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Face / Off

"Je est un autre" (Rimbaud)

This module focuses on 4 films that delve into facial transplants and the consequences of exterior changes on inner personality. There won’t be any subtle John Travoltas or Nicolas Cages here, rather strange classics that represent different contexts and styles: film noir of the 1940s, French horror, Japanese New Wave, and 1960s neo-noir. All four address the theme of plastic surgery as an existential parable about human identity and personality. An investigation of the relationship between a person’s outer and inner definition of self. Four Faustian nightmares that create an atmosphere of paranoia, terror and pure insanity through both content and style, making use of disorienting edits and expressionist cinematography to cultivate a fractured, beautifully black and white universe. Far from the vulgar connotations of plastic surgery today, these films come from a place of fantasy, a place that produces incredible films worth (re)-discovering.

Georges Franju, 1960, FR, 35mm, ov st ang, 88

A surgeon kidnaps pretty young women and uses experimental techniques to transplant their faces onto his daughter Christiane, who was horribly disfigured in a car accident for which her father feels he’s responsible. Although his gruesome experiments are all failures, he refuses to stop his sadistic treatment, motivated by his unconditional paternal love. "Eyes Without A Face" is an unclassifiable film that is usually catalogued under horror. In its most extreme scenes, the film is strikingly clinical and sterile, capable of changing radically from cruel to poetic.

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Delmer Daves, 1947, US, 16mm, ov, 106

This stylish film noir classic starring Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart is renowned for its first 45 minutes that are entirely shot from a first person’s point of view. The face we only get to see halfway in the film belongs to Vincent Parry, an escaped prisoner who was convicted for the murder of his wife. He finds a temporary refuge in the house of Irene Janssen a mysterious woman who seems to know more about his murder trial than she lets on. Parry, determined to prove his innocence and find out who framed him, sinks deeper and deeper into a dark conspiracy while dead bodies turn up all around him.

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The Face of Another

Tanin no kao

Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1966, JP, 35mm, ov st fr & ang, 124

A facially scarred businessman is given a remarkably lifelike mask by his psychotherapist. After putting it on he successfully seduces his own wife who afterwards claims she was merely playing along. It seems the mask is not only changing his looks but also his personality. Is he in control of the mask or is it the other way around? In his intriguing visual style, with its unusual frames, collages of still images and unexpected zooms and nervous camera movements, Teshigahara’s multiple artistic talents become manifest. Repeated variations of crucial images and scenes recreate the doppelgänger theme on a visual level. The film is often seen as the last part in a trilogy with "Pitfall" and "Woman in the Dunes".

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John Frankenheimer, 1966, US, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 107

Although Arthur Hamilton is happily married and has a successful career, he no longer seems to find any joy in life. After receiving a strange phone-call from a supposedly dead friend, he comes in contact with The Company, a powerful corporation that seduces him into taking a literally fatal decision. With a new face, a beautiful Malibu beach house and a new career as an abstract painter, he tries to enjoy a second chance under the name of Tony Wilson (an a-typical role for Rock Hudson). Part psychological thriller, part futuristic scifi, this film by John Frankenheimer breathes paranoia and madness. The expressionist black and white photography and foreboding soundtrack create a chilling and dreadful atmosphere.

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