color Cinema & Technicolor

Leçon de cinéma

The history of color cinema is nearly one hundred years old and is still evolving thanks to several technological innovations as well as to cultural influences and major economical issues. Created in 1915, Technicolor has dominated the film industry for a long time thanks to trichromy, a special three-colour process which provides intense and flaming colours (very stable over time). Jean-Pierre Verscheure, a distinguished cinema historian and collector, will illustrate the various steps of the evolution of Technicolor through several extracts from his personal collection of 35mm films.

12.06 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

A surprise event: an original Technicolor & Scope film… Shhht, we can’t tell you the title yet!

12.06 > 22:00

Guillaume Maupin (from the Nova team) hadn’t turned the ticket office in the hall of the cinema into a human jukebox for quite a long time...! With his acoustic guitar and with no score, Guillaume sings hits and rarities/pearls selected by his audience, ranging from excellent to trash pieces within his wide repertoire of about 200 tracks!

13.06 > 20:00

Live Soundtrack

Married to Himself

Matthieu Ha got married to himself in Bangkok on December 21 2010, following the precepts of his “manifeste de Paix de Bangkok" (manifesto for peace in Bankok). Since then, Matthieu Ha professes his non-dogmatic faith towards global peace through live soundtracks of films he also directs. This evening, with his accordion, his groove-box, his extraordinary voice and with Frédéric Chemama as a scenographer and projectionist, Matthieu Ha will be accompanied by Grégoir Tirtiaux on baritone saxophone. He will invite us to take a shadowy trip that will absolutely astonish the audience!

13.06 > 21:00
7,5€ / 6€

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