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Kino Climates - Intro

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In January 2010, in partnership with the Rotterdam International Film Festival, we organized a European meeting where the aim was to assess the state of independent film exhibition in Europe today. Around forty associations took part in this meeting and decided to start a network that was called Kino Climates after the name of the event held in Rotterdam. The objective of the Kino Climates network is dual. On one hand it aims to facilitate exchanges among European independent cinemas and also to support the circulation of non-commercial films. On the other hand, it wishes to develop common strategies and actions to reinforce the visibility of these independent venues which contribute to the diversification of the cinematographic landscape. In these challenging times, where cinema is facing fast and deep changes, it is important to join strengths in order to promote and defend cultural values which are disappearing. The articulation of the balance of power between culture and the commercial sector has never been so complex as it is right now and it is cultural diversity itself that is undoubtedly at stake. In this sense, cinema, where technical and financial challenges are at the heart of some fierce competition, is in the front-line facing the risk to see small operators disappearing. If we don’t pay attention, this would undeniably lead to an impoverishment and a standardization of contents.

Kino Climates in Brussels, 8 - 13 June 2012

Two years and a half after the event held in Rotterdam, cinema Nova will host another important Kino Climates meeting. During five consecutive days, several round-tables - not open for public except the 12th of June - will be organized to discuss key topics in order to achieve the implementation of the network. A special programme, open for the public, mixing film screenings and other kino-sound delights, has been cooked up for the Kino Climates nights! Check it out! (under construction)

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