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Kino Climates - Day meetings

10:00 > 13:00 - Welcome & introductions

Brief presentation of each organization + participants:
- how is the organization run;
- what is your type of programming;
- what is your public;
- the political, socio-economic and cultural context in which your organization is evolving}

14:30 > 18:00 - 1st plenary session

- What are the criteria for deciding who is part of Kino Climates? What
kind of organization do we want for Kino Climates?
- What kind of external visibility do we want for the Kino Climates network?}

10:00 —>13:00

If needed we continue the discussion started on Saturday afternoon;
alternatively, we have a free morning (museums, flea market, …).

14:30 > 18:00 - Working sub-groups

What do we want to exchange and share within the Kino Climates network?
(films, information, knowledge, tools, "people", etc)

10:00 > 13:00 - 2nd plenary session

- Brief review of previous day’s sub-groups work.
- How to implement and develop these exchanges? Can we create a set of
guidelines? And which sustainable working tools ?

14:30 > 18:00 - 3rd plenary session

- How do we want to plan and organize future Kino Climates meetings?
- Do we want to apply for a EU grant in order to cover expenses for our
future meetings and other common projects?

10:00 > 18:00 - Public Session

One-day round-table on the issue of celluloid versus digital cinema
> details.

10:00 > 13:00 - Working sub-groups

- next meetings?
- how do we want to develop the web-site?
- what use for the mailing-list?

14:30 > 18:00 - 4th plenary session


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